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  1. Pinning this as it seems some are a little confused as to what is allowed. Restricting content until someone pays you money if not acceptable and runs the risk of potential legal liability which is something none of us want.
  2. Thread closed, explanation here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166354-Max_Cops-and-Robbers-MOD&p=2792357&viewfull=1#post2792357
  3. Thread closed, explanation here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166354-Max_Cops-and-Robbers-MOD&p=2792357&viewfull=1#post2792357
  4. Placebo

    Max_Cops and Robbers MOD

    Despite our efforts to make the information clearly available as to what is acceptable and not acceptable in the use of our content and the means by which people can elicit voluntary donations etc. (see this thread) It's sad to find out that someone in the community has for months been blatantly demanding donations before granting permission to use content or to distribute the bikey for online usage. Nobody wants a situation where legal action must be taken against someone so I can only see a possible outcome being the banning of Maxjoiner from these forums and the removal of his website URL as an acceptable community website on these forums. Any questions/comments are welcome via PM/Email: Placebo@idea-games.com
  5. Placebo

    New server up!

    Please refrain from crossposting, the forum rules are clear in that regard.
  6. Placebo

    Possible copyright infrigements

    Hi, Any such suspected copyright infringement issues should be sent directly to us please using the contact form: http://forums.bistudio.com/sendmessage.php and we'll set our legal people on them ;)
  7. Placebo

    Max_Cops and Robbers MOD

    He specifically asked for his addons/mods to not be included in playwithsix so please respect that.
  8. We have strict rules about what can and cannot be done to raise funds to contribute towards site/server costs they are clearly laid out here: http://www.bistudio.com/english/community/game-content-usage-rules If you feel that any site/person/mod is contravening those rules please contact Matt, do not open discussions about it on the forum as both sides have the right to express their opinions/stance etc in privacy.
  9. Please note the above. These forums are not a supported method of seeking help with purchase/access issues with the store.
  10. The marketing budgets for some games that come out these days are obscene, so many unemployed devs could be hired to create a better end game for the gamers who buy the product.
  11. Placebo


    Same. I ran it at 1080p Ultra before the patch and it was smooth, FPS around mid 50s but stable, after the patch it's very unstable with constant FPS drops into the teens, I reverted to a pre-patch TheWorse mod. I'm also beta testing the other mod so will be interesting to see the difference :)
  12. Please include English with any post you make, even if you're only using a google translation etc.
  13. Placebo

    9/11 - what do you think?

    Whilst we allow an Offtopic forum for news and other such things to be discussed I don't feel it is appropriate, nor the purpose our forums, for people to delve into the realms of fantasy conspiracy theories, if nothing else it's disrespectful to those who were killed and their families and I don't see any reason why such discussions need to be held on a forum for a video game, there are plenty of forums where such discussions are welcomed if not encouraged, this is not one of them. I wouldn't ordinarily delete a thread's whole content but I don't think it's appropriate that these "theories" be left on our servers for posterity.
  14. Placebo

    The Witcher 3

    Really? That's a bit cheaper than in £, tempted!
  15. Placebo

    The Witcher 3

    Preordered the PC version from Amazon this morning: £129.99 but well worth it! :)