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  1. Nevermind. I finally just restarted my PC, and it went away. I feel so stupid that I never think of doing that. But thanks for the help anyways.
  2. I'm trying out modding for games, but found the ArmA II mod tools to be a bit too complex for me. So, I went with the Left 4 Dead authoring tools and the Fallout 3/Oblivion/Morrowind construction kits instead(next, I'll step up to the Crysis Sandbox2). But after uninstalling everything, the P: drive remains. How do I make it go away?
  3. Stimpak_Addict

    NVIDIA video card(s) owners read here!

    Actually, it's got a 720p native resolution. It just upscales to 1080p.
  4. Play on Recruit mode first and do all of the Boot Camp missions. They put those things there for a reason.
  5. Stimpak_Addict

    Why don't explosions always explode?

    How I found this out: I was testing out to see if teamates can be shot in the head and healed in the Editor. It turns out that the video was false. The soldier died on the first headshot from an M9. I liked the death animation. That got me thinking, "How are the grenade death animations?". So, I threw one at my feet. The grenade didn't explode. I kept trying to blow myself up with other explosives, but it wouldn't work. Fact.
  6. Is this a game feature or a bug? Either way, it's extremely unrealistic. If I shoot or throw an explosive, and am within about 5 meters of where it hits/lands, it refuses to explode. Was this done on purpose? I don't like it one bit.
  7. More like Left 4 Dead magical healing. Except in Left 4 Dead, you don't magically absorb the power of the medical pack by holding it infront of your face.
  8. Are you going to go to every thread and post that, Leopardi?
  9. Stimpak_Addict

    Patch 1.03 suggestions

    Sometimes, I misjudge my lean and either lean too far around a corner, or don't lean far enough. So, I just adjust myself a little bit while still leaning. If I really need to get out of the lean position, I just tap E and go. It takes less than 1 second.
  10. Stimpak_Addict

    Patch 1.03 suggestions

    Nope. It's not a problem for me. It seems that you're just too slow, and are blaming the game on it.
  11. Stimpak_Addict

    Patch 1.03 suggestions

    Press the lean key again to untoggle lean. It doesn't take much, if any, effort to do.
  12. Stimpak_Addict

    Patch 1.03 suggestions

    Optimization suggestion: When Player Character moves, temporarily stop vegetation animation. When player character stops, resume animation. If possible, though, make vegetation animation stop/start after player's speed goes past/behind a certain speed. Some people, if they look close enough, may notice that the animation has stopped when they are walking, so stopping it when they're running would be ideal. It's wouldn't be really noticeable, and would possibly increase performance. But would this be possible to do? I'm not a coding expert, but have always wondered why developers didn't do this as a way for optimization. LoD change hiding suggestion: Could you possibly make it so the LoD changes fade in and out instead of simply popping into existence? Depth of Field suggestion: Change the simple depth of field distance to... say... 500 to 1500 meters. So things close up will be crisp and clear, but things far off in the distance will be blurry. Bug fix: Team mates' body parts will sometimes disappear then reappear while in vehicles. I believe it has something to do with getting too close to them while in first person. Bug fix: Sometimes, if I look directly behind me while riding in vehicles, I can see that my head is missing, and there is just a hole. You could possibly make the possible head turn slightly less while in vehicles. Bug fix: Some characters' arms will clip through their sleeves. Possibly make their arms a little bit thinner.
  13. The only thing I don't like about the demo is the blurriness. If I wanted my game to be blurry like that, I would just go back to standard definition instead of high definition. The reason we went to HD is because of how clear and crisp it is. Oh, and the grain at the title screen. Basically, every post processing except for motion blur and depth of field when aiming down sights. I'm fine with those things. Other than that, the demo is great!
  14. Maxed out view distance = 10km.
  15. Yes! I started the demo, maxed the settings(with Normal AA), ran the benchmark, and got an average of 22 fps. Why are people complaining about the performance? Everything except AA was maxed out, including the view distance.