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  1. DarkRaider

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    aaah great, makes me remember some OFP moments :D If no respawntype is set, you'll respawn as a bird. That is normal ;) That game is over for you then and you'll have to wait until the next game/mission is started.
  2. DarkRaider

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    It's a demo .. it's free .. so i don't think there is copy-protection on it.. You don't have to activate it like the full game :p
  3. DarkRaider

    ArmA 2 Demo feedback

    - Quick download from Filefront (1h) - Installation went almost without any trouble (had the X3DAudio1_6.dll error, but driver errors are normal and updates are quickly installed) - Started the game, adjusted the settings in title screen... everything on very high / high (gotta test what it gives huh :p ) and it actually ran pretty good.. on maxxed settings it gave around 20-25 fps (check link in signature for my system). Haven't had the time to play/test a lot, but I played most parts of the bootcamp and all of that went well, so for now, all runs well @ max settings Later today I'm gonna play around a bit with the mission editor and add more AI and stuff to see if fps stays that nice :) And also check if fps goes up enough when I lower the graphics settings.. Headbobbing and blur are ok for me for now.. but it certainly is different than OFP and ArmA, so i'll have to get used to it.. or make some adjustments in the settings :p
  4. DarkRaider

    A question about the german version.

    You should search the forums for an answer to your question before you post a new topic.. :j: There will be a patch to add English to the German version as well after the 505 release. A demo will be released soon, so I'm going to wait a couple of days for the demo and buy the 505 release, which will also be an improved version of the game.
  5. Placebo said a demo version of ArmA II will be released this or next week. I'm waiting for it aswell, and I hope that the demo has also been patched up with the betapatch.. anywayz, we'll see how good/bad it runs then :) Your english is pretty good, so no worries about that ;)
  6. Yes, this has already been said somewhere on this forum. Might be earlier, might be later.. we'll just have to wait and see ;)
  7. - Install and start it - Adjust the settings to the settings I set in the demo version, if that has been released first. - Play the tutorial and afterwards the campaign - After completing the campaign, toy with units and make some missions in the editor. Manuals and the editor will give me too much information so I will only use them after the campaign (or when something is very unclear, so that it requires a manual :p ), so everything in the campaign is new to me, because it is always cooler for me to be in a new/unknown place and discover things. Might give me back the old OFP feeling :cool:
  8. DarkRaider

    Welcome Back Placebo!

    Welcome back placebo !! I think you can help us the most in getting some more info about what's going on @ BIS so lets get up to speed
  9. DarkRaider

    ArmA Squad Directory

    BelgianEliteForce (BEF) , Belgium Homepage and contact: contact : BEF forum Status: Active
  10. DarkRaider

    BEF´s Frendshouse

    We don't allow players with a custom face/sounds above 35 or 50 KB to improve performance .. if that doesn't solve your problem, please post a message on our forum
  11. DarkRaider

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    With OFP, i got a bullet with OFP CWC on it.. one with ArmA on it would add up nice with my collection so: - A bullet with ArmA logo on it - dogtags are cool too.. - CD with Soundtrack a big box might make it too expensive.. editing manuals will probably be available soon on OFPEC or some other sites.. a high res map can also be made available for download.. ..so i'm happy with these three things..
  12. DarkRaider


    What about the German version published by morphicon? Will that version contain German AND English texts? or only German?
  13. DarkRaider

    'StarGate:Challanged Empires' Announced

    Great ! can't wait to see a force shield in action
  14. DarkRaider

    Stargate Mod Released

    you need the stargate mod weapon pack (by CRIONYK) you can find all addons at www.ofp-sgc.com where there is a nice live-chat, so you can ask most of your questions there
  15. DarkRaider

    Stargate Mod Released

    same problem here none of the addresses i give to my custom gates work. they get random addresses in stead of the ones i assign to them. an example mission would be helpfull, thank you