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  1. Smartti

    FDFmod 1.0

    Any particular reason why Troopship would be more suitable for the mod than CASA C-295?
  2. Smartti

    FDFmod 1.0

    Yes, three single player missions. Post your missions here so we all can enjoy them :) Mmm, that's good to know. I'm sure someone gets that "problem". Thanks for reporting!
  3. Both of you, stop nagging, please :now: Details about FDF Mod will be revealed when the time is right.
  4. Smartti

    Swedish Forces Pack

    Sounds like you guys accidentally downloaded the Low Quality version with Bugs included.
  5. Smartti

    Swedish Forces Pack

    One helluva sexy S-tank! :bounce3:
  6. Smartti

    FDF Mod

    Yes, some files are supposed to be overwritten. It should not give any error messages when starting though, what's the exact error message? "1.3 campaign" should remain 100% playable after FDF 1.4 update. You could try some user-made campaigns from mission repository: - Finlandsky Vokzal - Border crisis - Operaatio Leijona - Blue Storm - Vihan hedelmä
  7. Smartti

    WW 2 mod

    I'm secret agent... no wait... Smartti -> SmartDrv
  8. Smartti

    WW 2 mod

    What's this then? :confused:
  9. Smartti

    WW 2 mod

    We (FDF Mod) have not received any sort of permission request either. Just saying, not judging at all... It can't be that hard to ask first :cool:
  10. Smartti

    FDF Mod

    Not teasing, just missing these sexy things myself too :D My two favorites that didn't make it Bandvagn & T-54 with mine clearing equipment Once again: Repository files
  11. Smartti

    FDF Mod

    Hello Like I've earlier stated on our own forums, FDF Mod Repository in its older form was quite unusable and taking too much resources to manage, therefore it was taken down on purpose. So far I haven't had enough time to code new version or fix older one. But oh noes. I got an idea. Let's make those files available. If you want, you can go browsing the missions and campaigns at "temporary" repository. Not sorted, not described, no guarantee at all -- for now, I might code some quick fix. You might figure out game mode and island from filename or maybe there's readme inside. If you got problems, you might try posting at our forums. If you want your missions there too, mail them to fdfmod@mbnet.fi or PM me. Same goes for all ideas etc. tl;dr repository files @ "temporary" repository --- Edit: I play FDF on OFP more often than on ArmA I or II. Nothing beats the winter WW2 feeling. It's shame we didn't get 1.41 released. Sometimes (like a couple of weeks ago) I have kind of urge to start working on it again. Also FW200 could finish his stuff, krhm krhm :D
  12. Don't worry, it's not going to be six updater.
  13. As far as I know Nemo isn't used or ordered by Finnish Defence Forces, so I think its big brother AMOS (2 x 120 mm mortars) will have higher priority. But nothing is 100% certain, we have done strange things earlier too.
  14. Fresh Horny bird from our site (click for bigger bird): Yes, it's supersonic and it goes fast. Sorry KT :D
  15. Yeah. That's another good reason for finding an alternative for those.