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  1. senchi

    Graphics options

    Disable Post-Processing effect
  2. senchi

    1.61 patch question?

    This mean what your version was patched. If u have only 1.60 (without IronFrontVersion) your game is not patched yet.
  3. senchi

    1.61 patch question?

    If in bottom-right corner you will have written 1.01 , that mean what your game already patched. Iron Front: (mean IF version) Version: (mean engine version)
  4. SetMimic work only with black face. Asian, Russian , Arab , American can only open his mouth. (Mimic "dead")
  5. IronFront Article In Russian gaming magazine :) http://www.igromania.ru/articles/150700/Iron_Front_-_Liberation_1944.htm
  6. http://flashpoint.ru/forum/showpost.php?p=1611005&postcount=125
  7. senchi

    Project RACS

    Sahrani conquer the world. No....Sahrani conquer all the universe ! Huureeey ! :)
  8. senchi

    Project RACS

    Now we need asteroid or Death Star in RACS camo :idea: All hail Sahrani.:rolleyes:
  9. Dammit. versions "expired"
  10. anyway this error :( My CORE,BIN, and renamed arma2oa.exe (buldozer.exe) What wrong with it ? __________ __________
  11. Can someone send me working files "core,bin,languagecore, arma2oa.exe" , please :) ?
  12. Bulldozer crashes and in RPT always get this error :(