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    Arma3 Videos

  2. Semi Monthly Update & Video 09-02-2017 27 days since last update Update Right it's time for another update from the Guerrillas of Liberation! I am proud to announce that we have totally reworked our thread here on the BI Forums, now it helps everyone understand what our group is all about. More information regarding our gameplan and our sessions and much more can now be found right here on the forums! In other news; we have agreed to play a merged operation with the Czech 102nd, this will take place on the 25th of February 2017 and will be our first joint-coop game of the year! We played a mission with the 102nd a while back and it was awesome, and now, once again we prepare to smash the virtual enemies as a joint effort! Last but not least, we have just finished the Operation Iraqi Freedom campaign, this was our custom campaign set in Iraq 2003 and was created by our own editors; Oksman and Filthy. The campaign brought the group a lot of new challenges as we branched out to play as a mechanized infantry platoon. A very important thing for us is to maintain variety in our gameplay, and switching to mechanized infantry was just one of those things! Our clan is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're going to get! Amphibious, Naval or Armored? What's next? Who knows?! :] Sign up on our site right here: http://www.gol-clan.co.uk/ Operation Wasa Here's a video I thought I'd highlight! We play as the Swedish Defense Force on a Finnish terrain against the Russian onslaught! Lots of tracer fire, lots of air support and lots of death and destruction! A good taste of what playing with the Guerrillas of liberation is like! Signed Second Lieutenant Chris
  3. Weekly Update & Video 17-09-2013 Update Hello lads and hopefully everyone has been enjoying the full release of ArmA3, we surely have!, We have been enjoying a new influx of recruits which are soon to be members which will go a long way of course to enhance the clan and the squads which we maintain. That's not all however we are extremely proud to announce that we have upgraded our server with formidable new hardware which will ensure smooth experiences on our server for members and the public alike. The relevant spec is this Intel Xeon E5-1650 64 GB DDR3 ECC This also means our Teamspeak information has slightly changed but made even easier since the address for Teamspeak now is teamspeak.gol-clan.co.uk We have also had our first official Saturday op on the full release of ArmA3 which was a great game for the exception of a slight script error which made what happened at the first objective slightly out of our control ;). Great thing is a relatively new member was able to reccord the action and put it up on youtube so without any additional delay here it is!
  4. Update - 18.03.2013 Since -{GOL}- has made its arrival in ArmA3 the recruitment has exploded with applications on a daily basis. Thanks to these great term of events our clan numbers have doubled which is allowing us to start considering a second platoon. On our operation front we have had videos already being posted from their prospective of our ops , whilist we are dealing with alot of brand new recruits which dont have the full experience of -{GOL}- members as of yet they are learning quickly and well as seen below, with a couple of mistakes of course :) So here it is xH61Tftb93s&feature=share&list=UUnZag99beLHho-oIofN608Q
  5. Teamspeak Address: teamspeak.gol-clan.co.uk Official Website: http://www.gol-clan.co.uk OksmanTV - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com Parker - Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/pvtparker Parker - Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/parker_1980 The group was founded in 2003, as a result of the Operation Flashpoint release, the first installation of the ArmA franchise. The group started as a small guerrilla team hence the name, but since the past 14 years a lot has changed and we are happy to say we’ve evolved into the Guerrillas of Liberation clan of today, what we hope ISN'T your everyday Arma clan. We play the game now in a tactical manner offering our players all kinds of factions and gameplay! All of our members are dedicated and motivated to play and enjoy Arma regularly together as a group. We work hard to deliver the best co-op gameplay Arma 3 has to offer; whether it's the effort of the programmers; the leaders or simply one of the members, they all do their part to create the community which we are proud to call our own. Guerrillas of Liberation defines itself as a tactical coop group. By that we mean our group applies tactics that forms structured gameplay closely resembling the military, however there's no "Yes - Sir, No - Sir! " mentality and we don't enforce rules and authority that's unnecessary, just enough to ensure things run smoothly. We're "realism" with all the good parts and the bad left behind! Weekly Unique Missions & Campaigns - We have many editors and scripters that work hard to bring at least two unique missions consistently every week of the year, we also play scenario driven campaigns to further immerse you in the action! Variety - Different to many other groups, we tend to vary our gameplay and factions frequently to challenge ourselves at every turn. Factions such as the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China, CSAT, Germany and many others! A Strong Community - Our clan strive to provide a fair, close knit community of similarly minded players who enjoy working together not only in-game, but also outside of the game. We all help to improve and evolve our clan and gameplay, teach new recruits and provide the friendly environment that we all enjoy! Infantry Focus - If infantry is your thing, look no further, our infantry squads spend a lot of time on our unique combat training ground! Our squads provide what is the core of our gameplay and we seek to always improve to create the best infantry experience available in Arma 3! We teach you everything - We have dedicated, experienced leaders and instructors that pride themselves in teaching you and all our new recruits what they need to know, we teach you how to shoot, formations, everything from A to Z. If our recruits are willing to learn, nothing but the sky is the limit! Dedicated Air Corps - Actually the Sky isn't the limit, we have a dedicated team of players who enjoy flying in Arma 3! Players who constantly provide us with airstrikes and transport throughout our missions! Do you wish to see combined arms or fancy yourself as a combat pilot? Look no further! Our group has an age requirement of 18+ or older (Exceptions can be made at 16+). You must own a legal copy of Arma 3 and the APEX DLC. Have a working microphone. English Speaking. Be able to attend as many of our main missions/trainings as possible (Saturdays 19.00 UTC - Tuesday 19.00 UTC). Not be a part of another unit in ArmA (Multi-claning). Team-oriented - Someone who wishes to be a part of a team rather than going it alone, someone who helps wounded teammates and sacrifices your virtual self for the greater good! Friendly and mature - We try to maintain a safe, friendly and mature environment for all our players, this helps us reinforce the motivation for having fun and performing like a well oiled machine! Motivated and Dedicated - We all put in the time to play with the group, attending as many missions as possible and being part of the team consistently. We’re looking for those who are in it for the long run! Eager to learn - One of the most important things we look for in our new recruits is their eagerness to learn, as long as you are willing to learn, we will be willing to teach! We appreciate players who really commit as we all do for the sake of camaraderie! Joining is simple! Head over to our website and sign up on the forums, just leave an application in our recruitment section. Once read a recruiter will contact you asking you to join Teamspeak for a short interview so that we may get to know you and give you all the information needed for joining! If you want to know more about the Guerrillas of Liberation clan and how we play then continue to read, if you already feel like our group is for you then don't hesitate to sign up! We hope to see you on the battlefield! Here's a short summary of the history of our group. Guerrillas of Liberation started out in the earliest installation of the tactical shooter franchise 'Operation Flashpoint' which then later became Armed Assault: ArmA. After 3 years of ArmA the clan switched over to Arma 2 where we started developing more structured tactical gameplay to accommodate the growing clan numbers, and ever since that time, we’ve continued to fine tune and improve all of which is thanks to our members. Almost 15 years later, here we are in Arma 3, still here and still improving! The GOL play the game using a custom platoon-sized structure, we have created our own roles but one can still find similarities with other military forces around the world. Our platoon is currently made up by two rifle squads, these squads house three fireteam's each; Alpha, Bravo and Charlie The Team consists of 5 roles; the Team leader, the Rifleman with anti-tank weapon, the Grenadier, the Assistant Gunner as the medic and the Automatic Rifleman, the teams firepower! These fireteams make up the bulk of the forces on the ground but more specialised positions such as the platoon medic, platoon leader and forward air controller are also available for those with the experience. In addition to our ground forces we’re also lucky enough to have a dedicated group of pilots or Army Air Corps (AAC) as we call them. AAC provides the platoon with all manner of logistical support from, casualty evacuation to dropping in resupply or all important precision airstrikes from many different types of helicopters and fixed wings, Because we offer a dedicated Air corps, we play with re-spawns. All the re-spawned players are re-inserted into the AO (area of operations), this avoids someone dying early and missing out on the fun! Our main missions are held on two separate nights during the week, the first of which is the major operation. This is held on Saturdays (19.00 UTC) - the major operation is usually part of an on-going scenario based campaign created by our mission editors. The second mission is held on Tuesdays (19.00 UTC) - on Tuesdays we have our combat training, where we gather to discuss and practice many different individual and group skills. For us, training is very important and ensures we perform well, together as a team! Fear not though, we always supplement our training with a smaller sized mission that’s designed to test us in the topics covered in training! Both sessions usually lasts for 2-3 hours So what is a GOL campaign? Our gameplay is built upon playing a series of missions with the same theme, these synchronous operations form our campaigns. We offer many different types of campaigns which varies in assets, factions, objectives and more. As a group we have always tried to keep things fresh, so our gameplay varies from everything in between: Coalition Anti-Insurgent operations in Afghanistan to Russian Conventional Warfare in Europe! To be able to provide this much variety in the game, we maintain a large pack of addons housed on our servers. For example, we always use; ACE3, Task Force Radio and a variety of CUP Addons. We believe that our gameplay thrives from variety, so a large addons pack is necessary! Don't worry though, they are easy to download and we use third party software (A3Sync) to synchronize everyone in the group! In addition to variety in our campaigns, we try to keep things simple and easy to follow for our members for example each campaign mission will have its own mission briefing. The mission briefing is written by the editor and posted on the forum informing everyone of the missions objectives, special instructions it also includes additional information that help the leaders plan the missions ahead of launch! A little more in-depth information about how we practice; we have multiple friendly instructors who help teach different topics every week, anything from breaching buildings to handling explosives. We do these training's to increase the overall skill of our members but also to build team spirit, it's also a great place to get to know other members of the group! In addition to practicing skills, we play a squad sized infantry mission after our initial session. This is done every week, so in addition to getting training done, we enjoy an additional unique mission every single week! Most of the time our training missions test us in topics covered during training, say for example we practice roof-top landings with helicopters and urban breaching. This would most likely lead to a mission where we get to do these things in a combat scenario! Can I join if I am of age 16-17? - We make exceptions for people who are mature and reliable, people who show a lot of interest. What DLC with the base game is required? - You will need the APEX Expansion the rest is optional Do you use radio mods? - Yes, we currently use Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR). Do you use ACE3 and a medical system? - Yes, we sure do! We use the ACE3 Basic Medical System. Do I have to attend every mission? - No, we ask our members to attend as many missions as possible to make the experience better for everyone, however we understand that people cannot attend all of them! Do you use a revive script? - No, we use respawn. Basically when a person is hit, he could fall unconscious, this person is then rushed to by medics who will attempt to aid the casualty. If the person however dies, then he respawns back at our base, where helicopters will rush them back into the field!
  6. What I'm attempting to do is script gear to go into the vest and not the body on a unit. Would anyone already happen to know how? Thanks
  7. Who are -{GOL}-? GOL is a Tactical Co-op clan which was established back in 2003 which has upon loads of popular demand for its return has been re-born back into the BI franchise We enjoy playing ArmA2 in a highly tactical and professional way but ensuring at the same time a high level of fun is kept within the game. We use tactics and procedures from various armies and modify them to suit our own needs. This allows us to work in ArmA more effectively. What is the goal of -{GOL}-? Our goal as a clan is to provide a environment striking a perfect balance between military simulation and fun. When we say fun we mean that while we keep a lot of the things to maintain a great professional tactical experience we also want to make sure that we keep the entertaining element. What kind of members does -{GOL}- have? Most of our members are in Europe but providing you make the time zone we have members worldwide How is -{GOL}- Organised? In field the GOL is organised as a Russian VDV Airborne force which relies on the use of a professional aircorp which makes use of rotary and fixed wing aircraft. The aircorp also takes part with a regular job of transporting personal and saving the lives of our personnel who are wounded and need to be evacuated from the combat zone. That's not to say however we dont play as anything else because we love having variation What is involved with joining -{GOL}-? After your interview you will be made to do a one-time training which covers you on the basics on how we operate as well as some advanced procedures which are necessary for you to know. Once you complete this and as well show you are committed to the clan and an active member you will be promoted to a full member of the clan. What kind of games does -{GOL}- Play? GOL plays mainly co-op in missions created by our own members. That being said we do enjoy playing PvP here and there for laughs as well as come up for entirely new game modes we make ourselves to keep things fresh and entertaining. When is GOL's gaming events? Our most important one is the Saturday Operation which is at 19:00 GMT (UK Time). We also have some events which are managed by other members during the week. How does your co-ops work? Most missions we have a structured briefing which is usually written in our forums in advance meaning everyone knows exactly what the mission is about and what kind of enemy we are facing and what kind of assets we are going have for the operation. We also have campaigns which we also do and set up multiple missions on a connected story line to make large numbers of our missions mean more than just entirely unrelated scenarios. How long does these organised game events last? On average roughly 2-4 Hours Does -{GOL}- have its own servers? GOL has its own dedicated server aswell as a Teamspeak 3 Server What addons does -{GOL}- use? We use the Advanced Combat Environment mod (ACE), Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE) and a pack containing some islands chosen by the clan What are the requirements to join -{GOL}-? 1. Members needs to be aged 18+ (Exceptions can be made to as low as 16) 2. Behave maturely on and off the field. 3. Be able to follow orders given by leading members in the field 4. Be able to use Teamspeak 3. 5. Be able to speak and understand English. 6. Be able to attend most of the Saturday ops. 7. Be able to continuously contribute to the forums in a timely fashion. 8. Be able to enjoy and appreciate other peoples work in ArmA. 9. Not be part of another unit in ArmA (Multi-claning). I have questions where can I ask them? Feel free to come to our website or hop on our Teamspeak and talk to me or any other member an they will do their best to answer whatever questions you may have Sounds great how do I join? You will have to create an application on our forums, located at our "Join us" section, when your application have been processed you will be able to go through our Basic training. Find our application section at www.gol-clan.co.uk and sign up! Contact us on our Teamspeak adress:
  8. Is there a way to do this without having the video files in the mission folder? for example streaming it directly from youtube for example?
  9. Press the <left mouse button> to complete the game? :p
  10. lt.chris

    ITV fakes terrorist footage using ARMA II

    even I had to post on this what a fail from ITV, this is just one of many examples they lie to the population but in this case they failed entirely. Just shows they are willing to make stuff up about things to shift public opinion where they want it.
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    Longest firefight?

    the sunday op with -{GOL}- had on duala last sunday lasted nearly 3 hours with non stop shooting from both sides before the OPFOR started to be pushed back. It was on the smaller part of the island in the bottom left corner. Very fun as is most of our games since alot of them have simular line of events.
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    respawn parameters

    thats a shame, thanks anyway
  13. hey there, Im sorting out some missions we have with some extra parameters but i happen to be stuggling. Would anyone happen to know if its possible to make a respawn parameter for MP missions allowing me to have it set as "respawn" and "no respawn". Any help to make this work would be excellent thanks
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    Lost Disc.

    You could also just simply buy another copy :)