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  1. I'm actually quite pleasantly surprised by overall performance on my laptop. What i pity most is that i have virtually no time to play away... @Dwarden: Just keep focussed and stop feeding the trolls :cool: I'm sure you'll get this game where you want to. A big hug to all the team from Belgium. @Cryengine lovers: Try Cryengine with 80+ ai's and real 1.5km + distances on km² maps :eek:
  2. Yoma

    Arma 2 on Windows 8

    Windows 8 Pro x64 with 16GB Ram here... Cannot get BAF or PMC sprocket download exe's to install. The compatibility /run as admin trick on both exe's changes nothing. All VC++ redists are installed both x86 and x64 Keeps giving c++ runtime error.
  3. I've personally tested the consumer preview version a bit in a vmware with 3d acceleration: -Ui rendering is quite a bit faster then windows 7 (no it's not just marketing, they actually changed and fixed a lot of stuff) -Metro is a daft piece of crap if you don't have a touchscreen and whatever they say i see plenty of people using the start button all the time... -I ran into some problems with specific Point Of Sale printerdrivers... (it seems they did a major overhaul of the printer driver system, this might turn out to be a big no go in a lot of business situations, wich is exactly the market where Microsoft still reigns...) -My non-IT girlfriend spent 20 minutes looking for a way to shut the damn thing down, this is going to be a hard bugger for people that are in support functions... I can't help feeling MS is slowly but certainly turning into something of the past, you know like the day might come that people think of Windows as they think of VHS tapes... It could all turn out some other way, but trying to sell 1000$ crashing "surface" slates might not be the best idea when there's a perfectly good functioning cheaper Ipad around followed by a string of even cheaper Android tablets... MS is doing the exact opposite of Apple. Instead of focussing on a couple of good products they try to do everything. They may turn out to fail at everything. The appstore they introduce in win8 might very well be the first step to a system where apps NEED to be installed from the appstore and be verified (ahum monitised) by MS in complete Applestyle. In this context I very well understand Valve as their market might be on the virge of total collapse, unless they differentiate.
  4. If you have a dll and are prepared to send me some minor sample of how to use it, i could build a version that uses it. PM me for details.
  5. Yoma

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    A "face" for terrorism is dead. However the reasons for people to cling to terror remain. This is great PR but won't change any of the worlds real problems. I'm not defending aan utter bastard like Osama was. The thing is if the solution to solving the terror-problem was to kill everyone that thinks like Osama did, you'd have to go and perform a bigscale genocide... which obviously cannot be the solution to any problem. Isn't "going into a foreign souvereign country with spec ops to kill someone" a bit out of the scope of a "western freedom loving society". Can't help wondering what people would think if the Iraqies sent a team into America to go hunt for ex president Bush... I think it wouldn't be accepted as being a fair and civil approach. That said: good riddence.
  6. Just go to settings and untick the "I have Arma installed on this pc". The tool can be used for Arma, Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA. If you don't have one of these games, just untick them in settings. ---------- Post added at 03:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:53 PM ---------- I haven't gotten to writing a full step by step guide, but pressing F1 inside the tool should get you started. I'm not writing down steps like "installing a webserver" or "installing an ftp server" as the web is littered with tutorials for that.
  7. That's a total shame. At least give the game a try, you'll find it to be very rewarding :)
  8. Multiple rather important fixes. •Bug #14326: Crashes upon completion of downloads •Bug #14327: Crashes during deleting files •Bug #14426: Clicking download, cancel and afterwards again download did no longer work. •Bug #14427: Crash opportunity in CalcMD5 function. •Feature #14461: Rework of extra file delete dialogue.
  9. •Bug #11426: Server.xml and yas2302.7z not supporting <TSChannel> and <TSChannelPwd> •Bug #14114: Autobuilder does not run on 64Bit Linux. •Bug #14142: Rework of part of the download window. •Feature #583: Some sort of progress bar/indication possible for "compare remote to local files". •Feature #14067: Mode to build/update the repository file only
  10. Please refrain from calling a good program "a fail program". I'm pretty sure AddonSync will also not work for at least *some* people. Downtalking the hard work of one of this community's finest members doesn't help anyone.
  11. Yoma

    The debate the right to die (euthanasia)

    I'm not talking about inconveniencing bystanders, i just honestly think that giving desperate people that last straw to draw is not a bad thing. It could get people that want to do it in touch with the right professional people that can help them (on a psychological level), rather then leave them on their own to take matters into their own hands. If you go see a doctor and tell him "i want to die" there is stuff he can do. If one of these things is actually getting you dead then suicidal people will get in touch. And getting in touch is the first thing you need if you want to live. A good talk with the right person can save a suicidal's life. It introduces a dilemma in the suicidal state of mind. Do it yourself the hard way, or do it "officially" and get at least a chance for getting help. It would motivate suicidal people to seek medical aid. That in itself is way better then just letting them fend for themselves.
  12. Yoma

    The debate the right to die (euthanasia)

    I'm all for a euthanasia choice. The world is overpopulated anyway :D People should have a humane exit out of this world when they want to take it. I would even go further and allow the exit option to people that have been suffering big mental illnesses (depression for example) for years. In my country suicide is actually the main cause of death for men between 25 - 40. If we'd legally allow people to commit suicide in a humane way (as in not jumping in front of trains, from buildings, hanging, cutting wrists, shooting themselves) we'd also cut out a lot of trauma's with people finding them. Besides that, a guided medical death could allow these people to at least talk to someone before they take harsh measures. The worst thing about a suicide is not being able to say goodbye, euthanasia enables people to say goodbye and confronts them with themselves.
  13. Something wrong with the direct uri launch link... Might be best to avoid useing "+" in the .yas filename... This one should work better :-)