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  1. [cede]aushilfe

    Flankers release for CUP

    Actually its the Su-30MK. Biggest differance can bee seen in the form of the vertical stabilizers. It also has the digital glass cockpits. I used the version which is used in the initial Su-30MKI design. There are quite a lot of different cockpits used with digital displays for the indonesian, indian, malaysian and chinese version of the aircraft. From what i know, the cockpit of the Su-30MKI looks very different now. The range of weapons for this airframe is very wide and so is the role of the aircraft very different for each task. The Chinese forces use the Su-30 as an anti-ship platform. They are exceeding the maximum starting mass with the high payload and fuel. They are aiming for a total weight of 42 tons. The scenario in Syria shows the usage of smaller ordinances due to multiple reasons. The airspace is under the control of Syrian and Russian forces, but the danger of manpads is present. This might be a good reason for picking an agile setup with fewer weapons. They are also fighting close to their airbases and can rearm quicker while staying airborne for a longer period if necessary. A bigger varaity of loadouts (Intercepter or CAS Syrian style) would benefit the mission designers. but its always hard to provide this without clustering the unit selection. It would be very nice if the weight of the payload is taken into account for the flightmodel. I would like to see that one day in ArmA. It sis time for a new game engine anyway.
  2. [cede]aushilfe

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    VTOL confirmed :P
  3. [cede]aushilfe

    Flankers release for CUP

    As source of his Su-27 conversion he states the FSX under free licence, which is only correct to some parts used in the Su-30. The models and textures used by the Su-27 are ports of the ArmA1 ACE edition. 1=1. http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll84/Aushilfe/ACE%20WIP/Su27.jpg~original The Su-30 is kind of interesting. It is a combination of my ArmA1 release of the Su-30MK(K/I) and possibly the stated source in the documentary. (textures, materials, cockpit, rear part of the outer model, thrust vector nozzle animations were part of this release: http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=addons&id=667) It is not my intention to take this down, just asking for credits. BIS was kind enough to share the sample models with us, which made the base for some of my work as well. This spirit should continue in the community. There is still a lot of fixing ahead.
  4. [cede]aushilfe

    Flankers release for CUP

    I can spot some familiar edges and lines here. Always remember to give credits to those you base your work on. This is only fair if the model lives on in a newer version of the game engine.
  5. Played around with one of the new Birds. 1680x1050 is linked.
  6. Due to work i am short on time and sadly more or less inactive in the community. You can contact me via E-Mail, data can be found on dev-heaven.net As Foxhound stated, posting of personnal data isnt allowed in the forums (see §24) and spaming from a lot of peo´ple wouldnt help increasing my time. But however, feel free to contact me. On the original topic, The plane is only made available for ArmA1. There would be a lot of issues needed to be fixed. Instead i included the planes in ACE2 with the features i could make available in my freetime.
  7. [cede]aushilfe

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    I really like this addon, but i was shocked by the damage the single weapons do, compared to similar weaponclasses. Considering that the 25mm and 40mm calibers are displayed as AP shells and the 105mm as HEAT. I made a simple tweak to the values and played your mission 2 more times. The values are a good balance of fun and more realism. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Please open a bugreport on dev-heaven' date=' otherwise it might be lost in the topic. We would like to spend most of our freetime fixing the bugs instead of rereading the forums. Thanks for reporting under: [url']http://dev-heaven.net/projects/ace-mod2/issues[/url]
  9. The G36K should be a placeholder for the upgraded C model which isnt done yet. By accident it was replaced with the EoTech version. In the next update at least the G36K model with rail only will be used as replacement.
  10. A M1A2 version will be back when its done. :)
  11. Army and Corps version, right. Smokelaunchers are different in form and number. There are still tweaks to do and some stuff did not slipped in the last update. Loaderscope was planned but delayed for the moment, as the russian side needs some love. ;)
  12. [cede]aushilfe

    WIP: Stuff you are working on 2!

    Todays Update will bring the following 2 new Abrams Versions to the game, featering the TUSK I package: * Abram Reactive Armor Tiles I (ARAT I), a block type tiles only in lower hull * Loaders Armor Gun Shield (LAGS) * Power Distribution Box (PDB) which gives power outlets to new TUSK subparts * Drivers Vision Enhancer (DVE), Drivers thermals * Counter Sniper / Anti Material Mount (CS/AMM), .50 cal over the main gun tube (according to photos seldom fielded at least in early stages of TUSK) * Anti-Mine kit: Abrams Belly Armor (200mm extra V-shape armor under belly) and Mine Resistant Drivers Seat (seat hanging from the roof) * Only installed to M1A1's versions that doesn't have CITV: Remote Thermal Sight (RTS), Thermal to commander's .50 cal Click me if you can and again The damage of single parts like the turret and ARAT-Armour is animated, as all weapons are. A more complex wreck model is in the pipe as well. Extended WreckInProgress Xtended WreckInProgress :P
  13. There were issues that the magazines got cycled, so there was another magazine with the highest ammo count loaded. Thats not an issue anymore.