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  1. Hi all just a quick update. Arma Wargames is still going. We are now using a persistant database for our weekly battles. So where you are in the field at the end of one battle is where your are in the next. If your interested in informal but organised PvP (TvT) then check out http://www.arma-wargames.com A little video which is unedited: http://bestplay.tv/video/545775e77cbf4/arma-iii/wargames-battle-2
  2. This week we will be using a new custom island made by one of our very own Conroy. This is the last week of the scrims and is the absolute perfect time to get settled in before Battle 1 next week. Information on the new island can be found here Tasty Island Info. Here is some gameplay videos to let you see what Charlie Foxtrot is all about. These two videos show the same events but from opposing sides, one being the infantry, the other being the Apache attacking them.
  3. check out Charlie Foxtrot, largescale Arma/ArmA2 PvP gaming since 2007. http://cfarma2.com/ We still get around 80+ for our weekly battles.
  4. Mickd

    Battle: Los Angeles Trailer

    i enjoyed it. I didnt expect a deep thought provoking drama. I went to be entertained, eat some pop corn and drink some cola. I went home satisfied.
  5. I like when possible to have the disk.
  6. I dont care what anyone says, BF2 was awesome. Even 5 years on I still play on occassion. If I get anywhere near the amount of hrs/fun ratio with BF3 as I did with BF2 I will be well happy.
  7. Mickd

    Restrepo - TV Premier

    gotta love being able to program sky+ from your work lol
  8. Hi all, I have been working on some missions for a little while now. Im enjoying making them so I will continue making them until I get bored. I am trying to make missions that are fairly focused and are not 2 men take on the world type missions. I will also update other Charlie Foxtroxt PvP missions as some of these are really fun and deserve a wider audience. Just a note these are made exclusively for players and SP/Player controlled AI is not by design. Im only learning to make missions so I would appreciate it that you bear that in mind when offering suggestions/feedback. I will attempt to test the missions with the Charlie Foxtroxt guys for a few versions before I release them. We might even have organised COOP nights but for now they are largely informal and ad hoc. C010 Operation Bomberman I've created a small scale simple mission which is for a small number of people called Operation Bomberman. The premise is that a small special forces detachment of 8 men is deployed to lase targets for a bombing mission on a priority target. The mission is briefing led and its not a case of just showing up and blowing something up. The aim is to have to plan the mission from start to finish. There is distinctive roles that need to be filled. Situation A number of high ranking officials of the enemy are meeting in an as yet unidentified building in the town of Gamsar. Intel reports that the targets drive in a convoy of distinctive vehicles. This is a densely populated area with civilians in close proximity. At present we are loosing the hearts and minds war so indiscriminate bombing cannot be tolerated. This must be a surgical strike. The aim is too make the enemy think that a rival faction is attempting to seize control by decapitating its leadership. Primary Mission - Clear necessary AA threat for fast air - Identify the target building - Destroy target personnel with a LGB. - Extract the area and RTB Roles - Special Ops team x8 - MH60 Pilot - AV8 Pilot Equipment (off the top of my head & not fully accurate) G36C x 6 G36K x 6 G36 SD x 6 Satchels x 6 SMAAW x 1 HEAP Rnds x 6 HEAT Rnds x 6 Laser Designator x 1 Battery x 1 Links Links to come Videos Mission 16/11/10 (courtesy of Alan) (courtesy of Alan)Mission 20/11/10 (courtesy of Alan) (courtesy of Alan)Changelog v0.1 (complete) - Overall mission framework complete & tested v0.11 (complete) - added Ambient Civilians Module - added Ambient Civilian Vehicles Module - added a number of pre-placed infantry & mech patrols - adjusted player count to 2 pilots and 8 infantry performance with 8-10 people server was running from 8-20 FPS. When the harrier was flying noticeable FPS drop. FPS rebound when Harrier landed. Didn't note any difference with MH6 but I wasn't looking to be fair. v0.12 (complete) - add proper mission briefing & objectives - adjust chopper loadout for player count, too many for MH6. - add more patrols and/or protection for AA vehicles - reduced Ambient Civ & Vehicle radius to 800m from 2000m - added IEDs along route v0.13 (wip) - added check to fire mission objective triggers - fixed missing G36 ammo - Added SAW to crate performance with 9 people server was running from 20 FPS. It seems reducing the civ radius made cured this aspect. Co16: Shock & Awe (cheesy I know) This will a be a mission which 3 four man patrols must guide in laser munitions as directed by their orders. Each patrol will operate independently of one another with a number of tasks for each patrol. These tasks will range from buildings, emplaced positions & other infrastructure. Situation The War in Chernarus will begin shortly. The US Government has ordered a first strike to decapitate the Chernarusian leadership and remove its Command & Control (C2) Network. While the country is on a war footing, most normal people are going about their normal business, however the enemy will be vigilant for such operations so care must be taken. The areas is covered in dispersed Armoured AA vehicles (256M Tunguska) and shoulder fired AA weapons platforms. It will be necessary for our tank busting helicopter to clear a path for the Transport Chopper and Bomber to make their insertions. Once the a path has been cleared the troops can be inserted with an escort. They will need to search out and lase the targets for the bombers. Close Air Support (CAS) will be provided by the Apache. Primary Mission - Insert 3 four man patrols to their respective AOs - Identify the target buildings (12 in total) per intel given. - Destroy targets with LGB. - Extract the area and RTB Roles - Special Ops team x 12 (3 teams of four) - Chinook Pilot - Apache Gunship Pilot - Apache Gunship Gunner - AV8 Pilot Equipment - 5 M16A2 - 5 M4 - 5 M4 SD - 5 SAWs - 5 SMAWs - 12 HEAP - 12 HEAT - 30 Frag Grenades - 10 Satchel Charges - 3 Laser Designators - 3 Batteries. - 3 GPS - Chinook Transport Chopper - AV8 Harrier - Apache Gunship - Standard FARP - Hummer Ambulance Links Link to come Videos None to date Changelog v0.1 (complete) - Overall mission framework to be completed & tested server FPS was solid 46 with 8 people though there was no AI or anything, it was purely to test the mission framework & mission triggers. v0.11 (wip) - adjusted mission profile in terms of adding an Apache Gunship to take out AA - began adding AI patrols - replaced mistake Repair truck with ammo truck - removed music - add some extra weapons & ammo in crate
  9. A video made by Alan during a COOP mission I made called Operation Bomberman with 9 other Charlie Foxtrot players.
  10. Mickd

    ARMACast | The Arma 2 Podcast

    Finally took the time to listen to the Charlie Foxtrot today. Very funny and off hand. Nothing overly serious but still some good discussion.
  11. Charlie Foxtrot is running a Public Server for OA which had 80+ people on it the other evening. On Sundays server is shut down for the tournament battles. Im sure it will be up again this evening, just filter for 'charlie'
  12. Surely its 4 countries, no??
  13. Charlie Foxtrot Community Update Hi all just an update at whats happening at Charlie Foxtrot Gaming. New Website Mojo has been working hard on the front end of our WEBSITE. This should make things a little bit more accessible, lightweight and more intuitive for new players. Check it out Here Charlie Foxtrot Tournament Campaign Back Story Community writer Jusk has been working on developing the back stories for the Charlie Foxtrot ArmA2 tournament. Have a read: Conflict Background: Welcome to Celle In mid-2009, the security division of Russian conglomerate Shashka International was tasked with securing the disputed former Soviet-bloc territory of Chernarus. In recent years there had been increasing pressure, both from within Chernarus and internationally, for the Russian-occupied state to be granted true independence from the Russian Federation. Tensions escalated in early 2009, when significant mineral deposits were discovered in Chernarus. Russia took swift action to clarify what was seen by many commentators as an international grey-area, which Russia had previously been content to ignore. Shashka International were contracted to secure key strategic positions in the region, and quickly succeeded in doing so. Russia was widely condemned for its actions, with criticism ranging from veiled remarks about geo-political cynicism to more serious accusations of contravening international law. A US-backed security firm, River Stone Incorporated, was dispatched to the area to monitor Shashka International and ensure human rights were being observed. To the dismay of the international community, what followed was six months of bloody war – or more specifically, a proxy war – though both Russia and the US have gone to great lengths to downplay the conflict and obscure their official involvement in it. The conflict played-out during autumn and winter of 2009/2010 saw Riverstone prove too strong for the Shashka forces. Eventually the Russians were forced to withdraw from the region, peace was restored, and a new interim government was established in Chernarus, pending summer elections. Shashka International all but disappeared in the immediate aftermath, and it was widely believed that the conglomerate had been dissolved, but, in April 2010 they sensationally resurfaced in a new guise. The Russian military has apparently taken quasi-control of Shashka International, in order to maximise the potential of the company’s highly trained staff, and has deployed them in a new conflict zone……. the Republic of Celle. Since the end of the Cold War and the subsequent increase of military activity in other theatres – primarily the Middle East – the US has sub-contracted a large proportion of its security commitments to private security firms. Unknown to many, the same is true in many regions along the old Cold War frontier – including several areas in Germany. River Stone, finding themselves with many un-deployed veterans of the Chernarussian War, have recently acquired several such security contracts, believing them to be low-risk jobs. It now appears that their down-time will be curtailed, as Shashka forces have gained a foothold in Eastern Celle. Celle, a landlocked enclave surrounded by Germany, gained independence from West Germany in October 1990, in what is now seen as an oft-overlooked, and controversial footnote in the reunification process of Germany. This small, picturesque state on the banks of the River Aller, noted for its baroque architecture and gentle rolling hills, is now a scene of panic. Thousands of residents are fleeing to neighbouring provinces by road and rail (a situation unfortunately exacerbated by the Icelandic Volcano air-travel crisis) in anticipation of a bloody reprise of the cruel struggle for Chernarus. While Celle may seem like an unusual target for such an offensive – it is not without strategic value. Leading analysts speculate that the Russian motive for seizing control of Celle is to put increasing pressure on US resources, which may in turn force the US to withdraw security forces from oil-rich areas such as Quesh-Kibrul and Isla Duala – paving the way for subsequent Russian annexation of these regions. The strategic significance of Celle is underlined by the presence of Immelmann Barracks – a local air base. This facility – most recently used as an army aviation school, could prove invaluable. A sustained Russian foothold here, in the heart of central Europe, would be impossible for the West to ignore, and would inevitably divert attention and resources from disputed territories further afield. This bold gambit by the Russians is further proof that a new era of aggressive resource wars is upon us. Old alliances and pacts are being ripped up and burned as international uncertainty and suspicion intensifies. The US claims Chernarus has been liberated – but at what cost? The misery of Chernarus may just have been the prologue to this developing, and increasingly horrifying story. If this quiet Germanic enclave in the heart of the western world is overrun, who will be next? The world’s eyes look to Celle. CHARLIE FOXTROT CAMPAIGN 3 BATTLE 6 THIS SUNDAY, 30th MAY 2010: SIGN UP NOW! Joining this tournament is free. If you have yet to sample a Battle at Charlie Foxtrot, or wish to do so again, you can find the ways to sign up below. Whatever your calling, there's a role here at Charlie Foxtrot for YOU! Its War Soldier. Join An Army There are two ways you can join an army in this tournament. First, is you can go random. In this case you sign in HERE and await placement by one of the admin staff. The second way is that you visit HERE to pick your side. There is a nominal charge of 6euro which is wholly contributed to the server costs (CF is a not-for-profit tournament). Our recommendation is that if this is your first time playing Charlie Foxtrot you go RANDOM to sample the community. Battle Map Overview Towns: Muden & Bonstorf Cap Rules: 3 men, 3 minutes Sphere of awareness: 100 meters 2 x 2 sectors (8 over 2 towns total) Sector size: 100 x 100 meters Additional settings: Map markers given within 100m. Players have an action available that will display their grid coordinate. GPS and NVG removed from player's inventory High explosives removed from artillery. Only support rounds are available (Illum and smoke) Charlie Foxtrot 3: Battle 6 Information Battle Day: Sunday 30th May 2010 Battle Time: 1800GMT-2100GMT (1300-1600EST). See Battle Countdown Counte on the website if your not sure Battle Map: CFMod PvP Battle Map 3, Ingame Time: 1400-1700hrs @Beckedorf - Sulze - Eversen Cloud Cover: Disabled until further notice Weather: Disabled until further notice Battle Availability Sign in using the appropriate Army Sign (see links below) so your commanders know roughly how many men they have. This is important to keep track of active/inactive guys. SI Sign In: HERE RS Sign In: HERE Mod Downloads The CF Mod-Pack 1.32 is ready for download. Get it ASAP. Questions? Any questions ask http://cfarma2.com/forums/general-discussion/this-weeks-battle-comment-question-thread/.
  14. the tournament Infamous played in was called IC-ArmA. This is run by the same people but is called something different. http://cfarma2.com/