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  1. das attorney


    @op Why are you still running 32 bit Arma? Try the 64 bit exe: "C:\Games\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\Arma3_x64.exe" Or w/e your path is.
  2. Yea man, I remember hearing that Kurt Cobain wished he was gay just to piss off the jock "nirvana" community that drank piss-water lager out of the back of their hire/purchase Fords. But as he wasn't so the next best thing he could do was cross-dress. Plus it's fun (probably)
  3. das attorney

    AttachTo Item destruction

    The "killed" EH needs to activated where local, so maybe do fn_Quiksilvers code in the initline with "this", or yes use MPKilled and make sure you only run it once there. Obv check for yourself though as the proof is in the pudding.
  4. das attorney

    Arma 3 inventory idea

    By that rationale, then every idea should have it's own thread in this forum, and they can be all buried here next to each other in the clusterfuck of "ideas" threads in Dev Branch instead. Also, in reply to this: I would say NEITHER. Don't ask a loaded question!
  5. das attorney

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Same here dude, my rpt is a shithouse of spam at the moment, so went back to stable.
  6. das attorney

    Locking Unlocking vehicle in I&A

    @Tajin It's fucking boring to read the same queries over and over because a poster can't/won't/didn't use the search function. And it's more fucking boring when they provide so little info that the thread takes like 15 posts or so to establish exactly what they want and budding scripters prostrate themselves by offering up whole chunks of code seemingly on demand. They are not helping the OP by getting them to actually use their brain and they are doing themselves a disservice by being at the beck and call of anyone who posts a one-liner question. It's become "script request" and is the reason why I spend less and less time on what was once a good forum.
  7. das attorney

    CTI mission error

    Post some code..... That error is so vague it could be anything
  8. das attorney

    Arma 3 inventory idea

    Is this "new idea" under development on Devbranch? No? Then it goes in the wishlist thread:
  9. das attorney

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Hmm, unknown strings not fixed for some commands: 22:35:34 Error position: <getUnitTrait "loadCoef" > 0.4) then { pl> 22:35:34 Error Foreign error: Unknown enum value: "loadCoef"
  10. Thanks for all the work and effort you've put into CUP @Chairborne - many fun hours playing the fruits of your labour. Perhaps a break will do you some good and you can get a bit of perspective. Salut!
  11. example #4 on this page https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forEach
  12. das attorney

    Crash on retrieving data + Battleye error

    Obv, not the reply you want to read but does it happen without ACE? IE If you repro'd this in Vanilla, does it hang and crash to desktop? If not, then it's an ACE thing and you would be better off telling them directly in their thread:
  13. That's a good point. He's saying: if (! alive <string>) then { bla bla bla }; Obv, string isn't an object so it's a fail. @OP "team1" is a string. You need to be referencing some objects _grp = grp player; _aUnitProbablyThePlayer = _grp select 0; if (_aUnitProbablyThePlayer isEqualType "someString") then { systemChat "not going to happen" // hopefully never going to see this code } else { if (_aUnitProbablyThePlayer isEqualType objNull) then { systemChat "yes you are an object"; if (_aUnitProbablyThePlayer isKindOf "CaManBase") then { systemChat "yes you exist and are a man!" }; } };
  14. diag_log ["wtf is myarray select 0?? %1",myarray select 0]; That will answer it for you.
  15. das attorney

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Bet you're glad you didn't bet on this one either! ;) Nice Friday changelog there BI :)