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  1. Chemical Guards Addons: NIArms FAL, yet-to-be-named mod in development
  2. Beautiful! Hope the delay's nothing too serious and looking forward to playing it!
  3. This' looking fantastic! I've started work on a new mod that will fit in perfectly with this scenery. Looking forward to how this progresses
  4. Why not? Make what you can't not make.
  5. Heyo, Loving the latest release on Dev Branch. Was just wondering if the mechanism for SetPlateNumber was accessible for community addons? Is it simply a case of a particularly named hidden selection? Cheers
  6. Update: PhysX has totally eluded me. Needs better documentation for relative beginners. Hopefully the other Scimitar will get released sooner or later - and helped supply research and assets to that project- going to revisit this at some point otherwise
  7. In Photoshop: -Create a layer for your spray painting where you use a 'Multiply' or 'Color' blend mode other than 'normal' - experiment with the other blend modes to see what best fits your needs -Use very low 'flow' as well as playing with opacity to create a good spray effect -After you've created your paint, use an alpha mask to chip or wear off paint in areas that would contact hand, gear or ground often -Ideally use a graphics tablet with a pressure sensitive pen so you can get the right tapering effect, or use an eraser to add taper after each individual stroke using a mouse.
  8. I'm currently in the process of making some new uniform addons and have a bit of a conundrum: My model has a couple different variations to do with different forms of scarf or shirt or jumper and so on, all different meshes that I'd want to turn on or off. Would I be able to do this using hidden selections or do I have to make separate p3d variations for each.. variation? I can see lots written on hidden selections for vehicles, and on using hidden selections for retexturing, but not to show/hide components on uniforms, webbing or headgear. My thoughts are that either: A) You're able to turn off and on hidden selections for uniforms, vests, headgear and so on, so I just model them all and define as hidden selections that can be turned on/off in config, or B) You're not able to, but I can use setObjectTexture to set the ones I want to hide to be transparent. Presumably there's a slight polycount overhead in doing this.
  9. Definitely the aim. Off the back of the 3CB situation I'm planning on targeting the earlier versions of the tanks, where there is no form of powered traverse or elevation - hand cranked all the way. Steel Beasts have a really nice control scheme that represents how difficult it would be to fire a hand cranked turret that shifts sight position with every shot with no stabilisation, and it does make it feel like much more of a chore to get a shot on target. Due to limitations of the Arma I won't be able to fully recreate most of these elements, but I think they're important points for balance, especially in the context of online PvE operations - way too easy to steam-roll everything when you have a hench set of optics and some armour plating. Plan is to have slow traverse speed, per-shot reload time to represent re-centring on to target and a gpmg of dubious quality and accuracy. My research has given me the understanding that later models with the BGTI package have laser rangefinding FCS, but the turret is still manual T+E. I suppose a good representation of that would be similar to how FCS works on some of the historic RHS' tanks, where the aim point is moved to the required super elevation, but the gun itself still requires manual movement to get that aim-point on target. Progress on early model gubbins:
  10. Ref the 3CB Scimitar: I am fully aware that their version is on the way. Please stop PMing me. I've spent enough of my evenings and weekends progressing with my build to not want to throw it away out of hand. Looking forward to showing more progress as I go, and will definitely enjoy 3CB's version in the meanwhile
  11. After a 14 year break from releasing an addon, I'm giving it a new shot. Helping fill out the British armed forces faction with the CVRT Scimitar and Scorpion. Light tanks designed and deployed in the 60s/70s, the CVRT range is an interesting anomaly in the history of armoured vehicles: light, fast and roadworthy. Scorpion had a 76mm gun, Scimitar the 30mm rarden cannon. Scimitar is being replaced by Ajax/Scout SV and RWMIK over the next couple years and Scorpion dissapeared in the 90s, but these still seem like the perfect class of vehicle for the armaverse: Not totally impervious and steamroll capable like Challenger 2, but more than handy in an infantry support role or zipping around Altis as formation recce. Planning to cover different variations from its timeline, but probably will hold off on Scimitar 2 (a UOR that mated Scimitar turret with Samson APC hull to add more IED protection and ECM gubbins) unless I get around to making CVRT Samson to the level of detail it deserves. Similarly, not gonna bother with CVRT Sabre (Fox armoured car turret on the CVRT hull). On the cards: different hidden selections, camo options, markings and potentially some OPFOR faction variations for Scorpion in particular - it got shipped around the world. Progress on variations: Early cold war era Scorpion with wading screens and old style engine deck. Perfect for Germany, Norway, defending the homeland and the Falklands deployment. Mid life gulf war era Scimitar with IR plates, storage and other gubbins slapped on in the attempt to fit into the harsh desert environ and keeping up with the combined arms battle space. Late life uparmoured Scimitar. A diesel engine upgrade and Thermal Imaging extended the lifespan and capability of the tank far into our recent incursions in the middle east. Bar armour and ECM will also be an option.
  12. Arma 3 developers announce key community features, reveal faults in previous development schedules and generally present a transparent, 'on track' image to the community Over time features fade, commentary ceases, timelines slide and the process gets rejigged by another title being developed at the same time Feels a bit Arma 1. DayZ should be fun though, especially with all that server upkeep, a reliance on bohemia complex mission design and without the hassle of all that mod support!
  13. Although it seems alluded to in the post it's never confirmed: Does this mod apply to ground vehicles as well?