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  1. DJankovic

    Respect to Bohemia

    People will always bitch..they are never happy... lol This DLC is very good. if you look at it content whise... Gives a lot of placeble objects witch you can use to make your missions immersive and better looking. Than Campaign is THE BEST thing i played in arma...It was amazing and well done...Loved every moment of it.
  2. lol i should probably had my hits on, i used our familiar feature just walk and prone towards object and glitch out of it :D (i know i know) :(
  3. DJankovic

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    with you on this one.
  4. DJankovic

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    I spawned all the assetts and checked it one by one...have couple of the things that bother me..maybe it can be changed in upcoming updates?. Tents - i understand there is opened doors and closed doors version but can we have feature where we can open and close doors on them? Same thing for tents for factions) Stretcher`s Give us ability on them to dissasemble them and assemble them and lay in them or place somebody in them. Body bag same like stretcher`s make them inventory stuff and ability to pack a dead boddy in them. First Aid box(Open) Please please can it be spawned next to the medic when he is treating people and Litter also if you treat somebody it leaves litter around him.(just like in ACE) Can we get a Emergency Blankets(thermal) and regular blankets like (backpack item Ref. Picture) and we can give them to civilians to cover them. That is it for now...ill be exploring more... I really love the approach this DLC.
  5. DJankovic

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Get over it it is a game,people can do whatever they want in it.
  6. DJankovic

    Malden DLC 2035 - Official Feedback Post

  7. DJankovic

    Malden DLC 2035 - Official Feedback Post

    https://www.google.com/maps/@38.7259607,20.5954871,11.11z Lefkada Greece
  8. DJankovic

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Can somebody pls uppload sample mission,i am failing to do settup cant get option on any of the objects. And constantly getting an error Local variable in global space 0 = [_object, true] call klpq_musicRadio_fnc_addRadio; in that line of code.
  9. DJankovic


    And on that maybe terrain deformation? EDIT: Just read that you mentioned it
  10. DJankovic


    I tottaly agree with you,but looking from my point of view,with the community i am playing we dont have that kind of issues with mission making. We have so manny talented mission makers i played couple of missions on workshop. True a lot of them is not made very well but still some of them are amazing and i love them. just googled download and i am on it also :) EDIT: me personaly after visual update,64bit and some features that we are waiting for a long time after all that being added i am also confident that BI got this.
  11. DJankovic


    So everybody heard about TitanIM and Outerra http://www.outerra.com/ http://titanim.net/www/ But my question is what are possibilities of Arma 4 with Outerra to be used as a map?? I know Bohemia is using their own engine etc. But what are possibilities of BI devs to use outerra tech it in their game? Outerra has some pretty interesting tech from witch Arma would probably benefit. I know i am shooting in blind here but this is just question/discusion because we have so manny talented moders around. And a lot of fans of the games who would probably love to see something like this :D (including me) :D Imagine a ARMA game where you dont need to worry about will you play on altis or stratis or older arma maps. But you just put your finger on Globe and bam, start makeing missions :D
  12. Long time no post :D Here is few from Task Force Aspis Vietnam op :) Our awesome pilots delivering resuply even with the los of the tailrotor Mod used: Unsung