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  1. ghostrobobh

    Real World Weather

    Anyone know how to get this running on an Exile dedicated server?
  2. What about in ammo crates? Is there a way to just spawn the weapon?
  3. How do I access the new Snipers and Ghillie suit in the Arma 3 editor?
  4. ghostrobobh

    ARMA 3 PhysX

    I'm confused with what you said, please explain. If i cant change it, what or why should i search?
  5. ghostrobobh

    ARMA 3 PhysX

    How do i get Arma 3 to use my GPU to render the PhysX settings? Right now, when i enable the PhysX indicator in the NVIDIA control panel, it says that my cpu is rendering the PhysX.
  6. ghostrobobh

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    do you have all of your cpu's un-parked?
  7. ghostrobobh

    Can't Slot my Soldier in MP

    Yea thanks for all the suggestions and help i appreciate it but i hope they fix it in the near future.
  8. ghostrobobh

    Can't Slot my Soldier in MP

    Yea thats what i do but you always spawn on an island you cant access the player menu or anything but i just want everything to way the way it is supposed to but its still alpha and hope they fix it, i was just wondering if someone actually found a fix for it yet. But yea Beard i have tried every thing from re-installing the game to re-installing steam and everything lol, but like i said i hope they fix it by beta if not the full game so i guess time will tell.
  9. ghostrobobh

    Can't Slot my Soldier in MP

    No it even did it when i had the stable version of it
  10. ghostrobobh

    Can't Slot my Soldier in MP

    Actually i cant join any server and i do run the DEV build and attempt to play on the DEV servers but no luck.
  11. I cant slot my soldier into a role. So right now i'm unable to play MP Wasteland or anything. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  12. ghostrobobh

    The reason why we are spawning as seagulls

    But i know im running it, unintentially, but what is it that im running that is causing this?
  13. ghostrobobh

    The reason why we are spawning as seagulls

    Anybody know why everybody changes into a bird every time i try to join a server? I have no idea why this happens and I get kicked for it. Can anyone explain to me why this happens and get rid of it?
  14. For some reason nothing shows up in the Multiplayer lobby.
  15. So for some reason, while in the Multiplayer lobby, I am unable to assign my soldier a role and i cannot press the "OK" button. Can anyone help me or have a fix for this? Edit: Actually I have found a quick fix. If it wont let you assign your roles, ESC then press SPACE twice. It will show your name twice.