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Found 5 results

  1. Adding Economy and Survival aspects (food, drink) in regular Conflict. When people talk about battlefield, they imagine it as some sort of close combat 'call of duty' mission full of speed and action while in reality such thing would never happen. I would like to see conflict being represented as mundane, day-to-day struggle with daily matters (food, dry clothes, supply routes) while also mainaining sense of individual purpose and scale. Example: you have two undeveloped indigenous tribes, both isolated and hostile to each other. None of the sides can afford or 'is willing to risk' open conflict but both are being dependent on hunting animals, so what one party would do to hurt the other is to go to enemy hunting grounds, hunt down or chase away animals that enemy tribe might hunt. While mainentaining friendly force present in its own hunting grounds to prevent retaliation. -> war at its finest Imagine scenario with two sides against each other. Each side having its vehicle pool, bank, personal storage and trader in ONE main base acting as ONLY respawn point. Fighting not only for ground but also economical advantage, building up potential of its army which is measured by individual players gear, personal supply of food, water, first aid and ammo. Where players might be able to help each other, make name for themselves, estabilish relations or help each other to grow, to regroup after failed assault or to estabilish themselves in newly obtained territory. Or give your teammates a ride to their mission destination or to join them in full assault on some territory or any other activity related with daily life on battlefield. Becuase on battlefield you need to watch your basic needs first! You can obtain new ground but when you are overstretching your men - you are creating gaps in your deffense. Whole idea is about resource management about creating some tension inside of team and making individuals focus on bigger tasks while trying to up keep their basic needs. Everything players can do in missions would be optional, progress would depend on level of organization among teams. And individual ability to employ themselves in useful way Progression of players would be slow and hard, not having abundance of weapons and vehicles (creating gear fear) forcing players to cooperate and also encourage players to steal from enemy teams Can you even imagine such situation? You, as soldier on front line as individual valuing your gear, credits, mission objective and life would be forced to loot local households, hunt and cook -> let your guard down, compromise your possition and also fueling will of independent civilians to ressist and rebel on your territory more... Maybe you would get lucky and have friendly player react to your situation and bring in some supply to you from rear. OR you would have to pull back to more supply rich territory, leaving new ground without friendly presence rendering aviable missions in your territory much harder because of increased possibility of enemy presence digging themselves in to deffend for another Territory Mission - (paralel missions for multiple squads) Being periodical optional 'mass' event and only way to gain or loose territory while setting up front line. This might happen every hour, so players got enough time to assemble, set the direction of attack but also giving enemy team enough time to set up possitions, patrols or straight eavesdrop enemy plan. Failed missions would be inevitable loose of resources hurting entire team. - Credits would be gained on participating in Territory Missions Credits would be rewarded to individuals thru Recon Missions/Territory Missions/Support Missions as well as for killing enemy players/AI, selling loot or receiving your army pay for staying alive long enough Territories being only important in Territory Missions. More missions = bigger economy and More territory = more missions. Would probably need some sort of AI director (commander) for determinating frequency of deffence/assault ratio for Territory Missions depending on already obtained Territories and player count and not to overstretch its forces. Same for Recon Missions as they would be dependant on enemy Support Missions and enemy Recon Missions designed to keep world alive, unpredictable and also to create small skirmishes on random points on map. I dont mean to be putting players together, confronting them head on at objectives, but just setting them closer while leaving them some space to manouver from combat or to miss each other completely. (fog of war) Example: Recon Missions - one team is tasked with patrol mission to random location while enemy team has its own Recon Mission in same area, but what if one team is faster than another? It might happen in real battlefield scenario. You could just hear enemy team driving off as soon as you enter you area of operation. Or you might wanna wait for enemy team to come but you have no idea if somebody on enemy team even accepted mission in your area. Keeping missions fresh and random. Recon Missions(often behind enemy lines) -> searching random town/building/area for documents/belongings/vehicle -> searching the abandoned battlefields -> find missing person (dead teammate) -> Ambushing convoy -> patrol missions Support Missions -> Deliver supply -> Guard jobs Food and Drink I would love to see some sort of dayz mechanics like wells, hunting and cooking or foraging for survival purposes. While also keeping some form of military hospitality like daily ration of MRE and water canteen on your main base. You could also build a food stock by buying food at trader ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original idea I had was more simple set in GSC studio's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe where stalkers and bandits would fight for resource points (artefacts found in anomalies) and be bringing them thru zone full of AI mutants on their main base for profit, trying to survive and gear up, while also exploiting enemy resource points. Gaining resource points thru Territory Missions. But that might not appeal to majority of players. I have zero experience in modding, but I want to contribude to the community, so I decided to create this thread where people can contribute with ideas and more gifted community members might draw their inspiration from others people ideas. I've done my best to bring in my idea as short and strict as I could while trying to preserve the thought Im trying to share. Feel free to criticize and to share your own ideas and opinions. Thank you for reading. Thanks to all Reforger community memebers.
  2. Hey guys, My Real World Weather mod has been out-of-date for quite sometime. So I finally got around to updating it to use a new API provider. Now it uses https://www.weatherstack.com instead of the previous, Wunderground. Also I've never made a release thread for the mod, so I figured I might as well do one now after the update. Anyways here it is. Cheers! WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=879970502 Summary: Integration of a real-time weather API into arma 3. Grabs Real forecast data from an official reliable Weather Provider. Uses terrains Real World Counter-part Predicts future forecasts based on actual weather statistics. Option to sync time with location. Adds extra Immersion and Feel 3den Editor Extension (highly customizable module). Real-time weather Debug console. 32 and 64 bit support Auto config option included Keep in mind, This is a weather prediction system and it may not be entirely accurate at times. (Just like real life weather forecasts). The system does what it can with the data it's provided and makes calculations based on those. NOTES: 1. This mod runs on the server side, but is required by clients due to the newly created module. 2. Set Clouds on "Ultra" in video settings for best effects 3. You do need your own API key. You can get one for free at https://www.weatherstack.com Help/Questions: Where is the module? The module is located in the games editor ("Systems" >> "[HZ] Real-World Weather" >> "Real World Weather") Can I search for my own Weather Stats anywhere in the world?: Yes!, This System allows for dynamic search query's all over the world. With your own key simply enter the Country and City you want weather from. Everything is available to you in a easy to use Module If you are having issues getting data from the places you want, follow the steps below. Can I search using (Lat, Long) co-ords? Yes, If you have your own key. Replace Country with the latitude. Replace City with the longitude. What is a API key and do I need one? Yes, This mod does require you to own a API Key!. In short, API keys are unique id's which allow access to the Specific data services like Google, Weatherstack etc and are needed to prevent abuse and overload of the systems. Free API keys are usually limited to (x) amount of calls per hour or per day. For more info on weather API keys or how to get your own visit. https://www.weatherstack.com/ Additional Credits Daithi: Mods logo! Killzone Kid: Url fetch dll WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=879970502 Pictures
  3. EN FRANCAIS : LA QUICK REACTION FORCE RECRUTE ! La QRF recrute des personnes motivé voulant s'investir et devenir de véritable soldats au sein d'une unité dynamique et rigoureuse voulant vivre des expériences inédites de simulation militaire ! MAIS QU'EST CE QUE LA QRF ? La QUICK REACTION FORCE(QRF) est une unité de simulation militaire française sur les jeux vidéos multijoueurs "Arma 3" et "Squad". La simulation et le réalisme sont la conduite de notre unité pour pouvoir se rapprocher autant qu'il est possible du réel.Nous basons notre unité sur l'armée Française de nos jours. Le système de hiérarchie, le système de grades, les médailles et les procédures de combats etc... ont été adapter aux jeux vidéo. Lorsque vous vous engager, vous commencez en tant que soldat de 2ème Classe et entrez dans un cursus de formation ou vous êtes entraînés par nos instructeurs qui font de vous de véritable soldats de la "QRF", lors de cette formation initiale vous apprenez l'ensemble des compétences nécessaires a un soldat pour pouvoir remplir les différentes missions. Si vous recherchez un nouvel aspect du jeu vidéo et une expérience totalement inédite au plus proche de la réalité, rejoignez la QUICK REACTION FORCE. LES CONDITIONS : - Pouvoir parler français - avoir 16 ans minimum - posséder un micro et un casque - Pouvoir se libérer une a deux fois par semaines 2100h - 2300h le lundi et jeudi LES LIENS : - En savoir plus : http://qrf-reality.fr/about/ - Discord : https://discord.gg/GMaPBUu - Site web : http://qrf-reality.fr/ - Groupe Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/qrf-realit RESPECTUEUSEMENT, CNE DIMITRI K. STARLIGHT COMMANDANT D'UNITE 1ERE CIE QUICK REACTION FORCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IN ENGLISH : THE QUICK REACTION FORCE RECRUITS! The QRF recruits motivated individuals willing to invest and become real soldiers in a dynamic and rigorous unit wanting to experience unprecedented military simulation! BUT WHAT IS QRF? The QUICK REACTION FORCE (QRF) is a French military simulation unit on multiplayer video games "Arma 3" and "Squad". Simulation and realism are the driving of our unity to be as close as possible to the real. We base our unity on the French army nowadays. The hierarchy system, the rank system, the medals and the fighting procedures etc ... have been adapted to video games. When you commit yourself, you start as a 2nd class soldier and enter a training course or you are trained by our instructors who make you real soldiers of the "QRF", during this initial training you learn the set of skills necessary for a soldier to be able to fulfill the various missions. If you are looking for a new aspect of the video game and a completely new experience closer to reality, join the QUICK REACTION FORCE. CONDITIONS : - To be able to speak French - be at least 16 years old - own a microphone and headphones - To be able to free one to twice a week 2100h - 2300h on monday and thursday CNE DIMITRI K. STARLIGHT COMMANDANT D'UNITE 1ERE CIE QUICK REACTION FORCE
  4. Is it possible to get anywhere real world height map with seaground height map in one piece ?
  5. Do you think it is possible to implement the effects from Project Reality and/or Squad? I'm not sure about if you can or not. I've been thinking about trying to make a new type of particle fx mod sort of thing like Blastcore but it's just thoughts. I just want to see if anybody has a opinion on this Idea. Or if you could help me with this project.. You can contact me through Email or Steam.. Or just reply!