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Found 57 results

  1. I'm totally new to scripting for custom missions in ArmA, and I'm running into an issue with the execution of a .sqf file. The game knows the file is where it's supposed to be but nothing happens after. execVM "SpecOps.sqf"; I put the above into the init boxes of several units but the commands I put in the file wont execute. This is how they are written verbatum spaces and all: player enablestamina false; player enablefatigue false; player setAnimSpeedCoef 1.1; player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0; player setCustomAimCoef 0; I don't understand why they aren't working or how else to write them and i'd like it to only execute on certain units. I apologize for my ineptitude, i used the wiki but not very well apparently.
  2. Hey y'all, I'm freshly dipping my toes in the waters of Arma III modding in general, with the aim of tweaking MP gameplay for my friends & I. I've been doing my own research for a bit, but I'm getting to the point where I ought check my understanding with others. I ideally want to play around with infantry movement, and eventually, health, damage, and weapon mechanics. First thing I've been looking at is how on-foot movement speed is controlled. Despite my best hopes that there would be a object definition with movespeed vars I could change via console functions to modify an object's movement speeds - it seems the only option for that, is setAnimSpeedCoef. Which definitely makes you move faster\slower how I like, and looks very funny, but the intense crackhead energy it gives off doesn't strike me as ideal (yet). I would like to adjust move speed independently of animation playback speed. To test changing config values, I modded configFile >> "CfgMovesMaleSdr" >> "States" >> "(movement animation here)" >> "speed" using someone else's mod (didn't want to play with the core files). I increased the "speed" property for certain animations (like sprinting) but like the wiki suggests, it just changes playback speed and gives the same crackhead energy as setAnimSpeedCoef, albeit for whatever animations you chose. I'm going to look for other properties, possibly under CfgMoves (relSpeedMin\Max) or CfgVehicles(maxSpeed). If that doesn't work, I'm wondering if the movespeed is controlled somewhere along the animation inclusion process or behind a source code wall. That still strikes me as strange, considering the ability to mod in new vehicles with their own movement properties independent of animation. On the odds anyone knows exactly what I'm looking for, had experience with these areas, just sees an error in my understanding, or knows I'm about to hit some brick wall, just lmk. Thanks.
  3. https://discord.gg/mZsxxmzKUG everything available just join and fill out an app 14+ if your younger its most likely going to be fine we don't have anyone we are brand new so we need people there is going to be a lot of leadership opportunity's
  4. A quick warning, my knowledge of scripting is on par with that of a rock. I'm trying to make a mission for myself and a group of friends who are all new and just want to have a good time. Most of my questions I've been able to figure out through youtube videos and forum posts. But no matter how many different times I try, I can't for the life of me figure out what to do when someone pulls up notepad++ outside of Eden editor and shows me a paragraph of code to put in. I was wondering If someone more knowledgeable than me on the subject could help walk me through how to keep player inventories when they respawn.
  5. BUGGaming

    Need help in zeusing

    I have had this problem since I started zeusing around 1 month ago, so I'm still new to it, but is there a way to let the AI squad leader (or any squad member) actually give out commands when I take it over using the remote control module. To clarify I want to know how can I give out commands while remote controlling the squad leader of a squad
  6. someguywho


    This looks like it could be some good competition: http://titan.im/www/index.php/page It uses the Outerra engine, hopefully they'll release a version to the general public.
  7. Hello I am currently recruiting for my Arma 3 server called "Arma Operations" We are a newer community with 20+ members we have a lot of spots that need filled I will list them below; * MEDIC * MARKSMAN * MACHINEGUNNER * ASST MACHINEGUNNER * ANTI-TANK * ENGINEER * EOD ( We are looking for Pilots as well ) And some more, basically all roles need filled, we currently have a few people who are looking to be in these kits so hurry up if you're interested. Our current op; Operation Hell Desert* Description; A small town called Laura has had recent reports of insurgents harassing and killing innocent civilians. The town has about 30 people living in it and 2 civilians are reported missing, We will be dispatching a fireteam to investigate further. Obtain information about the disappearance of the two civilians as well as the insurgents in the area. We do not know what to expect, follow ROE and check in with command, set up a perimeter and talk with the locals to gather intel. This community does have actual members who are in the Military, I'm the Owner and I do not place myself higher than anyone who wants to take a foot in leadership, I am here to Zeus. So if you're interested in filling some slots and having a great time come on down. ( We have 50 + mods ) Discord Link; https://discord.gg/b936rY3H6n
  8. A few ideas I would love to see pondered are a dress tie that you can combine to the suit jacket or any top that makes sense to complete the Business ensemble. You can also use the tie as a bandana to "rambow" yourself up, as a bandage, or to gag someone. I would love to see a hidden item slot where you can combine a small fire arm or knife with tape to then strap to your leg. In most stick up situations people tell you to drop your stuff and lay down and I think if this idea were implemented, then you could possibly get away from a sticky situation by pulling out your sneaky weapon before they realize it. Ripping the sleeves off of long sleeve tops to then become rags could be strategically helpful. Honey could be used as an antiseptic in case you use dirty rags to bandage with a chance at killing the infection.
  9. the JLTV mod will part of SSS works and US naval warfare pack JTVSs will be replacer of HMMWV The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) is a United States military (specifically U.S. Army, USSOCOM, and U.S. Marine Corps) program to part-replace the Humvee that is currently in service[4] with a family of more survivable vehicles with greater payload. JLTV traces back to 2005 but publicly emerged in January 2006, with early government requests for information noting: "In response to an operational need and an ageing fleet of light tactical wheeled vehicles, the joint services have developed a requirement for a new tactical wheeled vehicle platform that will provide increased force protection, survivability, and improved capacity over the current Up-Armoured High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (UAH) while balancing mobility and transportability requirements with total ownership costs." The joint service nature of the effort was assured through Congressional language in the Fiscal Year 2006 (FY06) Authorization Act, which mandated that any future tactical wheeled vehicle program would be a joint program. JLTV is what Oshkosh calls the "Core1080 Crew Protection System," which includes mine resistance, IED detection, and a lot of bolt-on armor. It's not just about defense, though: optional turret and missile launch units put bite behind the bark. A suspension that can be raised and lowered electronically makes it easier to transport JLTVs to wherever they're needed, but out in the field, it's got 20 inches of wheel travel for insane off-road capability. Oh, and Oshkosh claims it's 70 percent faster than the best tactical wheeled vehicle (TWV) in the market currently. http://s1030.photobucket.com/user/kuvan13/media/untitled_zpszhnrkqre.png.html
  10. MONTELLA TERRAIN MOD ============================================================================================================================================================================================================================ ============================================================================================================================================================================================================================ Hello everyone, Its been more than two yeard since I started this project and I think it is time to make it public and breathe a sigh of relief. I hope you will enjoy every piece of it, just like i did making it. The Terrain is inspired by a mountainous region in Campania (Italy) south of Naples, yes it’s not an island. The vibe is the same as in “Chernarus” but with a touch of Italian Culture. The map is a scale 1: 1 with the real areas (Parco Regionale Dei Monti Picentini - Irpinia). It is essentially a big valley between two large mountains “Verteglia” and “Laceno” both with their points of interest, towns and much more. The valley has 3 big towns: the most important “Montella”, then “Bagnoli” and “Cassano”, two of which have already been completed. Also, an entire section has been removed to create an area that actually does not exist in real life, the “Irpinian Sea”. Being a rural area there are not many roads that connect the town easily therefore you will have to cross rivers and ride on top of high cliffs and mountains. The map uses at its best the Arma 3 assets both the vanilla and the Tanoa ones also, we imported some from Arma 2 and other mods. Update: Terrain is still Work in Progress The terrain is now in a condition i feel many of you can consider "playable". This does not mean that the mod is completed or that it represent a finished product, it still is a Work In Progress. You can download the mod from the workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053485750/myworkshopfiles/ Latest Video: - Map size is 10240x10240m - Grid size is 2048 cells - Cell size is 5m circa - Sat/Mask size is 15360px - Citys and Villages 6 - Airports 2 Completed Task: - Towns: “Montella” and “Cassano” with their surroundings. - All the areas covered by trees are completed. - 20 km of rivers. - Almost all of the roads are completed and connected. - Custom highway that joins the two sides of the map. - Custom handmade “satellite map”. - Custom “mask map”. - All configs are written and ready. - A test server with a Custom made Exile Mission is fully functional. To do list: - Second largest city “Bagnoli”. - Small city on “Laceno”. - Harbor and its surroundings. - Fields and houses to fill the areas between each town. - A lot of small adjustments in cities like light-poles benches garbage’s bin and many other small details. ============================================================================================================================================================================================================================ I regularly post updates on my twitter and my YouTube channel and sometimes Stream at: https://twitter.com/MontellaTerrain https://www.youtube.com/user/avatar1924 https://www.twitch.tv/mistermark My Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053485750/myworkshopfiles/ If you want to contribute and help with the project you are welcome to Support the Team at: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=22T9PSBBVQD2U
  11. UPDATE: Mod found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1919803068 Hi, my names Anthrax and im proud to announce the development of my first mod, a retexture of the Livonian Defence Forces to a desert/arid camo pattern, which in my view will enable missionmakers to use the faction and its equipment in terrains outside of Eastern Europe. The scope of the mod is to replicate the LDF Faction for BLUFOR and INDFOR in my geometric desert camo pattern, right now the features scheduled for an eventual release (deadline cant be given at this stage) include: Infantry, infantry equipment, infantry groups, basic ground transport vehicles. Here is a photo showing my progress with the mod so far, note the LDF Soldiers & Equipment (Please note that in this image, Render Worlds is used and the lighting in that is not the same as the lighting in most other maps) All uniforms except for CBRN Gear and the Helicopter pilots outfit have been made. I'm not familliar with forums but hopefully i'l be able to provide progress logs on this website, lemme know what you think of the mod so far. Cheers 😛 CREDITS -Avery for providing me the original LDF camo sample and the textures for the modular vests -The other members of the A3 hub for providing me invaluable assistance with general modding concepts
  12. Is there a way to edit Bohemia Interactives default game modes? For example, I wanted to make a Multiplayer Advance and Secure scenario and the already implemented game mode "Warlords" covers a lot of the needed mechanics. The problem is there's a lot of extra mechanics and UI that I don't really need in the scenario and the modules don't give me enough control. I have tried using light mods like MCC but I wanna keep the mission as light as possible even if it means more work on my end. If any one can just give me A TLDR, point me in the right direction, or even tell me if whether or not what I want to do is possible that would save me a lot of time. Thanks.
  13. Join our Discord! (http://discord.gg/CsuuGe7) steam favourites: direct connect: *Server informations:* 1. Bases need to be paid every 7days (will be removed on the 8th day) 2. Territory moderators have the ability to go through their own doors and open their safes without entering the code 3. revive system 4. The Radiation zone has a protection bubble around it. No bullets will enter or leave the Radiation zone (about 370m from Centre) 5. Custom wages depending on your respect 6. Gambling System (Scratchies) buy them, take part (winners are drawn every 2 min) and if you’ve won redeem your price 7. ZCP: half of the poptab reward is automatically transferred to your bank account 8. Drop crates at the Wastedump to sell them automatically 9. Tigris anti air rockets got replaced with zephyr 10. Non flare helicopters got flares, if a heli is missing, then tell it to an admin 11. Loadouttrader!!! Yes, just walk up to an equipment trader and scroll down on him 🙂 Mods: Extended Base Mod CUP Weapons 1.15.0 CUP Vehicles 1.15.0 CUP Units 1.15.0-hotfix1 CUP Terrains - Maps 1.14.0 CUP Terrains - Core 1.15.0 Chernarus_Isles Advanced Urban Rappelling Exile Mod Enhanced Movement Community Base Addons v3.15.1 Join our Discord! (http://discord.gg/CsuuGe7)
  14. a small mod using the new assets from the contact dlc to make a less futuristic but still easily recognizable CSAT. Features brown hexcam texture from avenger helmet brown texture for modular carrier vest, lite, and GL rig brown texture for advanced modular helmet, with hexcam cover black version of csat beret added in old man update rebalance of LBV harness, LBV grenadier harness, and raven vest. https://imgur.com/a/wput7r1 Planned urban hexcam variants of currently retextured equipment pacific hexcam variants of currently retextured equipment retexture of basic helmet from laws of war dlc green version of csat beret added in old man update convert katiba to 5.56x45 NATO better photos possible/unsure vanilla replacement patch Community Upgrade Project patch desert & woodland camo textures add flags to uniforms and equipment this is my first attempt at a mod for public use, so any advice/help/resources are appreciated
  15. A bang stick in ARMA? Has JohnnyBoy truly "jumped the shark" this time? No, its true... Via a script call, you can give a unit a bang stick. Features: Use action menu to thrust stick at enemy (shark, tuna, or human). Should take down a stinkin' zombie also I reckon! (untested on zombies though) Bang stick tip explodes on impact with flash effect, kills victim, tip disappears, and tip smokes after usage Reload bang stick explosive tip from 3 shotgun shells mounted on stick. Has reload animation, shell visually taken in hand, and loading sound fx. Actions to drop stick or pick up stick. Looks crude because they are hand-made by Tanoan natives. 😉 Notes: It can be a little wonky for detecting impact on thrusts sometimes. This is fun with Feint's sweet shark mod. But unfortunately, THA Great White shark mod no longer works (this was really fun to use on great whites). The script isn't perfect but will work pretty well in limited scenarios. Download: demo mission link (Demo mission requires Feint's awesome shark mod) Credits: @HallyG thanks for the great underwater blood and bubbles scripts @Feint for the super sweet Shark mod shown in demo
  16. Sosse_HD

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Hallo dear People, i have a question. The new Engine was tested on DayZ and it was succesfull! and pretty good. Will the Arma team make Arma4 with the new Engine so its better lag free and even more fun? because it would be very cool if they make an Arma4 because Arma3 was realesed 2013 and 7 years later not Arma 4 maybe its even capable with steam VR?
  17. Captain Mason-e0927844420c6c6e

    [WIP] Pilatus PC-12

    Hello everyone! I was looking around and found the lack of civilian fixed wing aircraft. One of my favourite airplanes is the Pilatus PC-12. I found this free model and I was thinking about making it a functional aircraft in Arma and I am just looking for feedback to see if this would be something people would like :)
  18. Djalka is a fictional 32.6km^2 ArmA 3 terrain version of the South Georgia Islands, located to the further east of Argentina past the Falklands / Islas Malvinas and were part of the conflict at the time. It is a snow-covered tundra-like terrain, with many mountain peaks, long roads and drives, many towns, military bases, factories, deep sea, and a lot of ocean and air environment for diverse encounters of all types. The map contains a lot of diverse areas ranging from populated cities to complete open terrain, alongside coasts and rocky mountains, vantage points on landmarks, and much more. There’s a few easter eggs and the maps is to be updated more in the future. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Georgia_and_the_South_Sandwich_Islands Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1990519900 Launch trailer: Images: https://imgur.com/gallery/QtcMIGT Map: The goal was to make a fun, big, and distinct snow terrain that’d scratch the itch the ArmA 3 community had been having for a snow/winter-themed terrain. The map is also located in a location uncommon to videogames and ArmA 3, which is in South America, east of Argentina - the forgotten island that was part of the Falklands conflict. The map is by no means similar to the real-life location, other than the shape and structure of the terrain. All the cities, military bases, farms, landmarks, and so on are purely fictional for recreational purposes of the terrain. This was a personal project I embarked on when I was 16 in highschool. It was my 2nd map attempt and a more serious and big one at it. I ran into a lot of technical issues, a learning curve, and on and off work trying to juggle real life, my other hobbies, computer problems, high school, and college. Most of the work in this map was done around that time. This project first started in March 2017, and after lots of work, I am happy to release it for people to enjoy and have fun missions on. There is more to come, as I plan to upgrade and do more detail work on this map. I am open to suggestions, and if anyone wants to volunteer ideas or help with object placement, feel free to contact me. Requirements: CUP Terrains - Core Technical Details: -32km x 32km Size -Altitude range of 0 to 400 -Tundra/winter/snowy biome with falling snow (replacement of the Rain parameter) -Multiple settlements such as a large electrical plant, saw mills, farms, military bases, and many towns and cities made with vantage points in mind for missions. -Small deserted islands scattered around the island -Some open fields for mission makers & object placement License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Special Thanks & Credits: -M1lkm8n for very specific help fixing up errors and lending a hand into sorting things out and fixing issues, really awesome guy, I owe him one! -BPS and PTR for their permission to use their winter vegetations -ArmanIII for his permission to use his winter vegetation and his helpfulness -Community Upgrade Project team for their conversion of the ArmA I and II assets to ArmA III -Snake Man, Lappihuan, M1lkm8n HorribleGoat, Mikero, Ice, & bludclot for being really helpful and giving me a lot of pointers and help throughout the #terrain_makers Discord chat to make this terrain possible! -The ArmA III #terrain_makers Discord chat, and all the help and support from diverse community members -Adanteh for ObjectPlacementTBH, awesome tool and really useful! -Bohemia Interactive for this opportunity to make our own content and express our creativity, making a welcoming environment for users to create wonderful things on, and for such an amazing game! Thank you! ANY REUPLOADS (STANDALONE OR PART OF MODPACKS) TO THE STEAM WORKSHOP ARE PROHIBITED AND VIOLATING THE STEAM WORKSHOP EULA SECTION 6D, REUPLOADS WILL BE TAKEN DOWN VIA DMCA NOTICE WITHOUT WARNING!
  19. Calamity Ravens Corps Is a old in the gaming community and new In ArmA and there for we are looking for both new and veteran players to reinforce our ranks today! We are a casual/relaxed evironment group with a emphasis on Event/Ops - based games that Is all and everything about focus on teamwork, objective play, squad cohesion, cameraderie and most of all, great fun In a healthy and zero toxic group. Currently we are learning and setting up our own Server to host Mods and Campaigns/Scenario's like the Cold War, Antistasi, Wasteland and what not have you. Calamity Ravens Corps Is also multi-gaming community that plays more then just ArmA, like Planetside, Project Reality, Tarkov and Post Scriptum, and we all do that In a Ops - based schedule so It stays light weight and fun rather then demanding and mandatorial for all our Members, no matter what or how much they play, neither which games. Aside from that the 'Corps' has a great reputation which It is proud of In It's standards, quality of life & game and It's Members. Join us to find out more and see It for yourself! For the time being we are primairly looking for anyone who Is up to join this wagon and grow, learn and Improve with and alongside us, no matter your experience and background. If you are up for the challenge or want to know more about us, DM me, reply In a comment or just say Hi on our Discord Server at https://discord.gg/EMDEzeS All In all, I look forward to meeting and welcoming every single one of you Into the Corps, take care!
  20. 2 Bataljon Commando's GROUP: 2 Bataljon Commando's BRANCH: Milsim | Semi-Realism LANGUAGE: English | Don't be alarmed about the Dutch ranks etc. TIMEZONE: CET | Central European Time. OPERATION TIMES: - Wed. | Training | 8 CET. - Sat. | Operation | 8 CET. - Sun. | Possible Operation | 8CET. OPERATION TYPE: - Participate in peacekeeping operations. - Defend the national territory. - Ensure national security Aid to the nation in disasters and such. - Fighting terrorism Participate in EU Response Group operations (EU Battle Group). - Perform evacuation operations of European nationals (NEO: non-combattant evacuation operation). - Provide troops for NATO's Rapid Response Force (NRF: NATO Response Force). - Provide support to the special forces. - Provide support to the Navy component in anti-intrusion operations MODS: Is mentioned in the discord. OTHER INFO: We are a English based unit, we just use assets from the Belgian army. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/w2kwXUu ARMA3 UNIT: https://units.arma3.com/unit/2commando
  21. ABOUT US 2nd Marine Division Realism Unit is a newly formed virtual military simulation group for ArmA III. Our goal is to emulate the Marine Corps environment as much as possible by using real-world military tactics and doctrines to achieve our goal. We use community made mods like ACE 3 and Task Force Radio (TFAR) to enhance the experience. WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR As a community, we are looking for those who are like-minded in trying to emulate a realistic military environment based on the “United States Marine Corps”. Those who wouldn’t mind being whatever the unit needs at the moment. Those who are willing to play in “First Person” with a minimum hud. Those who don’t mind being a unit that is just starting up and helping the unit grow. WHAT DO WE DO Persistent Campaigns and Multi-Selection Operations are the two types of missions we play on as both being set up as an asymmetric warfare environment. Our Persistent Campaigns are deployment based and have a variety of that must be carried out. Everything throughout the campaign has an effect on the overall campaign in the long run. Multi Selection Operations is where you will find most members just hanging around and doing random objectives set up by a Platoon Leader or Squad Leader in conjunction with any supporting assets. In MSO the enemy forces will occupy random towns and villages along with civilians. A variety can be set up while playing MSO from a regular foot patrol, search and destroy, intel gathering, clearing out IED’s or Weapon Caches, etc. Training Pipeline Our training pipeline has been structured based on what is more important to us and what will be needed for new joins. There is no basic training you don’t see a need in it. If you want to know how the unit operates on a daily bases you can read our Policies and Regulations Handbook. School of Infantry - During SOI, those who went 03xx field are introduced to the basics such as formations and radio usage then move on to things such as Maneuver and Fire Techniques and Infantry Battle Drills. Thus becoming operational ready. Field Medical Training Battalion - During FMTB, Those who choose to go the Corpsman route will go over the basic duties of a Corpsman, Combat Casualty Care and more UNIT CURRENT ORGANIZATION 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines Reg Being the backbone of the unit, 2/8 will conduct a majority of the unit's ground-based operations and is currently our main focus. Once we get 1st Platoon full of active personnel then we begin to open up different elements in the units starting at squad/sections size. CURRENT OPENINGS All of our openings at the moment are based on the units needs. - 0311 Rifleman (High Priority) - 0331 Machine Gunner (Low Priority) - 0341 Mortarman (Low Priority) - 0365 Infantry Squad Leader (Medium Priority) - HM-8404 Corpsman (Medium Priority) REQUIREMENTS - Be 16 or older - Speck fluent English - Have a legal copy of ArmA III - Have a working microphone - Have Teamspeak 3 installed CONTACT INFORMATION Our Official Discord[discord.gg] Our Official Teamspeak:
  22. - Introduction The "105th Marine Division" is a new unit within the Arma III community. We're a community that focuses on large scale operations while having a few side operations currently on the map of Tanoa, but we do plan to move on to others. As for a realism level we choose not to define a specific one; but, rather focus on three core principles. 1. Communication - Communicating effectively with clear, concise position reports. We do not enforce any specific format like "Over" and "Out"; more like "Who you are talking to, Who you are, What do you want?" If it's reporting a contact then the quickest way you are comfortable with. Also being honest follows in communication. If you have a problem then say it, we will never slap people on the wrist because they have to land a chopper in the middle of the ocean preferable with sharks & SEALS because they have to go AFK. 2. Respect - As in respect other(s) no matter race, gender, age, ethnicity, background, religion, and most importantly yourself! 3. Motivation - Be motivated to learn, contribute, preform, and execute a given goal or objective. - Required Programs and Modifications Steam Mod(s): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1770279726 Team Speak 3: https://www.teamspeak.com/ - How to Join 1. Read everything above. 2. Join the Group on Steam. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/105md Hope to see you on the Battlefield! 😄 TheCHcuky https://units.arma3.com/unit/105md https://steamcommunity.com/groups/105md
  23. Hello everyone, Some friends and I are looking to start a new Invade and Annex server for the community to enjoy. Above is a poll for what kind of Invade and Annex server you would like to see, if you could answer it I would greatly appreciate it. If you want another type that is not listed than leave a comment suggesting it and it might be included in possible future servers. Also because we are a new community we are open to name suggestions, so please leave those down below as well. Our current ides is "Armaholics Anonymous" If you have any other questions or suggested game modes you wish to see please let me know. Thanks everyone
  24. TLDR: we are a new group, we like to play arma, we have a discord and some mods. JOIN OUR DISCORD ITS FREE: https://discord.gg/G4kH3sT HERES OUR GROUP MEDIA MASTERPOST: https://photos.app.goo.gl/QdecrEsy9Lc9miuP7 Who We Are Mutiny Gaming was founded in December 2018 in order to better enjoy the casual milsim aspects of ARMA 3 without all the bullshit. Our ultimate goal is to have fun cohesive community and maintain a serious atmosphere during ops. https://imgur.com/a/VeD5OBH Our Mission Creating a mature, immersive, and tactical gameplay experience is our number one priority. Moving forward we hope to grow our numbers with quality members from all over the world. We currently have a diverse and varied roster representing the international community. It is our moderators’ goal to listen to the community and adapt while improving the experience for our members. When We Play Our members are free to run their own ops after they have completed some basic zeus training. We understand not everyone is going to be a skilled mission maker from the beginning but everyone starts somewhere. This doesn’t mean we don’t have dedicated mission makers, however. Our members comprise several talented and creative mission makers who provide an immersive experience every time they host an operation. We also host a large weekly operation where we use our combined arms knowledge, take to the skies, and the ground in armor operating in large scale missions. https://imgur.com/a/KC8oTDz Mods We Use We have an extensive pack designed to help add more options for creative and challenging missions made by our community mission designers. You can download a file from this link and get a full list of the mods we use for our ops. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/521829807214821381/554659246730641418/Mutiny_Gaming_Modpack_11-3.html How We Train At MG wr have a very dedicated and skilled team of instructors that host weekly trainings for those who opt in to take them. For all our training purposes we have custom in-house guides such as the general manual, JTAC manual, etc. While all members are encouraged to have a good understanding of tactics and procedures training is not mandatory. However, very novice players may be asked to attend the basic training in order to keep them on the skill level as everyone else. https://imgur.com/a/LYSGDZm How To Join Join our Discord ( https://discord.gg/G4kH3sT ) and speak with someone at the gatehouse. All we require is that you speak English, have a microphone we also like to check in and see how much experience you have with ARMA and the mods we use. If you have any questions feel free to hop in our discord and chat with one of our fantastic moderators.
  25. The video explains it all.