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  1. No, not much experience in A3 playing wise. But I tested a few ai mods from A2 in A3, they crossed over, but not very well, unfortunately. One mod I was testing for A3 would have been very good, but the devs discontinued it, which was a great shame really, but probably understandable. It's easier to mod a game that is more or less finished, don't have to worry too much on game updates spoiling your work. Testing different mod setups is the only way you'll get good results really. But it can take quite a while. They are there though.
  2. A really good modded A2 ai, is way ahead of A3. Even ai mods that are publically available for A2, do a much better job than the A3 ai offer. Flanking better, rearming, dragging and carrying, calling in support, splitting groups, working together, reacting to suppression, laying down suppression etc. The only thing that A3 offers, other than graphics (and who cares about graphics, we need game-play), is better ai character movement. Although with SMK_anims you get a little closer to that in A2. :)
  3. Great looking Tank's there. Good to know your still into A2, I never really left. Just too good to leave behind. :)
  4. I don't think the pc will make it look or run much better than it does now. But.. we will be able to map/macro controls, because I'm not that great with the xbox controller, I'm so use to pc. I would love to play it again with better controls. Yes, I agree the day cycles and weather are spoiling it a little, but I think I forgive that, because it is an outstanding game for any platform.
  5. Should always leave time for playing. It is playing really, mod making or mission making, but in a hobby sence. I call that playing, as do you "I had a wonderfull time playing around with Arma". If you don't leave time for actual playing of the game though, well I think you miss out a lot.
  6. The 'Editor' is king in this series, always has been. I think every player that really plays Arma, or indeed OFP/Elite, know that. Without touching any of the campaign's I've managed to play for, well regularly, since Arma, every week for several hours per week making missions for our group/friends. I dabbled with ofp & elite on the xbox. Its the editor I found in ofp (pc) that decided me on getting my mates to play the game, which started in earnest at Arma launch. Moving from hex based wargaming really. Took me a few years to convince them that it was a very viable option/alternative to the type of gaming we had been playing for a few decades at that point. But A2 + all the dlc's remains the King of the series, just for me that is, not for everyone. Every player has their own fav game in the series and rightly so. Believe it or not, I loved the xbox (ofp-elite) version too. The editor in that was amazing for an early xbox machine, when compared to pc's around at the time. BI did an incredible job making that work so well on the xbox, big achievement.
  7. I would probably put Red Dead Redemption 2 in this catagory. I bought a Xbox One X to play this and frankly, its incredible. The detail, world, game-play and existence within that world is very immersive and a big plus for a console game, looks amazing, feels amazing too. Maybe coming to pc in a year or two, I have heard. I would buy it for that too.
  8. Really what it boils down too.. In 20yrs time, it will be the AI playing the game..;) Humans will watch on and think 'err' why didn't we think of that. Just a matter of time. Modded ai, certain mods anyway, are very good at doing what soldiers & the military as a whole do, which isn't necessarily human nature. But trained behaviour. Its all trained, not human nature or human behaviour in general.
  9. Yep X4 Foundations. I will be playing that for sure, when released. Looks good.
  10. I don't play A3 much, well not at all now. But I'm still very much into A2 + all the dlc's. The series has given me more hours of fun than I can remember. A4 (should there be one) will be where I depart from the series if they don't have decent vanilla ai, which I doubt they will. But A3 will be, to many players, what A2 still is to me, a game that has years more play left in it. That is the way I feel about A2, will still be playing in another decade probably, provided I'm still here, that is.
  11. Arma2base.de

    I loved 'Armed Assault.Info', it was a great place for mods, news and stuff. Thanks to @oldbear for having worked on and done that, and it was unfortunate it ended. Now when I go into AA.info, my 'malwarebytes' just pops up a warning, so I tend not to use it as much, I do occasionally, taking care of course, but not much. These are great loses to the series, AH being one of the only hosters now for most mods or large numbers. There are, of course, mods all over the place/internet, but even these are getting fewer. Steam has been good for A3, but I still don't use mods from steam for this series (I don't play A3). I do use steam for other games and it is convenient, but I still like the old way.. Nevermind. @Easyman.. 50kb is pretty slow, lets be honest. :( For anyone else looking, a few maybe to look at: ofpec moddb Kronzkys PMC Nexus Also there is another I got 'kju's' mods from, can't find it now. It may have closed too. I have a HDD with links on to a few others, but you'll have to wait until I use that HDD again, means digging it out of the cupboard.. ;) AH has most of the popular ones there though. Edit: Just thought, I have a few HDD's full of mods for this series, covering all, right back to ofp. Maybe in the future I'll get some on dropbox or somewhere, have to check size limits etc. Something for me to think about. Whatever happened to devheaven !!
  12. Frozen Synapse 2

    Scenario generator now included: This is a great way to plan and execute cqc engagements. Very customisable with pretty good ai.
  13. Frozen Synapse 2

    They said they are going to put in a scenario generator later, which will be very nice indeed. It's a good game.
  14. I played the first Frozen and it was a nice little game. This one I haven't played yet, but I'm going too pick it up this weekend. This guy does a really good series here and I just randomly picked out an episode: The games ai is pretty good by the looks of things. There is plenty of tactical play, but it does take time (so be warned). The first game, even playing the scenarios which I preferred and are not available in this title, were really thought out and quite time consuming, but very rewarding. This game now has a 'long turn' option, which may be useful. In this title you get to play the city as a sort of campaign, its open so you choose your direction. Obviously there is little here in the way of graphics, however there is a lot when it comes to game-play. So check it out if you like CQC and tactical play, in an open world/city setting. Watch this series and you'll get a very good impression of what Frozen Synapse 2 is all about. I spent hours with the first title. This looks better tactically, but less so graphically, but who cares about graphics when good game-play is present. I should add, there is MP mode and you can play several games at a time, a little like chess, with other people. Or just play straight head to head with the one person.
  15. Red Dead Redemption

    Ideally playing it on pc would be my first thought, especially if the port is done by the devs. I'll have to think, probably look around at other titles for console. On the whole I play sandbox type games, so not sure if the console carries many of those. I'll have a look and see. Thanks all.