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  1. I like the 'cat', doesn't look like he/she has been overclocked.. ;)
  2. Message sent. You've done a great job with the colour and especially the lighting, makes a real difference. Very nice indeed. I'll be using it regularly for sure. Thanks. 🙂
  3. That's nice thanks.. Thought I had it, rang a bell. Thanks again, I'll be looking at it later. 🙂
  4. Looking forward to trying this out. Thanks for the mod release. 🙂 Edit: @dalber24 did you let me have a look back in 2014 ? I got it on a HDD
  5. Use task manager to turn running programs off if they won't turn off themselves. Right click on the your taskbar (bottom of your screen), then open task manager, highlight the items you want to turn off ie. Steam then click bottom right of the window on 'end task'. If ever you have problems with steam turning off or telling you a game is running when it isn't use the task manager. 😉
  6. chrisb

    Low FPS 2080TI

    I wonder when I look at this thread sometimes.. Players thinking if it's not 90fps its somehow wrong. This series only runs at 90fps if you count up the averages, but within those averages would have to be a period of time whereas you look at the skies constantly, around 50% of the time.. 😉 This series plays o.k. at much lower fps than that, if your getting around 40-50'ish pretty much regular, with drops when the hoards arrive, then your doing well. If your topping at 40 without anything much happening, then you have a problem. A3 is much smoother than A2, I play A2 and would like A3 fps, the type I see when I'm in A3. But I play A2 just fine. When the hoards arrive I tend to look to the heavens anyway, not for fps, but for help... 😉 There is nothing wrong with wanting huge fps numbers, but this series isn't really the one that will give those to you..
  7. I used to mix a couple of scripts, Haroon1992's and (iirc) Zorilla's.. Maybe another 'or two'. AHP (very good script) & Garrison script with CQC and other functions (also good). Had a very similar result to the house search type thing you have shown. Although most any garrison script and something like a house search or even zeus_glx or gl4 (mixed with some others) will result in something along those lines. Triggers for behaviour or scripts etc help with stance and contact mode. The only problem arises, when you want 'enemy ai' that reacts (which is a must have for me). Then it sort of blows away these scenarios i.e. the ai won't wait quietly inside to get shot.. They tend to be more aware and watch out for danger, plus respond much earlier, through windows doorways etc. Were the zorilla scripts yours @nkenny ? I always like these types of scripts, ai in buildings has always been something in my arma gaming, any open building has, or can have, ai use it. So anything that can improve or help with that is always appreciated. 🙂 Good luck with it.
  8. chrisb

    Low Cpu usage

    What view distance have you got set ?
  9. I made this video, is this the type of thing you mean ? Just playable units, I like playing small ops in sp like this, have done for many years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q-Om59X8gY
  10. chrisb

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    I can't agree that the dayz console version saved the day, sort of thing. I agree they would have made good money from it, but there was dayz 'the mod' that really raised the A2 sales, that gave BI a good boost and that was a little time back now. Did they need that boost, well probably, you can only survive so long without churning out another game. Well one that sells really well... But BI have other games out, so sales of those games would help a little. But dayz version released on console isn't funding the way ahead, not imo anyway. A3 did really well on sales, as did A2 after the dayz mod came out, so I'm not sure they were that hard up. Of course the Greek thing would have cost them a lot, but still. I think BI is a better setup studio wise now, more than they probably ever have had, so we all keep fingers crossed and hope it remains that way. 😉
  11. Just a couple of smart ai made firefights. No wp's given or anything else other than they have rotation to keep them aware of their surroundings. I don't get involved, I just watch. Same test day-time & night-time.
  12. chrisb

    Contact Starters

    Yes, humankind should try and make contact with the visiting aliens. They should converse if at all possible, show friendship and show that we are a welcoming race. After that sit them down and show them Arma, one thing they may be able to help us with is the 'ai'..
  13. chrisb

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    It would be great if Arma stays a pc exclusive. But as i've said on here before, OFPElite on the original xbox was a very good game (I only played via the editor, had some serious fun). O.k. it didn't have the number of units as I could put out on the pc version, it didn't have the modding ease, although mods were made for the Elite version. But.. It still stood as a very good example of this series, even the editor. It also ran very smoothly, just putting that out there.. 😉 However, consoles are getting better and when it comes to the Arma campaigns, I'm fairly sure consoles could handle those. So it's how BI feel about community really, the Editor, mission making, modding, scripts and so on. Those things that keep this game a pc title really. We'll just have to wait and see. I think one thing is for certain, console players prefer less buggy games, or did. Being that most of us are pc players on here, on the whole we forgive a lot of things that mainstream perhaps wouldn't, that's just my opinion. So perhaps BI would have to up their game a little more, for release. It is just a release thing, because they tend to put things right eventually. But mainstream console players, as I see it, wouldn't really be happy about waiting around too long. Anyway, I don't mind the bugs I bump into along the way. In 'Contact', I may bump into some more, of the more unusual type (who knows)... Should it be any good and I play. 😉 Can you imagine a 'buggy' bug.. 😲 Oh yeah, I played some of the mod aliens over the years, so perhaps not that different.😊
  14. chrisb

    Hell Let Loose

    I'm not sure anyone is playing it, or will play it. Just liked the damage in the game and the map looked nice. No sp though, is a non starter for many players, me inc.