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  1. I see this as one of the most important mods for A3, certainly for sp and coop. GL series of mods have always been very good for setting up fairly complex military terrains. However the main thing that puts some players off is that, this isn't really a type of mod to look at, as an ai mod to add-into missions, or lets say I/we didn't. This type of ai mod is better served for the terrain setup, well gl3-4 were great at that. The missions come via infiltrating the terrain once its setup. These can involve various mission types (depends on setup). I.e. the missions simply bounce off that terrain. Little tweaks later on give huge numbers of oppotunities to players or groups for keeping a terrain active, before a further setup is required. Players have to remember that previous GL's didn't always work well with pre-made missions that did not use the format as the base. This mod may not be the same (not sure). GL5 had a go and did work to some extent, but unfortunately game dev updates can make the mod very hard to keep up, plus I would think, soul destroying at times. GL4, along with a couple of others, worked for me in A3 at the beginning quite well, other than the odd error popup. 😕 Good quality ai mods that are freely available do a nice job for many players. But if you have the time to put into a terrain setup, especially sp & groups that really like coop against the ai, this type of mod (should it be like its predecessors), would be ideal. It would mean a fair bit of work at the beginning setting up a terrain, but lots of missions from that setup. Whole gaming world really, could and were built from GL3-4. Hopefully for A3 players, this mod could do the same. I certainly wish you well with this and if your the same snkman as the one that worked on previous GL's, then thanks for some great Arma ai gaming in the past. We used GL3/4 like it was going out of fashion back in the day. Obviously mixed with a few others.. 😉 I know that GL4 was a springboard for the ai mod I use now, its not based on it, but progressed to suit a play style that was realised through this series of ai mods. Good luck with it.
  2. I see, so it is for creating many extra positions. Which is a very good thing, if it can be done with the existing BI buildings in A3, plus of course the ai being able to handle the new positions. All good though.
  3. Yes I see that. Question would be for me, what is the enemy ai doing whilst this is all going on ? or are they simply placed to be shot ? or do you have something in the pipeline, that they may be doing to avoid room clearances ? I know small steps, but I'm interested. 😉 Also, I would use the playable units to do room clearances, mainly because the enemy ai would not be stood around.
  4. I can see what you are doing, its clear. Just not sure or indeed very clear how you think this will work with the ai as it stands (vanilla). I hope your work, works, the more the ai are helped along, the better. The COD thing was aimed at the poster and the response sort of confirmed that for me.
  5. I can see they are making more positions, just it's not new. 😉 Plus the old ai mods did a good job, this will do no better really for players. The current positions are fairly good, well for A2 that I play, not sure for A3, do they not have building positions in 3. Provided you use an ai mod that keeps your ai awake, then the problem doesn't really exist, or not to the extent that you will notice as a player. Also I would add to this, 'playable unit', tactics, placements, orders, control. I get it, that many players play the series like COD, but it's not meant to be played that way really. Could be the style your playing needs adjusting and not extra nodes.
  6. chrisb

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Makes me chuckle a little.. I'm all for paid mods etc, we've all discussed it many times over the years. I would imagine many of these modders going into the paid for dlc are some of those that said it would destroy Arma and the modding community. Seems time change. My view however is still the same, paid content is a good idea and a way to keep the series going. But I said that years ago, when most said it would be the end of Arma, if it ever happened. 😉
  7. O.k. I'm a little stuck here, what is it that I'm looking at that is so different ? AI using buildings, rooftops, balconies, stairs etc ?
  8. Sets everything to 'standard', that way all players get a benchmark they can compare.
  9. I see. I'll look forward to your progress then. 🙂
  10. Did this do something similar: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27305
  11. chrisb

    ARMA3 for complete newbies

    Prepare new players using small scenarios in the Editor. That way you can make it fun learning and not too difficult to start with, build it up as they learn and get better.
  12. Then those benchmarks look pretty healthy to me.. 😉