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  1. Red Dead Redemption

    Ideally playing it on pc would be my first thought, especially if the port is done by the devs. I'll have to think, probably look around at other titles for console. On the whole I play sandbox type games, so not sure if the console carries many of those. I'll have a look and see. Thanks all.
  2. Red Dead Redemption

    Was the port of gta-v done by Rockstar ? or was it a mod port type thing ? Do you think they may port this to pc then ? @EO Yeah, looks good. Thanks both.
  3. Red Dead Redemption

    I'm going to actual buy a console for this (as no pc release, again). So which one to buy, to have it look nice and run great. Just in 1920x1080 nothing special, but would still like it to look like 1920x1080.. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Do people still play?

    Yep, a number of groups I know never moved over to A3. Tried it first, didn't like it and stayed with A2 CO. I still play every week, not always in group, but either way I play.
  5. Which mouse do you recommend for ArmA

    I'm using the Roccat NYTH for A2, don't play A3. It a very good customisable mouse. ;)
  6. They have thought it out carefully, the result is quite stunning. I have hundreds of hours in this game, love the style of it. Now after 'Next' planets are harsh, whereas before they were pretty easy to survive, now they can be deadly. I really enjoy the alien planets, they give that true old style sci-fi look and feeling. Just a great game to play. At one stage I thought, ah.. they are pandering to the moaners, but I was wrong. They have really put some effort into this game. It was a great little game when it released, perhaps not for everyone, but some of us. Relaxing and fun. Now it is a great 'big' game, still quite relaxing in places, but bites every now and then. Top marks HG.
  7. This is going to be a great update: 'Next'
  8. Vigor : New game from BI

    BI moved on, but left many of us behind playing their older mil-sim games. A market gone to waste, I feel.. A4: If its a return to mil-sim gaming, I'll buy it. Use the dcs or train sim type path. Have decent content that has a mature price tag. Most mil-sim players understand its a niche market and will gladly pay for content, as and when. Deaf ear's I fear. The game above, is just more of the same... Unfortunately..
  9. If you make them all playable, you can play down the ranks as each dies, little more realistic that way. Or don't you want that ?
  10. downloading and viruses.

    'Malwarebytes Premium', costs me £20 per year and is like a steel door. I use mods for ETS2, anyone that is familiar will know the sites these tend to be distributed from are really bad, but its very hard to get the mods any other way. That said, MB/Premium locks every found 'dodgy' site out for good. Plus I then scan the DL with MBytes and not had a single problem in the years I've used it.
  11. Ah, I see. Should have read up on it a little further back. ;) Are you lads running any mods ?
  12. The effect is o.k. If you have a bright light at night there is a certain amount of dazzle to your eyes, the game reflects that. This is why the terrain darkens a little. If you wore n/g they would white-out (green-out;)), more or less, its what happens.
  13. Maverics Proving Grounds

    I'm of the opposite opinion. If A4 was to be like this, then the only choice is to put MP first and scrub ai, decent content and game-play options altogether, which is the way gaming is going, unfortunately. What you tend to end up with, when games are this open to MP (but look pretty), is the same type of game-play.. Boring and dull. Many groups have the right balance, and when I say groups, I mean those using ai, a varied amount of content and full terrains, within their gameplay. I'd much rather less graphically and much more game-play wise for the future. This is partly what A3 struggles with, ai is all but forgotten, other than keeping it ticking over in a 'fairly' bad way. There is brilliant ai out there in mod form, that devs won't/can't use, because rightly or wrongly they see performance issues, which means less sales. Obviously they have to look at the much broader player base. So its easier perhaps, just to give a pretty map and a little content, then leave the players to it. That's great, but it gives nothing to SP or groups that have a more indepth style game-play. Just imo.
  14. Super Map

    OFP/Arma: Ace team (I think), did all the ofp islands into one world (IIRC), called 'ofp world' novel title, but too the point. That was for Arma IIRC. I think that lacked the desert island, although I could be wrong, its been a while since I looked at it. Regards Arma 2, not sure there are any released, 'multi' island maps. Can't think of any private ones I've seen/heard of either, but there may be some. There are some huge terrains around, 'snakeman' has done a few, plus some others, lots of private ones (groups). But I think you'll be out of luck finding some, AH may be a place to look plus google. I found a sci-fi set of worlds a while back from google, wasn't really looking for it, was looking for something else Arma related. It is sometimes quite surprising what you come across. PMC also has a site/forum that will link some terrains, just look for snakeman or pmc here on the forums. If your thinking of looking at ofp world (mentioned above), and want to play it in A2, you'll also need 'caa1', perhaps some others too. Its been a long time since I loaded it up.
  15. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Optimist. ;) not idiot.