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    Low FPS 2080TI

    I wonder when I look at this thread sometimes.. Players thinking if it's not 90fps its somehow wrong. This series only runs at 90fps if you count up the averages, but within those averages would have to be a period of time whereas you look at the skies constantly, around 50% of the time.. 😉 This series plays o.k. at much lower fps than that, if your getting around 40-50'ish pretty much regular, with drops when the hoards arrive, then your doing well. If your topping at 40 without anything much happening, then you have a problem. A3 is much smoother than A2, I play A2 and would like A3 fps, the type I see when I'm in A3. But I play A2 just fine. When the hoards arrive I tend to look to the heavens anyway, not for fps, but for help... 😉 There is nothing wrong with wanting huge fps numbers, but this series isn't really the one that will give those to you..
  2. I used to mix a couple of scripts, Haroon1992's and (iirc) Zorilla's.. Maybe another 'or two'. AHP (very good script) & Garrison script with CQC and other functions (also good). Had a very similar result to the house search type thing you have shown. Although most any garrison script and something like a house search or even zeus_glx or gl4 (mixed with some others) will result in something along those lines. Triggers for behaviour or scripts etc help with stance and contact mode. The only problem arises, when you want 'enemy ai' that reacts (which is a must have for me). Then it sort of blows away these scenarios i.e. the ai won't wait quietly inside to get shot.. They tend to be more aware and watch out for danger, plus respond much earlier, through windows doorways etc. Were the zorilla scripts yours @nkenny ? I always like these types of scripts, ai in buildings has always been something in my arma gaming, any open building has, or can have, ai use it. So anything that can improve or help with that is always appreciated. 🙂 Good luck with it.
  3. chrisb

    Low Cpu usage

    What view distance have you got set ?
  4. I made this video, is this the type of thing you mean ? Just playable units, I like playing small ops in sp like this, have done for many years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q-Om59X8gY
  5. chrisb

    Hell Let Loose

    Sorry if this has a thread already, but I couldn't find it. If there is a thread, please merge it. The game looks great.. But man, am I sick of MP only games. One day devs will realise SP players (and as I get older I tend to be a SP player more nowadays) are large in number... Of course really good ai that would suit this type of game, is very hard to make/develop. So instead, put the effort into the terrain, effects, damage model etc and that is good. Just let humans spoil it (generally). I would like to see this type of game, especially with the 'damage' model, as an SP game too, with good ai. Imagine an Editor in here.... Seems devs are incapable now and Arma remains the number 1 for that type of gameplay, even though A3 has gone more MP and probably A4 will go even further MP.. Not that I'm into WW2 much now, played that to death, back in the day. I prefer modern'ish warfare now. But HLL looks very good. Shame about SP.
  6. chrisb

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    I can't agree that the dayz console version saved the day, sort of thing. I agree they would have made good money from it, but there was dayz 'the mod' that really raised the A2 sales, that gave BI a good boost and that was a little time back now. Did they need that boost, well probably, you can only survive so long without churning out another game. Well one that sells really well... But BI have other games out, so sales of those games would help a little. But dayz version released on console isn't funding the way ahead, not imo anyway. A3 did really well on sales, as did A2 after the dayz mod came out, so I'm not sure they were that hard up. Of course the Greek thing would have cost them a lot, but still. I think BI is a better setup studio wise now, more than they probably ever have had, so we all keep fingers crossed and hope it remains that way. 😉
  7. Just a couple of smart ai made firefights. No wp's given or anything else other than they have rotation to keep them aware of their surroundings. I don't get involved, I just watch. Same test day-time & night-time.
  8. chrisb

    Contact Starters

    Yes, humankind should try and make contact with the visiting aliens. They should converse if at all possible, show friendship and show that we are a welcoming race. After that sit them down and show them Arma, one thing they may be able to help us with is the 'ai'..
  9. chrisb

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    It would be great if Arma stays a pc exclusive. But as i've said on here before, OFPElite on the original xbox was a very good game (I only played via the editor, had some serious fun). O.k. it didn't have the number of units as I could put out on the pc version, it didn't have the modding ease, although mods were made for the Elite version. But.. It still stood as a very good example of this series, even the editor. It also ran very smoothly, just putting that out there.. 😉 However, consoles are getting better and when it comes to the Arma campaigns, I'm fairly sure consoles could handle those. So it's how BI feel about community really, the Editor, mission making, modding, scripts and so on. Those things that keep this game a pc title really. We'll just have to wait and see. I think one thing is for certain, console players prefer less buggy games, or did. Being that most of us are pc players on here, on the whole we forgive a lot of things that mainstream perhaps wouldn't, that's just my opinion. So perhaps BI would have to up their game a little more, for release. It is just a release thing, because they tend to put things right eventually. But mainstream console players, as I see it, wouldn't really be happy about waiting around too long. Anyway, I don't mind the bugs I bump into along the way. In 'Contact', I may bump into some more, of the more unusual type (who knows)... Should it be any good and I play. 😉 Can you imagine a 'buggy' bug.. 😲 Oh yeah, I played some of the mod aliens over the years, so perhaps not that different.😊
  10. chrisb

    Hell Let Loose

    I'm not sure anyone is playing it, or will play it. Just liked the damage in the game and the map looked nice. No sp though, is a non starter for many players, me inc.
  11. I can't say if our village is civ/indie/blufor/opfor ( not in my remit😁), only to say, they wouldn't bother calling the police, there are plenty of places around here, to bury folk.. 😉 Seriously, small village that seems to have stood still in time. It's why we live here. 🙂
  12. chrisb

    "Required Addons"...Editor

    Yes, I use notepad++, just remove the item from the first (usually) two sections 1/addons & 2/addonsAuto. Be careful to remove just what you don't need.
  13. When the rain is all you've got, then you put up with it. Although out on my decking, it was 32c on occasion over the past week. So it doesn't always rain.. 😉 Criminal rates have gone up everywhere it seems, but not in our village it has to be said.. 😊
  14. chrisb

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    Arma 3 won't, no. But you never know about A4.. 😉
  15. I haven't been to Greece since the late 70's. I went for a sail around the islands for a few days, but spent most of my time on the mainland. It is a lovely place to visit, not sure I could live there though, because being a brit, I just ain't used to that 'heat'.. 😉 Marc Bolan died while I was on holiday in Greece ( just a side fact).
  16. chrisb

    Hell Let Loose

    I can see both views. Yes, the money men will want their £ out of it first. However you always have the trickle down affect, so we may have hope in that. Tech that is paid for somewhere, always gets copied somewhere else, or copied to an extent it's still legal. So ai may make a comeback at some time. I don't think it will be for quite a while in gaming though. Probably not in my gaming lifetime now. Just have to rely on modded and games you know work well. Arma 2OA + all DLC's.. 😉
  17. chrisb

    Hell Let Loose

    Yeah, it is a problem. Many developers have definitely moved away from ai, which is such a shame. When ai is becoming huge, it seems, everywhere else. In gaming, it's going in the opposite direction. Still, we can only hope that at some stage, it changes.
  18. chrisb

    Fallujah 1.2

    Hi there. I just went into Fallujah to check if it was o.k. I don't have any problems. I drove east to west on the main road, not a single issue. Are you running any mods ?
  19. There are several tunnel formations including road tunnels in the game, also 'caves'. The trick is to make them seem like they're underground. 😉 Caimari Tunnels.
  20. Yep, you made some nice terrains. Just put some of them up there in a list, if anyone fancies a boat trip. The ai can manage a few of them too. Many are still well used.
  21. Not official terrains, but contain what I would consider rivers. Some were of official quality (imo). _______________ Chernobyl zone grozny fsf jungle favslev prypiat sbrodj/sbrodjistan + winter opbarra Helmand Valley Faysh Khabur Oruzgan Province Terra Atormentada Rugen IIha Marrom (unfinished) Podagorsk Panthera Zernovo Celle Merderet River + winter Fapova Isla Duala Lingor + Dingor Tropica Clafghan Esbekistan Vietnam mbg Tigeria + special Hunters Valley Sangin + winter _______________ After that there are many VTE terrains that have rivers, or could be considered rivers. Plus many other terrains have rivers too. These above were just some me and a couple of friends could think of. It's interesting topic terrains, not talked about often enough. I have over 300 terrains (iirc) or so, without A3 terrains. So I would imagine there are a lot more rivers knocking around. Note: One or two could be considered Straits, but all are navigable (to a degree).
  22. I can't answer that really. I have done just over 400 videos regards ai, most all ingame with everything as normal, plus all with enemy (fancy that), those videos also had enemies. 😉 Didn't have grass though.. Damn!! that must have made the difference.. 🤣 Sorry couldn't help it.. But it doesn't matter, as said, you answered what I thought.
  23. Its totally empty for a reason 🙄, but I guess it passed you by. ___ Description (for those that need it): The whole idea of the test for the video shown on page, isn't for anything other than showing the need for finding good cover (way off, over 30-50mtrs) put to side of each force. And have the ai use it, rather than the vanilla attempt. Then the test was to run two groups (opfor/blufor) straight at each other down the middle of a 'testmap' (its a testmap ;)), to see what the ai script/mod, does for the ai. Script is 'zeus_findcover, based on SLX_findcover, very good scripts'. But we would still need them to retain their in-built cover routines, for tactical game play anyway (just imo). Empty map, means nowhere to hide, other than the two settlements. With vanilla your correct, they just go prone and run the routine, prone, middle, up and die (no nearby cover). But this isn't the case in either video. They find good cover, whilst using cover fire. The linked video is in town, the shown video is on a created 'testmap'. After they go to cover they flank ect. But first, they firefight over the distance in-between (no mans land) more realistic imo. ___ Reason I put it up was, I was just wondering what taking out or to disable cover for ai, would achieve, (one of those new commands you mention for A3) other than a battlefield'ish type game play (which you just described). Also the 'disable combat' mode, to replace it with what ? Not that I don't mind how players play, if fast action game play, similar to what I think it would produce and why, I think, BI added them, is the result you want, then that's o.k... I didn't know that. But not really ai for tactical use. But we're yet to see in a video. Still.. It doesn't matter, it answers my question and indeed some others I had. 😉 Good luck with the mod anyway. At my age I need a slower more tactical game play.
  24. Yep, notes were on there when it was uploaded 4 or 5 yrs back, but YT removed notations on many videos. There could be some of mine on there with fixed notes done prior in an editor, but I'm no longer sure with the amount of ai behavioural videos I've done. And watching the video, if you understood ai behaviour, which I'm not sure you do, because lets face it, they're not jumping off building onto moving trucks etc, or very hollywood/cod style that you seem to prefer. Its just a simple self explanatory video really, even without notations, most understand where the enemy is located, how far, etc and the idea of the video. But it seems a few watchers understood, and I thank those that bothered to message me and indeed like. I'm not used to very many watching these videos other than the subs who have been with me for many years now and appreciate ai behavioural videos and who also use/try for high quality tactical ai, with what is publically available. The behaviour shown in both linked videos, show exactly what they were meant to show, they didn't need to go further (or indeed need an explanation, certainly for those that sub to my YT), that was for other videos and ai behavioural subjects.