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    Hay I am J and I'm a new-ish PC gamer. I built my gaming computer in November 2012. I always play as a team and play the objective. I enjoy playing realistically/tactically -although I don't have ACE/ACRE- and roleplaying in most situations.
    A feature I love to see in games is a map editor.
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    ArmA III (of course), the BF4 Beta, Command and Conquer, Company of Heroes 2, Metro: Last Light, Warface and World of Warplanes might be good.
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  1. Hello guys a while back I saw a thread somewhere here on the forums about what you need to copy and paste into the description of a video if you're wanting monetization on an Arma II game, to give BIS recognition etc. This didn't bother me at the time but I recently thought about monetizing my videos (which don't get many views anyway) but when I searched for the same thread, I couldn't find it. It seems the only way is more time-consuming as opposed to pasting the "This content was made from games by Bohemia Interactive Studios...for more info..." < it said something like that As aforementioned my unpopular videos on our new channel get only about ~100 views most of the time so I'm wondering if it possible to paste the thing into the description or if I need to personally request permission to use BIS content. If so then I won't bother monetizing as obviously I don't want to waste Bohemia's time. Thankyou for your help, much appreciated.
  2. ArmaIInoobATM

    Questions about buying Arma 2

    I'd recommend ArmA II, as Orcinus said I'm sure Arma 2 will still be very popular for many more years. At the moment ArmA III is only Alpha and very lacking on content, as well as buggy. For about twenty pounds / thirty dollars maximum you should be able to buy the Anniversary Edition or at least buy Combined Operations as you'll have much more content to enjoy as well as improvements from ArmA II in Operation Arrowhead. (Both games are cross-compatible so when you are playing OA you can use all the weapons / vehicles and play on all of the terrains/maps from both ArmA II and ArmA II Operation Arrowhead included in the CO Package) Personally I overall much prefer A2, especially when A3 is currently in-complete and it will be a few months at least before the Beta. I very much doubt in a combat scenario in a server there will be any hackers. However, any roleplaying server such as Takistan / Chernarus / Zargabad Life is likely to contain hackers, like DayZ does. Fortunately it's quite rare, and hackers, if caught by admins or BattleEye are severely punished too. Welcome to the community and hope you enjoy the game!
  3. ArmaIInoobATM

    Money and Shop Script

    Okay thanks :)
  4. Hey I've done lots of things with advanced codes in the Init line (such as attachTo, clearWeaponCargo, addWeaponCargo, this addWeapon etc) I'm now interested in moving onto scripting, influenced by the Life (TLR, Zargabad Life) servers. I already found a simple money and shop script although I'm not sure where to put it, which objects I need etc. (basically I need help with everything to be honest) So I guess I need to create an ammo box (or could it be any object, like a tiny cargo container?, name it myammocache_1 or something) and should the script itself be in a Notepad document and then moved into the mission folder? I actually already tried scripting before with a simple respawn script but for some reason even that didn't work, I think it might be because I saved it into the mission in UserMissions and not MPmissions (but for some reason the mission isn't in MPMissions -yes I have saved it to Multiplayer Missions- the only mission that ever appears in MPMissions is something like '%My%Last%Mission_%' < It is called something like that. So please help, anything is greatly appreciated Thankyou! J P.S. It would be interesting to see if this can work with vehicles too...
  5. ArmaIInoobATM

    High resolution wallpapers

  6. ArmaIInoobATM

    Arma 2 Money script help.

    Sorry to bump an old thread but I need to know how to do this. More specifically, this doesn't look like a simple code to put into the Init field of a unit. Do I do this in an external Notepad document for example; then move it into the MPMisson folder or wherever? Please help your assistance will be greatly appreciated as it would help a lot :)
  7. ArmaIInoobATM

    Arma 3 is not going far enough with Technology

    We'll have exo-skeletons definitely, I'd doubt self healing stuff although you never know what's possible in seven years (ArmA III's set in 2020, right?) Besides, we have already developed smart polymers which act just like a bandage but they're much more effective for numerous reasons (TBH I can't remember all the advantages but they will heal injuries quicker and there's a lower chance of infection) so that's a start. As for the exo-skeletons, there are already prototypes out there as I'm sure you know. There are also the "Big Dog" and "Little Dog" robots too, but their flaw is that they need the terrain to be mapped out, as in, it can't detect it's surroundings and adapt to it by itself. All this technology's very-well-and-good although as aforementioned money does come into it. Of course the US could undoubtably afford R&D for these technologies but to implement them into the whole military would be expensive. We also need to take into account the storyline of A3 is that NATO have got owned by the 'Eastern Armies' (China and Russia I guess) so if they've taken a beating and are loosing the war they'll have less money and resources etc. Smaller militaries (e.g. UKAF) are unlikely to have access to them but then again ArmA is primarily between China/Russia/US I presume. I wonder what the BAF will be like in A3 (I think they will have another British Armed Forces DLC) To put the distribution into perspective, the entire British Army won't have MTP camouflage until 2014 (we do have a quite shit and very small military though, and we are only a small island) On the other hand we did just order twenty-five thousand new Gen 4 Glock 17s...anyway I'm going of topic NVM. ---------- Post added at 01:04 ---------- Previous post was at 00:47 ---------- by the way when I mentioned exo-skeletons I don't believe they have a used in physical warfare although I am suggesting they will probably be used by loadies and logistics/transportation crews to load vehicles, with IDK maybe a MG for defence if it's needed. I agree they're not suitable for obvious reasons though (slow, clumsy etc)
  8. I've done both, I know I spawned in a patrol or whatever from 'Groups' but then I ungrouped them to send each individual soldier into a building or on their on route etc. I also spawned individual units at points too. Thanks for the advice. Still though, I'm certain I never had over 143 -or anywhere near over 100 for that matter- groups, I don't have that many units. @Gunter The AI are either patrolling around a field or they're just on a rooftop / inside a building. There is also one convoy of four vehicles (M113, some truck to transport troops, UAZ DsHKM and Special Military Offroad) So yeah there are no AI fighting each other in a huge war. As for this respawn script, I wouldn't know what to do or what to search for to find out how, but it isn't a very intensive mission anyway, at least, I seem to have the same performance as usual running on the same settings. Thanks for the suggestion :)
  9. ArmaIInoobATM

    Anyway to record battles?

    Alternatively try Bandicam, it's what I use, although FrankieonPCin1080p uses DxStory I believe (undoubtably the full version however) and it is very good quality. Don't use FRAPS. Search for 'arma 2 editor tutorials' on YouTube -and I'll look for it now but- there's a video called 'tips for moviemakers' or something. HERE IT IS \/
  10. Buy ArmA II X (Anniversary Edition) I got it in the Steam Winter sale when it was only about 20 pounds but even at the standard price it's worth it, you'll get Combined Operations as well as the Private Military Contractor and British Armed Forces DLCs; only thing that isn't included is the Army of the Czech Republic expansion. If you could buy the physical/boxed version then as aforementioned I believe it includes Chernarus/Day-Z maps too which show where you can find loot and other POI. Preferably you should buy directly from the developers Bohemia Interactive like Gunter said but I'm not sure how much it is on there, if it's about the same, I'd go for it because BIS gets moar money.
  11. I am continuously reminded when attempting to Preview or play my mission online that "Only 144 groups per side are supported" However, my mission contains only about six groups at the maximum, with only a small number of AI players, so WTH? Even when I place one individual unit extra and it then it comes up with the same message, when I then delete that unit, it still stays I've got too many units/groups. It's happened quite a few times but the last time it happened I have ended up having to delete like half the OPFOR in my mission and I'm still not allowed to preview it or play it online. I have even tried ungrouping everyone and also removing unnecessary waypoints, but it it isn't working! Does anyone have any idea why this keeps happening? As aforementioned, I must stress I definitely don't have a lot of units or groups so I can find no explanation to this strange occurance - please help! J
  12. ArmaIInoobATM

    "Only 144 groups per side supported"

    The same thing just happened to me but I have nowhere near 144 groups! There are still quite a lot of soldiers and it's in Zaragabad, therefore mostly CQC, so I've put lots of units into buildings; does that anything to do with it? I definitely don't have 144 groups...
  13. ArmaIInoobATM

    Can I download mods w/out WinZip etc?

    Ok thanks guy's I'll download 7zip but you're saying I don't neccessarily need this software although when I first downloaded a mod I'm sure it said I couldn't open it or something and I'd need something such as WinZip however now I've got it whenever I download one the window pops up and the file evidently hasn't downloaded anyway because it's nowhere to be seen in my folders or anywhere. Oh and when I'm saying mod they're addons that I'm trying to download (e.g. extra weapons and vehicles) Unfortunately I'm evidently unexperienced and I'm unsure what the "appropriate folder in the Arma2 directory" even is, I've never downloaded addons/mods/scripts/tools before as I'm new to PC gaming and I never needed to do it before. Thanks for everyone's help :)
  14. Hi recently I downloaded the Namalsk map but through DayZ Commander plus it included the actual Namalsk Crisis modification including the Singleplayer Campaign etc. This reminded me I wanted to download a few mods so I went to armaholic and remembered some particular mods I'd been looking at a while ago before I had built my PC and had ArmA II. However, every file is a .pbo I believe but to actually use them I've got to buy WinZip or similar software. Is there a way I can get mods without purchasing this, because I doubt everyone has paid $30 specifically to be able to use the mods for ArmA II and A2OA. Alternatively, is there something really simple I've got to do? Such as 'Save' it instead of just 'Open'? Thanks :)