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  1. drebin052

    [Criticism] Arma 3 shouldnt exist?!

    (Exhibit A: Arma 1 + QG models, forgot to include a few others like the UAZs but whatever) (Exhibit B: Reused Arma 1 models in Arma 2 vanilla + OA, also missing a lot more other retextured models pulled straight from A1) (Exhibit C: Reused Arma 2 assets in Arma 3)
  2. drebin052

    AAF GA carriers

    "Realistic" is stretching it. Arma has never depicted 100% authentic lineups of equipment in every game. Take OFP for instance; a mixture of futuristic (PP-19 Bizons, RG-6s) and super anachronistic stuff (Tokarevs, AH-1s) etc. all mashed together in the mid 1980s. Gets worse when you take into account that Resistance had modernised Ka-50s (!) in full service with the Red Army... in 1982 no less... Arma 1 had this weird hybrid of decommissioned vehicles for the USA (M163 VADS in 2006...?) along with U.S. Army soldiers wearing Marine helmets/uniforms and flying AH-1Zs (...in 2006/07), plus Marines with Strykers and wearing UCP. Then we go to Arma 2 with Marines using F-35Bs (in 2009...), M1A2s and A10s/Apaches, plus Russians with BTR-90s (!), AK-107s, Su-34s, etc. OA had U.S. Army troops using MTVRs and SCARs. Never mind the impossible combination of M998 HMMWVs fitted with Gen 1 CROWS turrets, or the shoulder-fired Metis-Ms (!) pretending to be Russian Javelins. Only hardcore milsimmers seem to think Arma 3 is an anomaly with "futuristic" assets because their favourite AK/M16/M4 are no longer available outside of mods. The irony however, is that Arma 3 actually has very outdated stuff despite being set in the late 2030s... OA's Military Offroad (Land Rovers) comes to mind. As does the Utility Truck (Kamaz) and G17 (Glock 17). Even HMMWVs are referred to as "HMMMXs" now. Companies nowadays are getting increasingly draconian with having "negative" portrayals of their stuff in games, so they're going after devs more fervently for not buying a licence from them. Time isn't an excuse either - Activision was sued by AM General eight years after Call of Duty: MW2 was released for depicting HMMWVs without a licence. Then you've got Glock trademarking the appearance of their pistols, Bell Helicopters going after EA for UH-1s in Battlefield 3, etc. the list goes on. Licencing is a pain to deal with and BI is no exception, hence why most things in Arma 3 don't use their real names and aren't 100% modelled after their real-world counterparts. Because BI didn't want to stick with the "modern" era? Heck, Arma 3 wasn't even envisioned as a military sandbox until Futura was ultimately scrapped. And besides, there were already two main games, two expansion packs and three DLCs made for the 2010s era. 3's shift into the near future was a good direction despite the strange asset choices.
  3. drebin052

    Merry X-Mas!

    Nogovan propaganda. Maldenian wine is clearly superior.
  4. Not sure if these have been reported yet but there's a few fire geometry-related bugs with the latest additions. Note that I've tested mod-only vehicles as BI asset retextures obviously have no model problems. The following vehicles lack actual fire geo materials entirely: Abda FMV USV Mahi Ka-97 Keftar To-343 Shahan The following vehicles have wrong (or missing) materials applied to some parts of the geometry: Ghatar HET HM60 Razm-3 Lastly, the Zamak (MLRS) has no fire geo problems but the gunner's gyroscope camera can defy the laws of thermal expansion, and turn into a paper-thin billboard whenever the gunner rotates the launcher pod beyond 45 degrees in any horizontal direction (armoured cabin windows are a bit iffy but at least they're not made out of dust):
  5. They aren't available on Arma 3 Samples (as of yet). I've made a rudimentary PSD template by dumping the textures via the GUI EDITOR. Thankfully, BI devs suffix their textures like normal people so guessing how the other texture maps were named was simple enough. Should suffice until the actual template gets released. Bare in mind that my template only includes the base components such as the plate itself and groin protector. I've included the two default textures though, so you can simply copy and paste details like pouches and straps from the original textures for added detail. You can grab the template off Google Drive here. Also, do note that it's saved in CS5 but you can probably convert to a different format for GIMP or whatever other program you use.
  6. drebin052

    [WIP] Black Hornet PRS

    Dunno if you've solved the flight issues yet, but one possible solution could be to add four invisible "boxes" on each side of the drone in the GEO LOD. Basically something like this: I tried a few tests using the unbinarised model and it seemed fairly stable, though it's inconsistent sometimes and can still flip uncontrollably at high speeds. I'm guessing the distance that the "boxes" are positioned away from the drone's body & their weight still needs to be tweaked to get the right balance.
  7. drebin052

    Arma 3 potential

    You can already do this. Steam Workshop supports collections after all. If you want to combine specific assets then you can just create a custom config addon to mix-n'-match whatever you want. It isn't as simple as that. You can't just pull one or two (or more) weapons out of larger mods like RHS because another mod has them too. Especially when it comes to stuff like CUP where a lot of weapons, vehicles and even units often share textures/materials, etc. but are spread out across multiple PBOs. Unless it was built specifically with this in mind where every asset is "standalone" within its own PBO, this would never work out for the majority of mods.
  8. drebin052

    Tanks DLC Question

    Yes. Anything from the platform update is free for everyone regardless of DLC ownership. The props and assets (Vorona, MAAWS, etc.) will still have the Tanks DLC icon when you hover over them in the Virtual Arsenal/Eden Editor but they aren't counted as premium content.
  9. An Arma 3 iteration of A2's Sample Data Pack with all MLODs - including abandoned ones ranging from the Marshall's Mortar/Ambulance variants or dual-feed Hunter RCWS, as well as wrecked doodads like the Minivan. Premium DLC and Apex/Contact stuff would be excluded from the package for obvious reasons since DLCs still sell. Given A3's age, the quality of older vanilla assets are beginning to show compared to newer stuff from the DLCs. Besides Aegis, a lot of other mods would also benefit from being able to directly alter the models instead of having to resort to hex editing/retexturing (i.e repurposing the Tempest Repair into an armoured troop transporter for RHSAFRF, etc.).
  10. Cheers for the feedback. Fair enough. I don't mind dropping down from 1080p or cutting off AA/PP for performance, so that's within acceptable limits. And I think I might be able to nab a deal for an RX 570 for just $20 more than the 560's current price ($179 AUD), so I'll have a look at that too. Glad to know I'm not making a mistake with the CPU at least. But incidentally, why Ryzen? I thought AMD and Arma don't mix?
  11. I'll be getting a new desktop in a week's time to replace my dinosaur from 2009. Any idea on whether this'll be good enough for a decent view/object distance set to 5,000 plus most of the fancy GFX settings on at 1080p? CPU: Intel Core i3-8350K RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK8GX4M2A2666C16 8GB (2x4GB) 2666MHz DDR4 GPU: Gigabyte Radeon RX 560 16CU Gaming OC 4GB SSD: Gigabyte UD PRO 512GB SSD I know it's not a top tier rig, so I'll probably be upgrading these parts when time permits. Just needed a new rig at under $1,000 ASAP since my current one looks like it's going to die any day now.
  12. drebin052

    Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    One of your complaints is that the majority of stuff in vanilla A3 don't have their real names? Seriously? And wow... Oh come on, you can do better than that... PUBG came from a gamemode that primarily utilised vanilla assets (not including servers that used mods of course, which were the minority not the majority). RHS on the other hand, is a total conversion mod. Do tell me how many high population servers exclusively use RHS or any other real equipment addon. People play PUBG because it has fun team-based gameplay without being too arcadey on the same level of Battlefield, not because it uses "real" stuff. Yes, the definition of popularity: You know full well that Infinite Warfare's problems didn't stem exclusively from its sci-fi setting. And besides, both Ghosts and Advanced Warfare on the other hand were quite well received (the complaints stemmed from other gameplay issues) despite being set in the same near future setting like A3...except that A3 doesn't have exoskeletons and 3D printer guns that reload via phlebotinum. You mean what you perceived as its identity. Don't confuse your own idealism with reality:
  13. drebin052

    Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    @lexx Just switching weapons on the move. It's always been possible to reload on the move since A2 (only OFP and A1 forced you to stop).
  14. drebin052

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Woah...how come you guys didn't post here about your unofficial *ahem* official debut on the Workshop at last? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1223608175&searchtext= /sarcasm
  15. There's a lot more than just two. If I recall correctly, there's about seven or eight in total that you need to kill. You should be able to find them all by locating the source of the IR lasers (make sure you toggle night vision on).