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  1. I certainly don't like Reforger's design choices with not having an editor on day one (no, Workbench does not count) and lacking content both for the sandbox and in the SP side of things, but it's not a surprise considering what it's supposed to be. I think Genesis' doom & gloom about it being the same for Arma 4 is a bit overblown in that regard...at least for now anyway. Not all hope is lost TBH. Even though it still has bugs and got abandoned not long after release with the excuse of being an "experiment", Old Man showed that BI is willing to devote some amount of time* into making fresh SP content that aren't generic Operation Arrowhead-style campaigns. (*) And effort too! It shows that BI has learnt something from trainwrecks like Manhattan.
  2. drebin052

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    Bought straight away just for access to the tools. Sure there's no in-game mission editor but the Workbench (while complicated to use) is fantastic compared to tools of the past. As for Reforger itself...meh. Not a fan of the generic Cold War-gone-hot setting or the MP-only focus. Story-wise, Reforger makes even less sense...not to mention that just like Malden, Everon's magically been teleported to the mid-Atlantic...
  3. drebin052

    New informations or announcement soon?

    No 2D mission editor of the past. No Arma 3 style 3D Eden Editor. All you have is the Game Master (Reforger's Zeus), which is considered a game mode and not an editor. No method of pausing so everything you do is in real time (placing objects, setting waypoints, assigning scenario factions, etc.).
  4. drebin052

    New informations or announcement soon?

    No time for a video but I can post a few screenies to give you an idea of what it looks like:
  5. drebin052

    New informations or announcement soon?

    It's only the Game Master. There's no 2D/3D editor so you're pretty much stuck to using Reforger's Zeus equivalent. I guess a proper editor might be coming in the future (hopefully)?
  6. drebin052

    New informations or announcement soon?

    That's not exactly new though. BI's always wanted to jump onto the console bandwagon since Arma 2 but hasn't been able to because of hardware limitations: (source) Whether or not this leaked game ends up becoming a flop is a different matter, of course. OFP Elite: Electric Boogaloo 2 inbound? 😁
  7. Good afternoon, I'm from Ukraine, please tell me if it's possible to get an ACE3 artillery calculator somewhere similar to this one https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/187408-ace3-artillery-calculator/ only for 60 mm mortars. I ask u because the author of this calculator hasn't been on the site for a long time, I'm also interested in the firing tables of 60mm mortars with M768A1 mines

    If there's a military on your forum, please contact us, you'll help us a lot

  8. drebin052

    Western Sahara flag textures

    "lxws\data_f_lxws\img\flags" is the filepath. flag_argana_co.paa for the nation's flag. flag_ion_co.paa for ION Services' flag (black background/white font). flag_sfia_co.paa for the SFIA's flag. flag_una_co.paa for the UNMA's flag.
  9. Have a look at Bohemia's Game Content Usage Rules. Intending to port things from BI games (Arma, DayZ, etc.) into a non-BI game very much falls into reverse engineering which is a big no-no since you are clearly not making your own stuff that are inspired by BI's assets: Some (not all) music is an exception but you're better off checking with BI's legal team for permission:
  10. Considering OP's posting history and the source of the "list" (if you can even call it that...), I wouldn't take them too seriously.
  11. *Vanguard making sad noises in the background* It's only Warfare 3.0 Warlords or nothing nowadays. End Game's niche is already filled by KotH anyway so no ones going to jump back into a dead game mode.
  12. From Dwarden on the official Arma discord WRT Argo stuff becoming available: https://discord.com/channels/105462288051380224/105465217185538048/916364602500083734 Might as well throw it into the same pile as samples for vanilla content at this point...
  13. It's still encrypted but you can access the classes through the Config Browser. Go into the Eden Editor and select the Tools tab -> Config Viewer.
  14. @PetrovDumass Just find these following classes and copy how they're set up: CfgWeapons U_C_FormalSuit_01_tshirt_black_F CfgVehicles C_Uniform_FormalSuit_01_black_F C_Uniform_FormalSuit_01_tshirt_black_F You can use the vanilla Editor's Config Browser to take a look. POLPOX also has a custom browser that can be used to search through it as well.
  15. They're not even the same company. BISim (VBS) had nothing to do with Arma 3's development.