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  1. drebin052

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    Trailers are always uploaded on release day. Was the case for GM and S.O.G. so I don't see why CSLA would be an exception (unless you're counting the sneak peek on the official Arma 3 Twitter account). Though you're not wrong about the lack of promotional stuff. Compared to how heavily S.O.G. was promoted in the week before its release CSLA's advertising seems...very quiet...
  2. drebin052

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Are you sure it's not the community that's the one wearing rose tinted glasses here and that BI is simply following trends? I'm personally not a fan of Cold War settings either but considering the glowing reception S.O.G. PF got, it wouldn't surprise me to see BI making yet another generic CW-era game involving Ronnie Raygun the Yanks fighting "evil" Commies in Western Europe or some other fictional country...
  3. drebin052

    Where are groups defined?

    No groups were added in Resistance so everything for CfgGroups is still kept in the base game's config (inside the BIN folder).
  4. drebin052

    Baby Faces by Hautautuja

    Use BI's own CfgConvert tool. Drag the rvmat that you want to edit (i.e. m_white_01.rvmat) onto BINToCPP and that should debinarise the vanilla .rvmat into a readable format (.cpp). Once you're done tinkering with it, rename the extension back to .rvmat and you'll be good to go.
  5. Can confirm. Happens with just VME + CBA loaded and the error pops up regardless of seeker type (IR/SARH/Radar):
  6. Vertexmacht recently updated the GM template pack to include 1.3 assets so 1990s West German stuff should be available. The link to the download is at the bottom of this article on the BIKI.
  7. @Meds1 Changing the buttons requires a custom belt texture (replacing paradeuniform_decorated_01_us_co.paa, etc.) and using a modified rvmat + smdi + nohq texture. Unfortunately, there's no way to retrieve data from the rvmat via the Config Browser. You can technically recreate it with some trial and error along with dumping the specular and normal textures but it might take a lot of tries to get it right.
  8. I'd strongly suggest using the Editor's Config Browser if you want to get configs, especially if you want paths for the non-AAF faction rvmats. ...but since you asked anyway: CfgVehicles Make sure your custom outfit(s) inherits from BI's Parade Uniform and Parade Uniform (Decorated) classes like this. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run since it won't require you to redefine the rvmats and accidentally break something: To begin, if you want the materials from the [US] version inherit from B_Uniform_ParadeUniform_01_US_F for the baseline non-aiguillette version and B_Uniform_ParadeUniform_01_US_decorated_F for the one with aiguillettes on the shoulder. For materials from the [AAF] version, inherit from I_Uniform_ParadeUniform_01_AAF_F (non-decorated) and I_Uniform_ParadeUniform_01_AAF_decorated_F (decorated). The hiddenSelectionsTextures array layout is identical to the [US] variant but swaps the belt/buckle textures to paradeuniform_decorated_01_aaf_co.paa and ribbon_01_aaf_co.paa instead. For materials from the [CSAT] version, inherit from O_Uniform_ParadeUniform_01_CSAT_F (non-decorated) and O_Uniform_ParadeUniform_01_CSAT_decorated_F (decorated). As before, use paradeuniform_decorated_01_csat_co.paa and ribbon_01_csat_co.paa instead. And finally, for materials from the [LDF] variant, inherit from I_E_Uniform_ParadeUniform_01_LDF_F (non-decorated) and I_E_Uniform_ParadeUniform_01_LDF_decorated_F (decorated). Likewise, replace the vanilla [US] textures with paradeuniform_decorated_01_ldf_co.paa and ribbon_01_ldf_co.paa. Note that for all of these uniforms, if you use a custom ribbon do not forget to replace the path to ribbon_01_xx_co.paa ('xx' being the faction's acronyms) and redirect it to your own retextured ribbon texture. Otherwise, it will automatically default to using the vanilla ribbons from the parent BI class which you inherited from. CfgWeapons The uniform items shouldn't be too difficult for you to implement. Just copy BI's configs and redirect the uniformClass to your own custom retextured CfgVehicles class instead: Should mention that I forgot to include a template for the CfgWeapons suitpacks since Art of War has a dedicated suitpack model for both the Formal Suit and Parade Uniform. From what I can tell though, they aren't that much different from suitpack_universal_f.p3d's UV so you can simply use that as a reference if you really need to.
  9. Until BI releases an official template on the Samples pack, here's Art of War's Parade Uniform: Available for downloading here (Goggle Drive linky). Comes with most of the bells and whistles so you can add stuff for the nametag and ribbon selections too. Some caveats to note with regards to the template: The template is based on the AAF version which as far as I can tell has no customisations to its normal texture as opposed to the LDF/CSAT ones, which feature their respective faction's emblem engraved into the suit's collar. Same goes for the U.S. Army variant which has stripes for the pants. The nametag can be either partially transparent with only the text being visible (be sure to edit the alpha channel properly to reflect this) or can be on top of a flat colour of your choosing using a solid alpha channel. The ribbon can be customised based on a 3x3 grid layout which can support up to nine decorations in total like this (the black "bar" at the top is a part of the texture; nothing placed here will be visible in-game though) However, if you don't require all nine cells you can still "hide" those parts of the ribbon. All you have to do is blacken out those cells in the alpha channel. For instance with the exception of one cell (A3), ribbons on the U.S. Army variant make full use of the remaining eight cells (A1/A2/B1/B2/B3/C1/C2/C3). On the other hand, the AAF's ribbons only use the A2, B2, C2 and C3 cells. The rest of the texture space is black on its alpha channel. Note that a template for the belt is not included. You'll need to make your own template for that one because all four variants in vanilla have a customised buckle with an engraved logo of the faction's emblem in the diffuse, specular and normal textures. You will need to use your own .rvmat + those three textures modified to properly retexture the belt.
  10. drebin052

    New achievement?

    The one inside the bandit's van doesn't count since that's a primary objective. The last two paintings that you're most likely missing is the one in the alleyway behind the AAF drone operator's house with the plywood shed (look for an abandoned Mora IFV). The second and final painting is inside the forest clearing, south of the road leading towards the camp where the bandit hideout is. You'll see a bunch of rocks and a hole next to them.
  11. drebin052

    Takistani V3s passenger seat problem

    It works fine on my end with the EOL version of A2CO+BAF+PMC+ACR: No issues with getting into the front cab seats or the rear flatbed on Takistani military, civilian and guerilla trucks. This sounds a lot like a mod is interfering with your vanilla V3S trucks somehow.
  12. drebin052

    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    Subjective, but I think that's a tad bit too far flung into the future. It sounds like Arma would be drifting too much in the direction of CoD: Advanced Warfare territory, and I can't imagine the same folks who got angry with Arma 3's setting would be even more pleased to see fUtUrE tech on that scale. Without sounding too much like I'm Arma 4 wishlisting, a 2030s setting with present day prototypes and networked tech having entered full service -- similar to how the MX essentially represents NGSW, is the ideal balance IMO. Not the strange mix of Cold War prototypes and outdated technology that Arma 3 (before Apex) featured; the "superficial" stuff as you pointed out.
  13. drebin052

    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    No need for a "new" name. Arma 2's EOL patch retroactively renamed all HMMWVs to HMMMX already (though not for Arma 1 and OFP for some reason...).
  14. drebin052

    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    Oh dear...I suspect that we would see a glorious repeat of the "TANK WITH RAILGUNS IN MUH MILITARY SIMULATOR?!?!?!" ragefest if that were to happen, seeing as how no one knows what a hypothetical M1A3 looks like (not publicly anyway). 😄
  15. drebin052

    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    "Vermin" is the best. Change my mind.