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  1. They're not even the same company. BISim (VBS) had nothing to do with Arma 3's development.
  2. Apex's RPG-7 supports mag proxies. It was added as far back as 1.92. The problem is that Apex's PG-7 grenade (mag_rpg7_pg7v_1rnd.p3d) doesn't have camo selections defined so you can't retexture it unless you hex edit its path. In which event, you might as well just make your own model or port RPG rounds from Arma 2. Using RHSAFRF as an example, you can retexture its PG-7VL round and load it into the Apex RPG-7. The retexture works just fine since the RHS team have selections defined for the mag proxy's model:
  3. I think you're misunderstanding the whole point of the CDLC programme. It's for third party developers to make original content, not create remakes of assets/missions from past games that you can already get for free through mods like CUP/CWR3 on the Steam Workshop.
  4. drebin052

    Retexturing config

    ^ as Jackal said. But if you intend on giving your vest different levels of protection from vanilla, then you need to add a HitPointsProtectionInfo property to your custom vest's ItemInfo class. I would strongly suggest reading up on how to do this on the BIKI: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Soldier_Protection Getting the texture from Contact's EBOs requires the filepath of the model's texture (through the Config Browser) and using the in-game GUI Editor. It's a little convoluted so I would suggest not attempting it until you know the basics of how to customise your vest first.
  5. drebin052

    Retexturing config

    You are looking at the wrong item. That is a CfgVehicles classname for the placeable version of the Kipchak vest (used for Zeus/Eden editor). Take a look in CfgWeapons for V_SmershVest_01_F. Note how the actual vest doesn't have a "Vest_" prefix assigned.
  6. drebin052

    Retexturing config

    You need to look for the CfgVehicles classname that's tied to the uniform in CfgWeapons. Using the Tracksuit/Granit as an example... U_O_R_Gorka_01_camo_F is the classname of the uniform in CfgWeapons. By taking a peek into ItemInfo's properties, O_R_Gorka_camo_F is revealed to be the name of the uniform's class in CfgVehicles. Now in CfgVehicles, scroll all the way down the list until you find O_R_Gorka_camo_F. Click on its classname and look for the "model" token. You should see the filepath of the actual uniform model used for the Tracksuit/Granit.
  7. drebin052

    Retexturing config

    You can use the Editor's Config Browser to take a look at classes. There's also a bunch of other (addon based) config browsers on the Workshop that you can download to make viewing things a bit easier since the vanilla Config Browser is a bit clunky to use.
  8. drebin052

    Retexturing config

    The filepath for the Tracksuit/Granit's model is \a3\characters_f_enoch\uniforms\gorka_01_f.p3d With regards to the duplicate uniform...not sure. The config you've provided has no classname listed for "Odin_Gorka_White_1" so I suspect you may have another config packed elsewhere in your addon. Double check to see if you can find that classname in any of your other configs. By the way, I would recommend that you change your CfgPatches loadorder to the following setup: class CfgPatches { class OdinUniformRetextures { requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Data_F_AoW_Loadorder" }; requiredVersion=0.1; units[]={}; weapons[]= { "Gorka_White", "Gorka_CSAT_White", "Odin_Harness_White_1", "Odin_Harness_White_2", "Odin_Avenger_White_1" }; }; }; A3_Data_F_AoW_Loadorder should be the value for requiredAddons[] as the Art of War DLC is the latest loadorder in Arma 3's hierarchy and ensures that everything in vanilla gets loaded first before your addon does (A3_Characters_F is for stuff from the Alpha). weapons[] array needs to be populated with the classnames of your custom uniforms, vests and helmets to prevent potential issues with the Virtual Arsenal and Zeus.
  9. Your custom uniform still inherits its ItemInfo properties from the vanilla LDF uniform (U_I_E_Uniform_01_F) hence why it remains restricted to INDEP units only. You need to include your own ItemInfo class that inherits from the vanilla outfit but overrides its uniformClass value to link it to your custom uniform in CfgVehicles: NOTE: Pay close attention to the inheritance structure! class UniformItem; class Uniform_Base; class U_I_E_Uniform_01_F: Uniform_Base { class ItemInfo; }; class U_I_E_Uniform_01_F_B: U_I_E_Uniform_01_F { author="brendob47"; displayName="Combat Fatigues [LDFx]"; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { uniformClass="L20S_Rifleman_B"; }; }; Also, the modelSides array isn't used in CfgWeapons for uniforms. The side checks only matter to the CfgVehicles side of things so there's no need to include it in the CfgWeapons class.
  10. drebin052

    Retexturing config

    Nope. gorka_01_F.p3d only uses one selection (camo_1) but it's named differently from most other models so it's easy to get it mixed up. As for the missing missing pouches on the LBV, you need to have a second texture based on tech_co.paa defined in the hiddenSelectionsTextures[] array. This also applies to any uniforms based on the CSAT Fatigues since it also uses camo1 and camo2: In CfgWeapons (for the vest classes): class CfgWeapons { // ... hiddenSelections[]= { "camo1", "camo2" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\A3\Characters_F\OPFOR\Data\clothing_co.paa", "\A3\Characters_F\OPFOR\Data\tech_CO.paa" }; // ... class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { // ... hiddenSelections[]= { "camo1", "camo2" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\A3\Characters_F\OPFOR\Data\clothing_co.paa", "\A3\Characters_F\OPFOR\Data\tech_CO.paa" }; // ... }; // ... }; In CfgVehicles (for the uniform class): class CfgVehicles { // ... hiddenSelections[]= { "Camo1", "Camo2", "insignia" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\A3\Characters_F\OPFOR\Data\clothing_co.paa", "\A3\Characters_F\OPFOR\Data\tech_CO.paa" }; // ... };
  11. drebin052

    Retexturing config

    1. The "camo" selection doesn't exist for those models. Your vests are missing two selection definitions hence why it defaults to the coyote brown colour scheme. The LBV Harness/LBV Grenadier Harness models (equip_o_vest_gl.p3d and equip_o_vest01.p3d) utilise camo1 and camo2 for selections; camo1's texture is based on clothing_co.paa while camo2 is based on tech_co.paa. 2. You see identical versions of the same uniform because you're using the same displayName for both of them. Also, you are using the wrong model for the CfgWeapons uniform class; that should only be a suitpack model and not the actual uniform model (that should only be used for the CfgVehicles entry). Additionally, it has a second .p3d suffixed after it which is not necessary and will most likely give you an error since no model for "o_soldier_01.p3d.p3d" exists. I also noticed that you have both uniforms based on the same uniformClass (Gorka_White_1) while Gorka_CSAT_White_1 goes completely unused.
  12. There's a wishlist thread. Aside from the Live Ops team doing fixes, optimisation, and adding tweaks to the scripting system, development on Arma 3 has ended for a few years now so any major asset additions like this have zero chances of happening. The Art of War DLC was an exception but that was only because the competition didn't have as many entrants in the 3D category. Even then, we only got a handful of new (and very small) things like backpacks and outfits which don't come close to the amount of work required to make a full size ship. Creator DLCs exist for this very reason. If there's enough interest in the subject and there's a team that wants to make a pitch to Bohemia for said content (or already has) then it'll happen. If not, then you're SOL and you'll have make do with CUP's LHD. Not sure why you'd want another static ship anyway considering the Liberty and Freedom are already sufficiently large enough for amphibious ops...
  13. drebin052

    it's possible?

    No. There will never be an Arma 3 on console. This was ruled out seven years ago back in 2014 and BI has not changed from this stance ever since: Source Your only hope is that a future Arma title will be multi-platform but that could be years away before we get any news. That's assuming if BI decides to make it multi-platform, which is not guaranteed at this point.
  14. drebin052

    ARMA still alive?

    Can't speak for JarrodsC but the lowest I've managed is 80-90 ms for some servers based in Japan, Taiwan and Mainland China. Anywhere else is usually +200 ms which is less than desirable to say the least...assuming you weren't autokicked for exceeding the 250 ping limit. US West servers are a bit of a hit and miss. You can get lucky with some servers giving you a generous 70 ms but the average hovers around 100-165 ms. Needless to say, you can forget about Europe and US East entirely (+300 ms).
  15. drebin052

    Random death while scouting

    They aren't marked on the north, west and north-west (an oversight by BI devs) but are clearly shown on the eastern and southern sides. You cannot enter through Kavala because it's a restricted zone: Note how the city is shaded with red lines denoting that it's off limits to Kerry. Keep in mind that there's no reason for you to attack from the north as the pilots are resting at the beach resort in Neri (grid 036-114), which is well outside of Kavala's city limits.