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  1. Col. Akhanteros

    Join the zombie genre of arma3

    Check out the Rabid Rat campaign by Mortarius Hunter on the Steam Workshop. There's some cool mission ideas in there. Another idea might be landing on an infested airfield, leaving some guys to defend the plane, grabbing fuel and supplies from the airbase or nearby, and defending the plane from Zeds until the cargo/fuel is loaded and you can take off again. A crazier idea could be attempting to escape a massive randomly-generated infested underground labrynthine facility (easier said than done, I know). Maybe even underwater with a limited SCUBA air supply (simulated with scripting), assuming that the zombies can function underwater.
  2. Col. Akhanteros


    This is absolutely fascinating. Is the server still ongoing, or is there a mission file available?
  3. Col. Akhanteros

    Contact DLC-style map help

    Ah, OK. So your line of code—correct me if I'm wrong—appears to function this way: 1: An "event handler" is added for the map, which I assume means the script will define the forthcoming code as stuff related to the map screen. 2: Parameters defined, might have something to do with the "event handler" syntax? 3: "_briefingBackground" is defined as a number equal to the "IDD" (whatever that means) of the map screen, which is 12, then "displayCtrl" does some gypsy magic with some numbers. 4: The same thing is done for "_briefingPicture" but with a different "displayCtrl" number. 5: "If" statement for the "_mapIsOpened" parameter shows the "_briefingBackground" and "_briefingPicture" with their respective colour/texture whenever the map is open (I suppose the background could have its own texture! I'll have to play with that). It doesn't look as if the UI of the picture and background stays up after the map closes or new pictures are stacked every time the map opens. Maybe it does, but it looks more like it just shows the picture/background every time the "if" statement is satisfied (that's a good thing, I'm just thinking "out loud" with text). So if one wants to have a custom map, "images\opformap.paa" for OPFOR and another custom map, "images\bluformap.paa" for BLUFOR, all with a grey background, then then one would put the following in the initPlayerLocal.sqf: addMissionEventHandler [ "Map", { params ["_mapIsOpened", "_mapIsForced"]; _briefingBackground = findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 1102; _briefingPicture = findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 1101; if (side player == west) then { if ( _mapIsOpened ) then { _briefingBackground ctrlShow true; _briefingBackground ctrlSetBackgroundColor[ 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1 ]; _briefingPicture ctrlShow true; _briefingPicture ctrlSetText "images\bluformap.paa"; }; }; if (side player == east) then { if ( _mapIsOpened ) then { _briefingBackground ctrlShow true; _briefingBackground ctrlSetBackgroundColor[ 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1 ]; _briefingPicture ctrlShow true; _briefingPicture ctrlSetText "images\opformap.paa"; }; }]; EDIT: The above script works great. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
  4. Col. Akhanteros

    Contact DLC-style map help

    It looks like it does, thank you. Not sure exactly how to implement it though. Do you just stick this code (from your post in that thread) in the .init? addMissionEventHandler [ "Map", { params ["_mapIsOpened", "_mapIsForced"]; _briefingBackground = findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 1102; _briefingPicture = findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 1101; if ( _mapIsOpened ) then { _briefingBackground ctrlShow true; _briefingBackground ctrlSetBackgroundColor[ 0.161, 0.388, 0.576, 1 ]; _briefingPicture ctrlShow true; _briefingPicture ctrlSetText "images\blueprints.paa"; }; }]; It doesn't look like you can adjust the size of it with just that, though. Do you also have to stick this in there as well or something? (that's from the original post) _x = SafeZoneXAbs; _y = SafeZoneY + 1.5 * ((((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25); _w = SafeZoneWAbs; _h = SafeZoneH - 1.5 * ((((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25); /* _ctrl = (findDisplay 12) ctrlCreate ["ControlsBackground", 1000]; _ctrl ctrlSetPosition [_x, _y, _w, _h]; _ctrl ctrlSetText ""; _ctrl ctrlCommit 0; _ctrl2 = (findDisplay 12) ctrlCreate ["RscPicture",1001, ((findDisplay 12) displayCtrl 1000)]; _ctrl2 ctrlSetPosition [_x, _y, _w, _h]; _ctrl2 ctrlSetText "media\img\splashscreen1.paa"; _ctrl2 ctrlCommit 0;  Sorry for my incompetence; my coding knowledge is limited.
  5. I'm trying to make a mission where one side has a standard-type topo map and the other has a map similar to I'm not talking about I'm talking about just having an image overlayed over the map. I can't firgure out how the hell to do this. Can anyone help?
  6. Col. Akhanteros

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    The new helmets are essentially Altyn helmets. The game already has an AS-VAL type rifle.
  7. Col. Akhanteros

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Sorry if this was already answered, but will there be any coyote-brown/OD-green/hexacam/digital/triangle-cam texture variants for the tents? They would be really sweet for making nice FOBs, it would work really well for both command/briefing tents and barracks or armory/storage. Also, there could be texture variants with the white square and red diamond shape for military aid stations. As a side note, I really like the campaign. It's very detailed and well done. The content added (objects, vehicles) is awesome.
  8. Col. Akhanteros


    It could also be this: http://www.sigevolution.com/sigmpx
  9. Col. Akhanteros


    I'm pretty sure the campaign will start off with CTRG doing raids on drug cartels or something, then they discover some rumors of "reptilian monsters" which turn out to be super-camouflaged CSAT operators.
  10. Col. Akhanteros


    I have a theory for the plot of the campaign. It may have been said already, so sorry if this is spam. Spoiler warning!!! I think that the campaign will be focused around the discovery, capture, and/or destruction of "The Device" (that big nuke-looking box, you've seen it). At the end of the East Wind campaign, Captain Miller from the CTRG makes you capture The Device and transport it to him after you kill all the CSAT special forces guarding it. CSAT command was probably trying to let the war die down a little before retrieving the device (or their special forces were about to after destroying the evidence) by ceasing all support to the AAF. When contact was lost with the retrieval team, they got super pissed and launched an invasion on Altis. The result was the decimation of US and FIA forces. NATO would likely be very mad about this, but it was a risk the CSAT commanders had to take because of the importance of The Device in Tanoa (and probably other places, too). CSAT command has most likely positioned devices in several key locations. I think one of these locations is Tanoa. The assumption is that The Device is a new weapon of mass destruction that CSAT really doesn't want anyone knowing about. Since The Device uses earthquakes, why would they put it on Tanoa? Tsunamis, or a global network. Tanoa is probably near the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This means that if it could trigger large enough earthquakes, possibly in one specific direction, it could direct targeted "natural disasters" at Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Australia, South and North America, and possibly Antarctica if needed (hey, you never know). Tsunamis could be triggered right before an amphibious assault, where beach defenses and infrastructure is flooded and destroyed while the assault element sits safely offshore. Cities could be severely damaged without CSAT being suspected of involvement. Alternatively, the Tanoa device could be part of a larger network that can focus their power (for lack of a better word) on one location on the globe. Vibrations from multiple transmitters would be sent through the Earth's mantle/core to focus on one point. That would be devastating. Regardless of the specific capabilities, it's a weapon. This is probably along the lines of how the campaign goes: - CTRG teams go to Tanoa to investigate some criminal drug trades or whatever. They're there for something. - They find a secret CSAT Viper Team hideout in the jungle with another pesky Device sitting around with its menacing coolant fans. Scary. - CSAT is pissed again (they're bad sports in hide and seek) and they send an army of Chinese bug-heads to buzz around Tanoa. - NATO sees this, and for some reason sends forces into the Pacific (I don't know why NATO is in the Pacific) to swat all the bug-head CSATs. Yeah.
  11. As of Dev Branch 1.59.135843 (May 4, 2016), the ground textures do not match the satellite or mid-range textures in some environments on Altis and Stratis. I believe that this is a result of the new lighting. The new appearance of the ground textures is a lighter dead grass color, allowing the US Multicam uniforms to do their job, but as you get farther away it turns the ground back to a dark green color. This makes it very difficult to know if you and your team are concealed or not and also makes enemies easier to spot (which is no fun if they're supposed to be hiding). I'm not sure of any easy solutions to this, as re-painting the entire map texture will take quite some time. Here is a view from close-up: And from far away: