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  1. danny96

    Proper Bulletcam

    I know the setAccTime command, I just want to know how to do that in BIS_fnc_diagBulletCam? Do i have to take entire BIS_fnc_diagBulletCam.sqf and edit it with that setacctime?
  2. danny96

    Proper Bulletcam

    Damn the one from BIS is pretty good! Thank you sir! Regarding the bullets - Didn't know that. How come that the game with one of the most realistic ballistics and bullet physics doesn't have model for bullets? The game even simulates bullet releasing from the gun chamber.. BTW is there way to make the time go slow before the BIS_fnc_diagBulletCam happening and go normal after each shot?
  3. Hello, I'd like to know if there's any newer Bulletcam that would track the bullet itself from close behind/or side in a way you could actually see it flying through bodies or vehicles. I've found only one bulletcam that worked somewhat well (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21356) but it was zoomed out and was wobbling so much that you couldn't see like anything. So my question is if there's any bulletcam available i don't know about, or if there's some super advanced scripter who could edit that bulletcam so it showed better angle of the shot itself? I really love bulletcams and killcams and I'm currently using it in my missions often. Also I'm wondering if there's possibility to only show the bulletcam part if it hits something - like if there's possibility to calculate that it's gonna hit so it shows that bulletcam afterwards? Thank you very much in advance. Kind Regards.
  4. Damn that is one sexy beast!
  5. I want to report bug: Playable Commander sitting at Gunner position in a tank cannot control the tank movement. Reproduction: 1) Open EDEN 1) Spawn a player unit (whatever one you like, doesn't matter) 2) Spawn a tank & set commander as playable, then switch seats with gunner so commander gets the gunner seat 3) Play Mission 4) Use Team Switch to your Tank Commander sitting on Gunner position and try WSAD..no reaction I wanted to set-up a Singleplayer mission where you control multiple tanks from different parts of the map but it's not possible i guess:(.
  6. M270 for those who are wondering - Bohemia's version (left), Aegis version (right)
  7. Woow can't wait for my download to finnish to try these ! Thank you Bohemia!
  8. Yes, don't listen to him, keep the current system! As you stated, it was always authentic game, not a simulation. At least controlling a tank is actually fun! Plus current AI is kinda unresponsive and having that 1-2 sec delays made driving a tank so frustrating in singleplayer.. But it has one bug - when you control the tank commander from a Zeus or as a playable unit you cannot drive the tank..
  9. danny96

    Arma 3 inventory idea

    Well I'm 100% sure that it's not gonna happen as it was already released on DEV branch and they're not even planning to do so!
  10. Entire BIS community thanks you for your great service and have a good luck in your life :) Goodbye, Chairborne!
  11. danny96

    Arma 3 inventory idea

    This was suggested so much times even by me. I even think that devs themselves said that it's not gonna happen due to engine limitations. I think there was even mod for that.
  12. danny96

    Squad radar improvement

    Yeah this. But I really don't know the reason they removed that feature. Worked pretty well there was literally nothing wrong with it. Gave you that sense of knowing what's around you like you actually was here.
  13. Will you also add Lock door(s) option for this module ? So we could open/close/lock individual doors for non-terrain buildings