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  1. danny96

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hey, i know it will probably never be done, but i always wished for proper Terminator mod (something terminator rising wanted to do back in like 2014) where terminator units would be AI Driven (Drone-like) metal machines and you could take their control remotely with hacking or something like that. Infantry Terminators that would actually be made of metal and count technically as a vehicle so their bodies would have "armor" to withstand hundreds of shots and react to shots like proper machines with custom animations of robotic walking and holding two weapons at once (eg. Minigun and GL) with thounsands of projectiles (T-600 had impressive firepower). Buildings like a Skynet headquarters with factories where terminators are made? I only know about Maxjoiner's Terminator mod and that seems quite dead (last update over year ago) + its infantry terminators are literally infantry so they still use vanilla A3 infantry damage system with some health adjustment or something. I'm also quite wondering why there isn't more mods like that? Maybe it's too hard to make? Terminator Universe is amazing and when combined with open sandbox game like ArmA, it's practically a dream for quite a lot of potentional mission makers.
  2. danny96

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    Any way to open bus doors with script? I've tried and no luck this animateSource ["Doors_1",1]; this animateSource ["Doors_2",1]; this animateSource ["Doors_3",1];
  3. danny96

    Community Factions Project

    Damn! That reduced waiting time when clicking on unit from 30 to 2 seconds. Thanks!
  4. danny96

    3den Enhanced

    Yes that's what I thought about too. That would work for sure.
  5. danny96

    3den Enhanced

    Can you please add checkbox to enable/disable all AI features at once instead of having to check them one by one ? Thanks in advance. https://imgur.com/2gX9aCB
  6. danny96

    Community Factions Project

    Not really agreeing, but still would love to see this mod rather dependent on RHS ..it would suit it more as RHS is heavily based off realism and real life conflicts, whereas CUP is port of ArmA 2. Plus there's no proper up-to-date submodification for RHS afaik. Or if it is could please anyone tell ?
  7. Damn you must feel like a baby in this map 😄
  8. danny96

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    I'm wondering If some or many of the terrain buildings are new, and if they're enterable
  9. danny96

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    It's more expansive than Apex 😄
  10. danny96

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    So it's indeed cyberarma 😄
  11. danny96

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    It kinda worked they hyped us all af.
  12. GTA 5, ArmA 3, Dark Souls, Path Of Exile, Witcher 3 and lots of oldschool games..
  13. When you're talking about that Cold War stuff, addition of stuff like T-80 would be sweet.. I mean we have T-34, T-55 and all these beasts, but T-80 is still active AFAIK
  14. danny96

    Proper Bulletcam

    I know the setAccTime command, I just want to know how to do that in BIS_fnc_diagBulletCam? Do i have to take entire BIS_fnc_diagBulletCam.sqf and edit it with that setacctime?