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  1. Found the edited original here and edited it again: My revised code for you to use:
  2. Have you made a mission file in the Eden Editor yet?
  3. Players would be able to spawn on the squad leader even if there are flags. What, specifically, are these 'flags' you're referring to though because I don't seem to understand.
  4. First of all, no one will or should call you stupid on these forums. Moving on though, these functions could be helpful. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition Add spawn position: // 'respawnPos' could be a variable name of the Squadleader or the positition ( respawnPos = [0,0,0]; ). // 'west' is the name of the BLUFOR side. respawn1 = [west, respawnPos] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition; Remove spawn Position: // 'respawn1' is defined in the previous code respawn1 call BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition; There are a few ways to execute these functions. Personally (someone correct me if I'm wrong), I would put them in a initServer.sqf file because of how small the code is. With the code in the initServer.sqf, the respawn positions are created at the beginning of the mission. If you are new to scripting you could poke around here for some cool stuff to read. It might also explain some stuff I didn't do a good job of explaining myself.
  5. I saw that thread a few minutes after I posted. I should have used a code myself instead of digging through config files .
  6. SpaceHippo

    Debug Console Doing Too Many Executions

    Well that's embarrassing. Thank you though.
  7. Sorry, for taking a while to respond, Jun Xiao. Addon/Mod PBOs have a file called config.cpp. I scrolled through a few config files until I found the "put" Weapon class. That weapon had all the info you required. In my previous message, you can see where the muzzle name is and the magazine name in the hiddent contents.
  8. SpaceHippo

    Set random identity script

    It should work the same way as vanilla, you just need the correct classnames. The config viewer in the debug console will be helpful for what you're doing.
  9. SpaceHippo

    Set random identity script

    You could always make your own names :P In all seriousness though, there is a way with getText and configFile, but it may be harder considering you want specific faces. You might have to sort through classnames somehow. Speaking on the perfomance remark, storing "_faces" under "faces" as a public variable on the server may help performance. As apposed to defining a variable every time a unit spawns.
  10. Used the BI function BIS_fnc_packStaticWeapon. This code will tell two units two disassemble and pick up a mortar but only works under specific conditions: You must have a Mortar Asst. unit in your group (Preferably the unit, "B_support_AMort_F," from what I've tested). You must also have a Mortar Gunner unit in your group (Preferably the unit, "B_support_Mort_F," from what I've tested). The two units must be in your group. [ (group player), (nearestObject [player, "staticWeapon"]), (leader group player) ] call BIS_fnc_packStaticWeapon; If anyone on the forums wants to change the code and make it less restricted that would be kind of you.
  11. SpaceHippo

    Set random identity script

    Try setFace, setName, & setIdentity. Could look something like this: private ["_names","_newName"]; _names = [ ["fullName0","firstName0","lastName0"], ["fullName1","firstName1","lastName1"], ["fullName2","firstName2","lastName2"], ["fullName3","firstName3","lastName3"] ]; _newName = (selectRandom _names); _this setName _newName; You could put that into 'code on unit created' field.
  12. Every time I execute a code in the debug console, the code is executed way too many times. In this example, the words "chat" was messaged 10000 times in the system chat. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would love your help.
  13. From what I understand, "BoundingMineRangeMuzzle" is the muzzle name for the 'put' weapon. "APERSBoundingMine_Range_Mag" is a magazine name. After searching through a countless amount of config.cpp files I found (hopefully) what you are looking for: unit fire ["Rhs_SmallMine_Muzzle", "Rhs_SmallMine_Muzzle", "rhs_mag_mine_pfm1"]; To get the muzzle and magazine name, I found the 'put' weapon class which RHS edited to add the PFM-1 mine. Shown below:
  14. Using inAreaArray, I was able to sort through an array of objects and find out which object is the trigger area defined by the variable name "trigger". To execute this, I put the script in a separate file in the mission folder and executed it with execVM. In your mission folder: // Script File: { _x removeCuratorEditableObjects [(allUnits inAreaArray trigger), true]; _x removeCuratorEditableObjects [(vehicles inAreaArray trigger),true]; } forEach allCurators; In the debug console to execute: // Execution example: execVM "scripts\remove_inTrigger.sqf"; One thing I did notice is that objects like fences and buildings weren't removed.
  15. You could remove ASR AI as a dependency, manually, in the mission.sqm file of your mission folder. To do so you would have to save your mission without binarization. You ought to create a backup of your mission file should something happen though. I did test this a few minutes ago with four soldiers placed down in the VR map and it turned out fine. This what the required addons would look like in the mission.sqm file: addons[]= { "A3_Characters_F", "asr_ai3_skills" };