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  1. Nope, thanks for you help. You've helped me, even if you tell me in code, I probably don't understand. So other people can only tell me how to do it by video.
  2. It's Fine,Thank you, SpaceHippo. Now I know that I can use the code to get the muzzle name and magazine name. But what bothers me now is,how to use AI to trigger rifle ammunition
  3. I'm going to ask you for help, but I'm really embarrassed. I didn't expect your reply. According to the detailed method you told me, I know how to get the Muzzle and magazine name. Thanks for your patience, Janez. Although my ability is not enough, what you said will be of great help to my future. I'll do my best
  4. I will try your method. Thank you,Janez. Also, thank you Mr. H. and Harzach.
  5. Mr H. Thank you for your help. Thank you for responding so quickly.
  6. Mr H. Thank you for your quick answer. You mean, "Esc" config files?
  7. HI, I'm novice,As I said. I want to know how to get the muzzle and magazine name of RHS PFM-1 mine. AI placement RHS pfm-1 mine: unit fire ["Rhs_SmallMine_Muzzle", "Rhs_SmallMine_Muzzle", "rhs_mag_mine_pfm1"]; I was told that "Rhs_SmallMine_Muzzle", "Rhs_SmallMine_Muzzle" is Muzzle and magazine name. But I don't know how to get the other mines Muzzle and magazine name. I'll thank you anyway.
  8. cb65 Thank you. It's Great. This script is very professional. It would be nice to use this script to trigger other static weapons.I'll try to use RHS static weapons. Unfortunately, it's too hard for me.