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  1. Imperator[TFD]

    Jebus - Just Editor Based Unit Spawning

    Cheers for keeping this updated mate!
  2. Imperator[TFD]

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    Our modset and keys etc are pretty strictly controlled so there are no client-side mods allowed. We are running only 1 server only mod that I recall. A few of our guys are reporting issues. I'm also having the dedicated server crash whenever I #missions as the logged in admin. It's spitting out a missing param for the revive system.
  3. Imperator[TFD]

    update 1.86 verify signatures

    G'day, just jumping in to report that our dedicated server has zero issues with joining when V2 signatures are enabled. We run a whole bunch of mods and I was able to join straight away.
  4. Imperator[TFD]

    Thank you BI [2018 Roadmap Update]

    Looking forward to Warlords and the ADR97 making into Arma 3. I'm hoping Warlords scratches that good old warfare itch I've had since A2 days and the glory that was BECTI. As for all the negative feedback up above, particularly relating to communications, it seems BI are damned if they do and damned if they don't. If people in the community want to build up unrealistic expectations about things that have only been hinted at then that's on them.
  5. Imperator[TFD]

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    How are they broken in so many ways? Other than the issue with the Darter not liking its altitude being set via the UI I have zero issues with the drones in game.
  6. Imperator[TFD]

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Is it at all possible to have the minimum height for parachute deployment adjusted when using the "Unload Vehicle" function from Vehicle-in-vehicle transports please? Currently if you attempt to unload a vehicle from one of these transports on the deck of the USS Freedom the vehicle will either spawn to the left/right of the deck with a parachute or just won't unload at all.
  7. Imperator[TFD]

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Those cruise missiles.....awww yeah! Thanks for adding that BI.
  8. Imperator[TFD]

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Yes. The yellow circles have been in since the first sensor changes. It indicates you are being tracked by a radar equipped vehicle but it has not fired yet.
  9. There are other features AI can't use already. Why let that be a barrier to innovation & implementation?
  10. So @oukej and @nodunit what are the chances we'll see VLS cruise missiles being fired from the USS Liberty with data link and laser lock capability so that it can provide long range fire support like the Rhino ATGM? Would also be nice if we could see a new magazine type for the Sandstorm and MRL that has laser and data link as well. Gives scenario designers more interesting fire support options. :)
  11. Imperator[TFD]

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    The T-100 only has a 120mm cannon while the T-140 has the 125mm.
  12. In case anyone is wondering what that change in the last Dev Branch entry (Added: Terrain awareness (TAWS-like) color-coded navigation panels to all vanilla aerial vehicles )
  13. Imperator[TFD]

    Revive Feedback

    In my opinion the only thing missing from the vanilla revive is the ability to move a wounded person either on foot or in vehicle.
  14. Imperator[TFD]

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Am I reading this right? You can load people into vehicles with vanilla revive now? I know they added it that you can unload people out of a heli but wasn't aware it worked both ways?
  15. Imperator[TFD]

    Delete dismounted vehicle crews

    I used the JEBUS respawn script found here on the BI forums for my all tank mission two weeks ago. It features an optional script that will delete the crew once the vehicle is considered immobile/unusable. Works great for both tanks and jets.