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  1. At least the Jets showcase has been updated so that the carrier is now "escorted" by a destroyer.
  2. @nodunit is it possible to consider making the S-750 Rhea act like S-400 as in locking the tubes vertically for missile launch?
  3. Does this behaviour depend on the direction of attack? Like if you fire the missile to the rear of the aircraft instead?
  4. I personally don't see adding a key for it as difficult to use but it's probably easier to implement the functionality I suggested. I mean, like oukej said, it's kind of already there: if you have a solution from the FCS, using ranging buttons drops the lead and rounds to the nearest range from the solution (within 50 m).
  5. Is there something inherently wrong with context dependence? The indication is the visual you cue you see on the screen when a solution is ready, which will disappear when you use pgdn/pgup.
  6. Wouldn't it be possible to do it like it is but instead when pressing pgdn/pgup you still keep the zeroing (and only dump the lead) until you press the keys again?
  7. This works with some windows while not with others. I think building windows are opaque, while at least some vehicle windows are transparent. However, this begs the question whether some of the vehicle glasses could realistically be transparent for IR. The FLIR devices itself use germanium windows that pass IR as well as visible spectrum.
  8. It says PLGR NOT CONNECTED, not FLIR.
  9. Yes, you're right, I've noticed this before. Another benefit of the TGP style system would be if it also let's you track targets.
  10. You can turn off the autonomous mode from the UAV terminal map view. Although maybe the locking feature would still be useful.
  11. Additionally, when playing as the new unit's, the game won't use the English voice of your profile setting but instead will revert to using the default English voice.
  12. So I tried and seems like it works in Virtual Arsenal: if you select your voice type in the Virtual Arsenal as Chinese, then your character will stick to Chinese in the Try-mode. But this does not work in the Editor for example: even if you select the unit's voice in the Attributes as Chinese, it will still use English voice in Preview and otherwise.
  13. Well, except the user profile doesn't let you specify voice language, only voice type (IIRC 12 options to select from). Each voice type is associated with all of the languages, and when you select a type, or change the pitch, it previews in 3 languages: English, Altian English, Farsi. The Chinese and French are completely missing even from the previews.
  14. Yes, and it also seems weird considering the AI does use those voice protocols properly themselves.