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  1. DarkDruid

    Before i download this game.....

    Hi, I just quickly went through our main communication channels and there is over 10 reaction from Devs on forums only today and a few dozens replays in the last week. On our Feedback Tracker is over 38% of all the activity in the activity feed from Devs, most of the topics/issues in there get response from a Dev. I do see this as an official communication from our side and I wouldn't definitely said, that there is a lack of communication from our side. On the other hand, I understand that you can have different expectations. So, would you be please willing to elaborate more on what you expect from us regarding communication with players? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  2. DarkDruid

    Ask us anything!

    Yes, there will be reset of all the progress when we release the game.
  3. DarkDruid

    Skill points

    There were some issues with cloud server, but it should be all fixed now.
  4. DarkDruid

    Issue when launch Argo

    Hi, this looks like some of the files on your PC are corrupted. Please try to use the data verification function on Steam (Library > Right mouse click on 'Project Argo (Prototype)' > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files...).
  5. DarkDruid

    Feedback Thread

    Yes, currently it is the same.
  6. DarkDruid

    Ask us anything!

    1. It was design decision. Jump changes gameplay in many ways and similar to Arma 3, we didn't want to go this way. 2. We do not limit communication of dead players. If you are not able to speak in the game after you die, please report it as a bug together with as much details as possible on our Feedback Tracker (https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/12/). Thanks 3. There is no feature/animation dedicated directly to pretending to be dead. But some people do it by using the lowest stance available. You can use 'Adjust Stance Down' action (see Options > Controls in the game) to go to the lowest stance. 4. We believe this issue is caused mostly by not recognizing friendly and enemy units by new players. We made some small tweaks to help with this, but we currently don't plan to punish players in a way you have proposed. 5. There is no official support of clans at this moment and we do not plan it for the release. There is one more reset planned. We are still tweaking the game to balance it for the best experience possible and we will need to reset all the progress.
  7. DarkDruid

    Ask us anything!

    It depends on the mission itself. More complex missions mostly won't work, because they use assets which are available only in Arma 3 (various vehicles, weapons, or even some scripted modules which won't be present in Argo). But the tech behind all this is basically the same, so most of the missions can be somehow adjusted to work even in Argo and some missions can work even without any changes (but there probably won't be many of these).
  8. DarkDruid

    Arma 3 created Missions in Argo?

    Hey! We are still looking into this and trying to tweak and balance it properly. So players can create and share as much as possible on one side, but also cheating and breaking of the game is as hard as possible on the other hand. But yes, scripts should be supported in final version of the game. As was mentioned in the dev blog (https://www.projectargo.net/blog/dev-blogs/impact-imminent), we want players to create own versions of Argo game modes or even completely new modes and this would not be possible without scripting. There will be little difference in scripting commands between Arma 3 and Argo (=not all the commands available in Arma will be available in Argo and vice versa, but it should be only a few specific commands), but other than that it is basicaly the same system.
  9. Yes, it could truly cause some problems. We have experienced this issue once or twice ourselfs during the development, but we weren't able to track it down so far. We will definitely try to look into it more and hopefully will be able to solve it. Thanks a lot for the feedback!
  10. Hi, could you please report your issue on our Feedback Tracker (https://feedback.bistudio.com/) with detailed specifications of your computer? It is a better place for tracking similar issues. Writing down also the exact text of the error message could be helpful as well. Thanks!
  11. Hello, do you use Steam to start the game? If not, could you please try to use it if that changes anything? Thanks!
  12. Hi, have you experienced this issue only once? Or is it a more complex problem and you are not able to play the game at all now?
  13. DarkDruid

    Exclamation mark in respawn selection

    The exclamation mark is truly shown when the enemy is nearby (100 m or less). It is a part of the respawn system present in Arma 3 which should be removed soon as it doesn't work very well for Argo. The Clash game mode already use a different way to signalize the enemies (defenders) nearby respawn points and for Link and Raid it doesn't really say anything relevant with such a huge radius.
  14. DarkDruid

    6 Players in a team

    Hi, try to install the latest drivers for your graphics card and if this doesn't help, please report this issue on our Feedback Tracker (http://feedback.bistudio.com/) together with your computer specifications. Thanks!
  15. DarkDruid

    Quick Play (dev branch)

    Yes, you are right, there seems to be something broken in the system. We are looking into it. Thanks for your feedback! This sounds good to me. We will reconsider something like this. Thanks for the suggestion! The new quick play feature is currently mainly intended for players who want to try something new or have only vague idea what to play. Because of this, we wanted to keep the screen simple and easy to use. There will be probably some additional changes and maybe even some of them will be in the direction you have proposed. But for people with detailed idea what they want to play, use of the server browser (with number of filters and options) seems definitely like a better idea. Anyway, thanks for all the proposals, we will look into them! We already tried this solution some time ago and unfortunately it didn't work very well. Every typo creates a new game type, not talking about related technical difficulties. I believe all this should be already implemented in Launcher. You can try it yourself, any related feedback is welcome. There is a dedicated thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/topic/180024-official-arma-3-launcher-dev-branch/