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  1. Cookie5

    Leaderboards Broken for me

    @ZipperKopf It should work now, thanks for the letting us know!
  2. Cookie5

    Feedback Thread

    Do you mean the screen during the voting at the end of the match?
  3. Cookie5

    Ask us anything!

    If you choose a scenario on the right of the main menu, it will search for the server with players on the similar level to yours.
  4. Yes please and you can find How To guide here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/w/ft_argo_howto/general/
  5. Actually, Malden is based on Lefkada which is situated in the Mediterranean sea. You can find more lines about Malden here: https://dev.arma3.com/post/oprep-malden-2035
  6. Cookie5

    Feedback Thread

    We have this planned, new background will be more soothing on eyes.
  7. Cookie5

    Feedback Thread

    Hi peegee, could you please share a screenshot with us so we can check it? The picture of HUD will work best, thanks! :)
  8. Cookie5

    New Respawn Screen (dev branch)

    Good feedback so far! 1. & 3. These buttons will be removed soon and functionality for the menu button will be mapped to Esc key 2. Yes, this is known issue that need's to be fixed 4. We would like to dim the screen when pause menu is opened 5. We'll put this into consideration 6. Brand new icons are being prepared for this, stay tuned!