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  1. do NOT use createVehicle for units... You could use createVehicleCrew, or BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle, with same. Alternate: createUnit
  2. Array Find Question

    No need to re-invent the wheel. If using CBA 3, fnc_hashCreate. Allows for default value.
  3. I think there's some issues if you're using sqs, instead of sqf: The control structures listed in the article Control Structures may also be used in SQS syntax. Note that they must be written within a single line... So, if you are using an sqs script to call the sqf script via ExecVM, try following the rules for sqs posted here
  4. pook_SAM Pack v1.0

    I have to commend you gentlemen for continuing the Arma 2 legacy. I, myself, have not made the jump to A3. I still enjoy the A2 environment, and simply, have refused to give in to Steam. Keep battling my friends, for your work is not going unwanted!
  5. Mirek, what exactly are you trying to do here? Looks to me that it would be best to use addAction on the hostages, then you can use the condition of the addAction with _this and _target to have the action available or not. Maybe wrong direction, but if you want to free the hostages? kylania has one example: Hostage Capture Script (addAction) which you could easily modify the condition
  6. First off, good job taking the time to develop this. Now, how about some constructive criticism? I don't read Russian, So it's hard to figure out what exactly you require for array elements, or optional elements. You should really look into similar technique as ruebe, or others who use selection via key and element. With 12 possible elements, I need a guide handy to figure out what each one was for(after I learn Russian). One quick question is about the default position. It is initialized as an array: _defaultPos = []; if ((count _this) > 11) then { _defaultPos = _this select 11;}; but then: So my default position must be an array of an array(s)? Otherwise, if I just pass getMarkerPos "whatever", that may count to more than 0... returns [5850.45,11121.5,-0.0307541]. That counts 3, but will fail in the code, because it's not an array of array. More explanation in the first post may have drawn more attention. But like I stated earlier, having 12 elements, of which it looks like 10 are required, will deter most. Again, I don't mean to upset you, just some food for thought.
  7. To bad Tankbuster already coined the term Project Phoenix, although that has probably fallen back to ashes also... Great work goliath86!
  8. I would go back and ask yourself why you're getting an array as a sting within your array first.
  9. Spawn Convoy onto Road ?

    psvialli, the problem with the above examples, and probably what you're finding out is that you cannot just set direction using the nearRoad segment, because: 1. You must find the direction between the current segment, and the next segment, IN THE DIRECTION the convoy is supposed to travel. 2. You need to space the position of the vehicles, along the same route, IN THE DIRECTION of travel. If you are willing to add another folder of scripts to make this work, I use the Rube library script version, and have found that Rube's findRoute function works the best. Posted below is recipe. 1. Create new mission in editor. 2. Add an opfor player to the map, since you are using East. 3. Create a radio Alpha trigger, axis a 0, axis b 0, leave at once, and name convoy. in On Act, add: null = [] execVM "convoy_test.sqf"; Save Mission. 4. In mission folder, add the following: Init.sqf add the following(or create) I see Rube has named the newest edition folder RUBE.140712, just change name to RUBE once extracted, and drop into mission folder. You do not need the description.ext declarations, unless using the dialogs stuff(Rube weather, etc.) 5. Save the following as convoy_test.sqf(thanks to KK for the SQF to BBCode Converter): Now some notes. I tried to leave the bulk of your code you had originally posted intact, even though it must be a snippet. I changed the distance on the first position check, because I wanted to spawn the convoy near me, for testing. I removed the vip person or items you originally posted. Couldn't figure out what it was since the same name was used for a person? and an array of items. I added markers for the waypoints, for visual. You can remove. set _wpmarkers to false I changed your CBA markers, because I didn't know what _cid was??? If you don't see the convoy, it may have spawned on the other side of town. View the map to see the markers. If so, restart mission and try again, or change the distance check for the first nearRoads. Convoy driving in Arma2 is terrible, but seems to work. I always use an edited version of DTM's convoy with Rube's findRoute... You can change, or call this differently. It is only a test to show you what is needed. I threw this one together rather quickly, so there may be parts which are not needed. I did test several times, and works as intended(vehicles spaced out evenly in the direction of travel of the convoy route) Let me know if you have any questions. panther42
  10. Unfortunately no. Silvie blacklist is only based on "house" type, not location blacklist(unless I missed something). If you stand on the runway, and do the same check as BIS does in the fsm, you can find buildings to add to your blacklist. Just add your list to the existing one I gave you above. if you use logging tail program or want to look in rpt. List is long, so maybe reduce distance: These will be in format (someobject.p3d...) so you'll need to convert to the classname from cfg. You can use typeOf. I can give you pointer if you need help to diag_log the typeOf list... Here is the code to put in On Act of repeating radio trigger if needed:
  11. Hello Mirek, sorry to hear you're mad. Here is some help: Silvie blacklist is default to the following: When the fsm runs for Silvie, it checks _twnpos nearobjects ["House",500]; It will not use the "house" position if in the default blacklist, meaning you did not setVariable your own blacklist. If you setVariable your own blacklist, it will override the default. It then creates the vehicle near the "house" position, near a road, using nearRoads... So, if there are areas you do not want vehicles to spawn(typeOf _house), must be added to your own list, and you can include the above default list.
  12. Thank you for the reply fabrizio. Nice to see us "old timers" still around. As for the handledamage event handler for the player, here is the problem in A2/OA. Again, I do not have A3, so it may work differently: Called from bcombat.sqf: Then in common.sqf, bcombat_fnc_unit_initialize: Which leads to bcombat_fnc_eh_handledamage: So you end up with the player having a HandleDamage eventhandler which contains nothing {}. From the Biki: _this select 2, or in your code body_part_damage, is not returned for the player(outside the if/then). I can post more, but like I said, I do not want to derail your A3 thread(only if you insist... :D )
  13. Sounds like you might be interested in this: _William's PlannedAssault web based mission builder
  14. Hello fabrizio, I have been following your work for a while, and waiting to see if Dar would announce he's successfully converted bcombat to A2/OA. This was posted way back on post 84. He may have given up. I have a fully functioning ver 0.17RC in A2/OA. Of course I had to change a lot of commands, and add new functions(one is to check for silenced weapon). I also noticed in A2/OA you add an eventhandler "handledamage" to the player, but it is then not defined, which makes the player invincible... This may work different in A3, as I do not have A3(that's another story). Anyway, I will not sidetrack your A3 thread, so if you're interested in having a copy, and possibly releasing for your A2/OA fans, send me a pm and I can send you the files and discuss some of the features you were intending/I have altered. I WILL NOT release/post anything. I understand if you're busy working on v 0.17 Final. Great work, and thank you for your contribution to the community. panther42
  15. Well Arch3rAc3, part of the problem is a design flaw maybe? This global variable(GL4_Global select 67) is used for rearming, as noted in the user config file, but also referenced in SNKMAN's GL4_Get_In_F.sqf via GL4_Preprocess.sqf: GL4_Preprocess.sqf Which leads to: This all has do do with units mounting vehicles, not rearming... As for the rearming itself, the design is NOT to rearm magazines, but to rearm with weapon from DEAD units: I have also highlighted this is dependent on GL4_Global select 26 && GL4_Global select 67 Maybe the units mounting vehicles is disabled overall, I have not dug deeper into the code. I may have looked at this wrong, but that's the way it seems to me. Hopefully this helps.