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  1. As the title eludes to, I finally decided to mess around with the communication menu after all these years. I was playing SOG PF in the editor with @pierremgi 's MGI Advanced Modules, found here or here, using Spawn Groups Attack modules and having one heck of a time defending an SF base in Khe Sanh. I had a hard set editor placed defending contingent. I was not using any AI revive and it got to the point the enemy was within the base compound. Thought to my self, I could have used some reinforcements. In the same mission, I use BIS support modules, and unfortunately, none are reinforce. So, I decided to delve into the communication menu and make my own reinforcement communication menu. The following is what came out of it (does not include the description.ext part): Now this works fine with all the other scripts I have made for reinforcements via helicopter insertion landing and paradrop within the mission. Problem is, it's pretty much hard coded for West and SOG PF. My question to any familiar with the communication menu is if there is a better way to have multiple submenus like above, but without all the hard coding? I've looked at almost all forum topics regarding the communication menu, and they just don't seem to address the same issue. Even searched out @Larrow's knowledgeable posts, but they also seem to address one aspect or another, not the total package I'm looking for (unless I'm just blind). My next goal was to make a Module with the same ingredients, but you'd be able to choose side, faction, etc. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Ok, thanks @Larrow. From what I understand then, I can only update what is set in the description.ext and stored in BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem_menu. In my case, this shows up as: [[1,"Call Reinforcements","#USER:MENU_REINFORCE_1","_this = [bis_o1,_pos,_target,_is3D,1];","1","","\a3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\CommunicationMenu\call_ca.paa",""]] Using your post, which I did read previously and was trying to decipher how I could use it, I would need to do the following if I wanted different menu for another faction: 1. Create MENU_REINFORCE_4, 5, etc., which would be identical to MENU_REINFORCE_1 (edit as needed if "Reinforce Paradrop" will not be option) 2. Create all the MENU_REINFORCE_4_1..._4_5, etc. submenus to MENU_REINFORCE_4 3. Add your functions to mission and edit a bit, and based on faction of player, I should be able call [ "Reinforce", "#USER:MENU_REINFORCE_4" ] call p42_fnc_updateCommMenuItem; (my description.ext class is Reinforce) 4. In your function update to: I think I'm tracking. Is this what your intent was? FWIW, the use of TAG in peoples functions/scripting was supposed to identify individual creators and is/was kept at OFPEC. I see a lot of users just keep the "TAG" not knowing what it means... Ok, after looking over the code in that function, a direct call to it will not work with only the two passed parameters because it only queries BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem_menu if the third parameter is passed for the index ("_menuID",-1) and > -1. Direct call would need the ID from when I initially stored in: private _callReinf = [player,"Reinforce"] call BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem;
  3. @gatordev I have no issue using "in2a" or out2a" configured in CfgRadio as such: then just use in script like this: player sideRadio "radio_beep_from" or [playerSide,"HQ"] sideRadio "radio_beep_to"; etc. Of course you need a radio to use sideRadio
  4. For whatever reason, the engine does NOT like: ( _compPos isEqualType "" && { getMarkerPos _compPos != [0,0,0] } ) paired in the same line and spits out the error code: deleted incorrect posting here... failed to recognize my own coding I would say odd behavior, and stick to just entering _compReference = ["ArtyMission", getMarkerPos _artmarker] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; Did you change any of the _compReference paramaters for the LARs call? If you want to use the marker rotation to set the rotation of your composition, you'll have to just edit fn_getCompPosition: ( _compPos isEqualType "" && { getMarkerPos _compPos != [0,0,0] } ) to be only ( _compPos isEqualType "" ) You can now use just _artmarker and remember to edit your call to LARS_fnc_spawnComp: _compReference = ["ArtyMission", _artmarker, [0,0,0], true] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp;
  5. you can put his code back and just adjust your call to: _compReference = ["ArtyMission", getMarkerPos _artmarker] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp;
  6. Ok, I tested on a sample composition mission I had, and it would not just take the marker name. I got the same error. I had to enter like this: private _compReference = [ "XoXanhVCPOWCamp", getMarkerPos "marker_0"] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp;
  7. something does not seem correct with your mission folder setup or scripts. Any chance to post screenshots of folder structure with files or upload the mission?
  8. With the above screenshot, can you just go simple and try this: _compReference =["ArtyMission", "arty_spawn_marker"] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp;
  9. Of course. In single player, your machine is the server. See the following: Event Scripts Initialisation Order
  10. This is true, but the composition will be spawned at the coordinates WHERE IT WAS CREATED (someone created this at some place on the map) These markers are placed in the editor and named as you have given?
  11. You can't skip parameters. Try like this (if you want ignore_atloffset to be true? Your last parameter is true) private _compReference =["ArtyMission", _artmarker, [0,0,0], 0, true, true, true] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; I should clarify the above. You can't skip if something you want to change is not the default. I have no clue what your ending true is for. You could just have the following if you do not want to change anything past the position: private _compReference =["ArtyMission", _artmarker] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp;
  12. That line should include your class defined... private _compReference = [ ArtyMission, _artmarker, 0, 0, true, true] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; Also, your parameters do not align correctly with what Larrow mentioned:
  13. ok, what is on line 7 of artymissionspwn.sqf?
  14. _compReference = [ COMP_NAME, POS_ATL, OFFSET, DIR, ALIGN_TERRAIN, ALIGN_WATER, IGNORE_ATLOFFSET ] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; Use the private variable _compReference, or something of your choice, because Larrows code is built to return: "The function call will also return a reference string for the composition. Which can be used with some of the provided utility functions."
  15. Did you try entering by the Class you defined? class ArtyMission Otherwise, I'd stick to naming the class the same as the .sqe as Larrow did
  16. // is a comment line, and is not read. Just as @Larrow instructed in his thread: Here is a bit more on Class Inheritance
  17. without digging deep into your entire mission, this part is incorrect: and should be: with // in front of spawnartymission
  18. @redarmy you went it the wrong direction with the coding. HitPart is an array of arrays. You started off correct with (_this select 0) params ...
  19. @Psychobastard without looking into your changes, the below lines, or variants of, may help alleviate issues with DLC FAK/Medikit in the future: _hasFAK = ((((assignedItems _unit) + (items _unit)) findIf {getNumber (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _x >> "ItemInfo" >> "type") == 401}) > -1); _hasMedikit = ((((assignedItems _unit) + (items _unit)) findIf {getNumber (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _x >> "ItemInfo" >> "type") == 619}) > -1);
  20. @johnnyboy perhaps a look inside C2 may provide help. Your image made me immediately think of C2 HUD MODE image on the WS...
  21. Bug fix and added another variable to AIS_SETUP. Think this should be the last for now. Bug fix: Added another variable to AIS_SETUP; AIS_INCLUDE_SPAWN_UNITS:
  22. I never play COOP or Multiplayer myself, so not certain I will be a great help. Will try what I can. I thought Psycho designed AIS for the following: Auto-Init a group of units: "allPlayers" , "allPlayables" , "allUnits", "allUnitsBLUFOR", "allUnitsOPFOR", "allUnitsINDFOR", "allUnitsCIVILIAN" Does what you do not fall in these categories? I mainly spend my time scripting and messing in editor for testing. One I do play is edited DRO for S.O.G.
  23. Thank you @Play3r & @avibird 1 for checking out. Avibird 1, not certain I tagged the correct one, as there are two which show up with same name... I keep messing around with different settings. Sorry to post multiple test missions. No feedback, so unsure if people even use this anymore. I have made one more change for now, and I think it works better for AI injury handling. Don't know why I didn't try before, but have now utilized setUnconscious command. AI do not run around trying to heal the injured AI soldier (Orders via team leader Heal, Heal Solder, etc.). AI squad members react to gunfire and get down. Psycho's AIS is now more in control. AI will heal others/self heal after revived by AIS. Try it out and give any feedback. I didn't implement yet for player(s), but may. Also, tinkering around with capturing units spawned after mission start. Have a good handle utilizing mission event handler EntityCreated, just need to funnel down into what was selected via AIS_SETUP. May not be worth it, as user can create/spawn own units via script and send to AIS_SYSTEM_fnc_loadAIS as they wish. Any thoughts? I do have an old copy of auto loading mod, but that one was personal copy I used to load AIS for all units (blufor/opfor) By the way, does anyone know why the "magic" damage value of .89 was implemented by Psycho? latest test mission S.O.G. Cam Lao Nam again, this one does have a radio trigger to spawn some enemy AI (basically was part of my test for EntityCreated) and watch a slaughter... This one is AIS_MEDICAL_EDUCATION = 1
  24. Last edit (unless fixes needed) and I'll leave this Psycho circus alone. Remarks and download below:
  25. Ok, made some more updates after some testing. Decided to add new post rather than edit. Here are the latest "enhancements":