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  1. hello mister desarraldor buy my DLC pack and it does not appear everything is still blocked and I do not see official servers please can you help me with this

  2. hey, see you can help some guys with the issue, not able to connect to the bohemia servers,...on of our  mates also have this problem, he try reinstall and also optimize the time from the country on the pc, both not work ;( maybe you can help ? best regards and thanks in advance

  3. ITokyYourCookie

    Suggestions for Halloween

    Well lucky you, this is pretty much what we implemented, go check out the Argo Steam Market :)
  4. Hi. In the link there is one error that allows you to get more than 15,000 points in one battle. The problem in calculating the number of points for being captured on Maine. Sometimes the calculation is not given at the time when you go to Maine , and during the next respawn. Therefore, if the calculation is not stopped and if not to revive the game thinks you're still in Maine. Eventually not rise up for a round you will get points the same as if it was in Maine. The language barrier prevents me to explain clearly...if need be , I will record a video.

    1. ITokyYourCookie


      Video would help greatly with reproducing this issue.

  5. ITokyYourCookie


    Please report this to feedback tracker - https://feedback.bistudio.com/project/view/12/ with the further needed information.
  6. ITokyYourCookie

    Combat Patrol

    We are currently looking into the presets of AI, and we want to tweak it a bit, to maintain the challenging nature of the scenario, but to remove the strong frustration and feelings of unfairness.
  7. ITokyYourCookie

    Argo feedback after 120 hours of play

    True, but the information flow should improve, as Argo will finally have a Community Manager, she is now in training :P 1) The missing loadouts is something we are aware of and investigating as it does not happen in the game but while transferring information to our Cloud system 2) Will report this and see what can be done. 3) Do you have any video or repro steps or is it random? 4) We are currently looking into tweaking AI presets to still be challenging but not frustrating.
  8. If you have issues with Steam as well, it's most likely issue with your connection or Steam itself, try reinstalling it.
  9. ITokyYourCookie

    EU servers are not displayed

    Yeah, baffling I know :)
  10. ITokyYourCookie

    EU servers are not displayed

    It's public holidays today at Czech Republic :) Almost no one is at work. Unlucky it happened today, otherwise it would obviously be solved quicker.
  11. ITokyYourCookie

    EU servers are not displayed

    Servers should be back online again.
  12. ITokyYourCookie

    EU servers are not displayed

    There indeed is some issue with EU servers, we are working on it.
  13. ITokyYourCookie

    Feedback Thread

    Added in last update :) The delays was because it was separate system to the one which kicks players for inactivity in scenarios.
  14. ITokyYourCookie

    My game won't launch on Steam!

    If you have 64bit, it will choose that for you. Also sometimes reinstalling Steam helps.