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  1. gencubanbig

    Buy DLC Pack Does not activate

    Hello friend, it's unfair that one buys the DLC and it does not work, it's just cosmetic, so you'll pay several dollars more without incentives, I think this game is dead and the developers are not interested, they're just worried about the money and they're spending your time and resources in ARMA 3 and Day z there if you are interested in giving support I think they were unfair in doing this and not giving a clarification to offer something that does not work do not waste your time do not answer the messages, they hurt the game, they threw it in the trash just for not having patience
  2. gencubanbig

    Buy DLC Pack Does not activate

    hello dear friends since yesterday I bought the Argo DLC but I do not see official servers of Argo premum nor do they appear Weapons unlocked please can you inform me what procedures have to be done for their real activation, at this time it is not possible to see premium servers nor the new ones skins or weapons can explain me what to do for this matter thanks
  3. Hola amigos de Argo Nuestro proyecto Legio latina sempe fi está invitando a todos a unirse a nuestra red con este sistema que jugará todo conectado por vpn no tendrá demoras y no sufrirá desconexiones por favor siga las instrucciones descargue http://www.radmin-vpn.com/es/ en una de las pestañas arriba indica que para unirse a una red escriba LEGION LATINA SEMPER FI todo en mayúsculas La contraseña de Red jehova1971 y listo ahora ve y abre tu juego de Argo y allí en el lugar que dice unirse a un host de amigo para poner la siguiente contraseña si te preguntan jehova1971 para no cerrar el vpn esto los mantendrá conectados a todos en internet sin sufrir la latencia de todos los huéspedes. Adjuntaremos algunas imágenes para que todos puedan entender nuestro contacto en Facebok es https://www.facebook.com/groups/2138729416448622/ discordia https://discord.gg/GqxQXS Gracias a todos Hello friends of Argo Our Project Legio latina sempe fi is inviting everyone to join our network with this system will play all connected by vpn will not have lag and will not suffer disconnections please follow the instructions download http://www.radmin-vpn.com/es/ in one of the tabs above top says to join a network write LEGION LATINA SEMPER FI all in capital letters Password of Red jehova1971 and ready now go and open your Argo game and there in the place that says to join host of friend to put the following password if they ask you jehova1971 not to close the vpn this will keep them connected to all in the internet without suffer all guests latency. we will attach some images for everyone to understand our contact in facebok es https://www.facebook.com/groups/2138729416448622/ discord https://discord.gg/GqxQXS Thank you all
  4. Hello everyone is very nice to be around here we have several game servers and have been playing Argo for a long time but the truth today I felt disappointed has servers with this name CUSTOM -US-TX-EC Combat Patrol are good custom servors I will tell you how an administrator who thinks himself almighty called HIMKO as he said administer these servers offended me and my friend saying very vulgar and very strong words I think that this kind of people should not be in this community or should be the attention is a place where many enter I think that this guy Himko is not respectful to the community and gives a very bad image to Bohemia made this report here because it was impossible to realize otherwise the truth I felt very offended by this person is very bad attitude towards people who come to have fun This should not happen thanks and I send this report to the directors of Bohemia.