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  1. l3nny.uk

    Server spectator/referee

    Many thanks for the reply, that is a shame that there is no way to have it, i have seen that in a Argo advert video it shows game play from the free moving camera like you get in the editor. would it be possible to use that? thanks
  2. l3nny.uk

    Argo League / Tournament

    This is very true. As mentioned i will be creating a 5v5 clash tournament and link in the future and we look forward to seeing you and other players on the website joining in. I havr no control other what the devs do but we can only ask. Until then still come on down and be a active member of our community. Thanks L3NNY.UK
  3. l3nny.uk

    Argo League / Tournament

    We decided to start with just raid game play to start with as everyone has a fair chance of having a team with a mixed level of players be able to compete. If low level players were in a clash game against higher ranking players as lt.master pointed out DMR's are usually the weapon of choice in this game mode as there is alot more freedom and space to use long range shots. I personally am only level 9 but can compete easily against higher level individuals and come of better even with my limited choice of weapons and equipment. When i have used this tournament to grasp the basics of setup and organising the event then i will open up more tournaments for each game mode and even have a tournament that uses each game mode to mix the gameplay up. Game 1 as a link map game 2 as a raid map and game 3 as a clash map. And have it best of 3 which the maps and game modes will be random so no team has any advantage. We are open to ideas and crits too as the more information you guys supply the better the experiance we can give and better setup of the matches. Thanks
  4. l3nny.uk

    Argo League / Tournament

    We currently have seperate clans from different locations from around the world but still open for new and ecisting teams to join in... come on over to our site and play Argo for what it was meant for as a competitive gaming. We have respected members from the Argo community registered and participating such as DL Shane and lieutenantmaster.. And Hope to see more members soon!
  5. Hi, as some of you guys know i am currently putting together a small tournament. I am looking to see if it is possible to open a extra slot on the server as a spectator for a referee to spectate the matches to ensure fair play during the matches. this post is more aimed at the Devs to see if this is something they could either implement of something i could do with a bit of help from the community from people who know how to set this up. (if possible at all???) thanks L3NNY.UK
  6. l3nny.uk

    New mode Feedback

    Hi guys, I think the game modes are great they already have there are a few things i would like to see if it would work. I was a big fan and player Back in the day of AA:SF and loved the hospital map where 1 player was the vip located in the hospital and would hide out till the Escorting team came and extracted him and the ambush team was to prevent this from happening. I also think in clash instead of just holding down a area then moving on to pick anouther etc. I think it would be cool if each objective was a different one. I.e collect the intel, secure the weapons cache, capture the objective, search and destroy. This would just stir things up a little and give abit of randomization to the game mode. I must admit i like 5v5 but i still think on the larger game mode clash it could work better as a 10v10
  7. l3nny.uk

    Argo Videos

    Hi guys Just a little video i compiled together of some of my video capturing. 1st time doing this so hope you guys enjoy and open to crits too. Hope you Enjoy thanks
  8. l3nny.uk


    Hi guys, I dont know if you have seen my thread but i have invested into making a website for clans to register and there members and be part of a league and tournaments throughout the year. Its free to register and free to join in and be part of the league and tournaments. My website is www.battlegroundgamingleague.com
  9. l3nny.uk

    Argo League / Tournament

    REGISTRATION OPEN.. The tournament has been created and we are just waiting for more teams to register on the site which is Free and enter the FREE open tournament for Argo fans to compete in. Come on down and join in the fun @ www.battlegroundgamingleague.com
  10. l3nny.uk

    Argo League / Tournament

    Thanks for comments i have heavily invested time into this and my own money to try and start this up, i do take this on board and i will contact the dev team to see what they can do and see if this is something they plan to do. I will be still making the site as i plan on seeing if it takes off maybe having tournaments with small prize money or items for winners etc. I understand it moves away from the devs site. Thanks again
  11. l3nny.uk

    Argo League / Tournament

    I am currently just waiting for my domain to go live for my website. The website Is www.battlegroundgamingleague.com thanks
  12. l3nny.uk

    Argo League / Tournament

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on a website to allow teams to join/register to play Argo Competitively in both a league and tournaments. The website also has recruiting section for players not in a team to try and find a team who are recruiting. I am just gauging interest in this as if there is quite a few teams want to try this out i will be looking at getting a few servers for the matches to take place and for prizes to be won in the tournaments. Thanks for taking time to read this l3nny.uk