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  1. Update: Added support for rich presence buttons Added ability to manually disable the mod if it is loaded This is useful for players who are forced to load the mod as part of a mod pack but do not wish to display rich presence info on their discord profile // Execute this code snippet in the debug console profileNamespace setVariable ["DiscordRichPresence_disabled",true]; Rewrote extension to remove discord-rpc.dll dependency
  2. Connor.

    Extended Chat

    RCON should work the same. This addon is basically a new front end for the chat system, it shouldn't change any underlying features (such as what is sent to RCON). Is that something you're experiencing?
  3. Connor.

    Extended Chat

    Update v2.2: Implemented some new commands from A3 2.02 Changed settings data to save in hashmap format Removed workarounds for message broadcasting and handling as the HandleChatMessage event handler is now fixed This update makes Extended Chat a fully functioning replacement for vanilla chat
  4. Connor.

    Extended Chat

    Update v2.1.1: Added mute and unmute chat commands Uses player mentions to specify who to mute/unmute
  5. Connor.

    Extended Chat

    Update v2.1: Added group mentioning (#13) Mission config setting CAU_xChat_mentionGroups to disable Added custom roles framework function CAU_xChat_fnc_role (#14) Added custom role mentioning (similar to mentioning roles on discord) (#7) Added whisper chat command (#8) Mission config setting CAU_xChat_whisperCommand to disable Added player muting (#10) Muted state is persistent across sessions Added website whitelist (#10) Makes approved links clickable in the history viewer Added bad word and phrase filter (#10) Comes with a predefined list Can be modified as desired via the settings menu Added show/hide chat feed keybind setting (#5) Added show/hide chat feed behavior setting when joining while stream safe ui is enabled (#6) Added support for all Twemoji emojis Full pack available for download here Fixed death messages showing in the victim's localization Fixed missing signature message not printing to chat Fixed suggestion UI scroll bar showing on large UI size when first loaded Fixed incorrect chat feed position when zeus ui is open Fixed rare case of unit id not being set for mentioning Fixed rare case of death message printing multiple times (hopefully) Modified method of compiling structured text Bad characters should no longer break message content Emoji and mention parsing is now considerably faster Modified emoji config format to allow for multiple keywords and shortcuts per emoji Modified settings UI layout to 3 columns Removed emoji packs stringtable
  6. Update: Fixed not working with -world=empty Fixed not working after joining a server (no longer kicks back to main menu as a workaround) Modified some strings to use a3 stringtable references Minor script optimizations
  7. It is entirely possible it was because i privated it on steam. Have just tested it works and set it public again, didn't think anyone used it tbh because CBA added their own a couple of weeks after I released this.
  8. Connor.

    Extended Chat

    Update v2.0: Addon is now plug-and-play, MP and SP compatible Added player mentions (discord style) Added mention text and background colour settings Added suggestive text Provides emoji, mention and command suggestions as you type Supports A3, Extended Chat and CBA commands Added suggestive text autocomplete keybind setting (default: TAB) Added support for new radioChannelInfo script command This makes CAU_xChat_fnc_radioChannelCustom obsolete Added support for new HandleChatMessage mission eventhandler Addon now displays vanilla connect/disconnect/kick/ban/rcon/death messages This makes CAU_xChat_fnc_sendMessage obsolete Added battleye kick/ban message filter setting Added CAU_xChat_handleChatMessage scripted eventhandler Allows overriding default behaviour inside the main HandleChatMessage mission event Added support for new systemTime script command on message timestamps in history viewer Fixed logging variable reverting to default value on JIP clients Fixed vanilla commands not printing to chat when command prefix setting was modified Fixed settings data resetting when updating over multiple settings versions Fixed sometimes inaccurate death messages Fixed connect/disconnect messages now show when a player enters/exits the mp lobby, rather than the mission Modified description.ext configuration properties are now optional Modified emoji parsing logic is now over 5 times faster Modified history viewer to allow filtering of individual custom radio channels Modified interrupt menu button creation now occurs in an OnGameInterrupt scripted eventhandler Modified pre-send message processing now occurs on KeyDown rather than Destroy event Modified message content is now trimmed of whitespace Modified logging extension appends lines in a less weird way Removed emoji selector UI (replaced by suggestive text) Removed CAU_xChat_messageAdded scripted eventhandler Removed unsupported mission message and filter setting No longer needed as the addon is now compatible with any mission
  9. Connor.

    Extended Function Viewer

    Update: Added extension for faster sqf parsing. When active, applying syntax highlighting to large functions is almost instant. Automatically falls back to sqf-based parsing if the extension fails to load (it is not battleye whitelisted) or encounters an error. Added support for CfgScriptPaths UI functions Improved detection of preprocessor commands
  10. Update: Added support for mod-based rich presence settings (used across the entire game, not just during missions) Added user-friendly text when in the main menu and editor Modified reinitialization to provide smoother transition between main menu/editor/mission when using the same app id
  11. Connor.

    [MP] Gun Game (Vanilla/Modded)

    I'm still not having any luck replicating 😞 Could you pm me your client and server rpt files from a session where this has occurred?
  12. Connor.

    [MP] Gun Game (Vanilla/Modded)

    Update: Added Unsung maps (listed below), weapons and clothing support. Da Krong, Quang Tri Vietnam Đông Hà, Quang Tri, Vietnam Doung Island, Rung Sat Vietnam Phu Bai, Hue, Vietnam Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam Song Bin Tanh, Mekong Delta, Vietnam Added CUP Cherno 2020 map support. Added Cherno Redux map support. Added RHSPKL (Prei Khmaoch Luong) map support. Added local game profile and server profile custom preset saving for combat zone positions and weapon pools on the admin menu. Added mission parameters "CombatZoneCustom" and "WeaponPoolCustom". Brief usage instructions can be found here. For use in the server.cfg only, these parameters allow for loading a specific server-saved custom preset on server start, without needing an admin in game to apply the change via admin menu. Added mission parameter "AIDifficultyRandom". When enabled, individual AI difficulty will vary from "Storm Trooper" to the difficulty set by the "AIDifficulty" parameter. Fixed mission parameter "AIDifficulty" not recognizing the default setting. Modified damage modifier is now disabled when set to 1x. Modified script file headers to provide information on the function being viewed.
  13. Connor.

    [MP] Gun Game (Vanilla/Modded)

    I can't seem to replicate this issue. What map are you experiencing this on and what other mods/servermods are enabled?
  14. Connor.

    [MP] Gun Game (Vanilla/Modded)

    I'll see if I can improve the damage modifier any, as well as ignoring the system entirely if the param is set to 1x.
  15. Connor.

    [MP] Gun Game (Vanilla/Modded)

    Yeah it is only temporary for that session. I'll look at adding a way to save/load presets for weapon pools, and custom zone positions while I'm at it.