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  1. Connor.

    Extended Function Viewer

    Would probably be easiest to just move my button to a different position, I won't be doing it though. Don't have arma installed to test anymore. Have higher priorities at the moment and arma has always been a weak spot so I'm actively trying to keep myself from falling back into developing 😛
  2. Script based anticheat for Arma 3. This anticheat has been active on a single life server (avg 70 players during peak time) since July 2017. In the 22 months since, it has banned over 900 malicious accounts. My intention in releasing it is so anyone can read through what I consider to be a very competent anticheat, learn something from it and apply that knowledge to their own custom anticheat. It is important to note any script based anticheat will never be able to replace battleye. This is a second layer of defense for catching those who slip through the cracks. I am walking away from arma to properly focus on getting my life together, so this is kind of a farewell gift I guess. Considering how effective it has been, I'd say it is easily the best work I've done in arma. Noteworthy detection capabilities: Terminated anticheat threads Hijacked anticheat threads Blocked anticheat initialization Alternate accounts Spoofed playerid Unknown addon patches Modified addon patch source Modified display eventhandlers Unknown code variables Unknown function class Modified function class source Modified function file path Modified function character count Modified display controls Unauthorised eventhandlers added to player and some displays Source code: https://github.com/ConnorAU/A3AntiCheat Discord: https://discord.gg/DMkxetD
  3. Close Quarters Combat mission on Altis. Nothing special here, just a pvp ffa mission I made a while ago that I figure is worth releasing now that I plan on spending far less time around arma. Have had a surprising number of people ask for it, so here it is. Source code: https://github.com/ConnorAU/A3CQC Discord: https://discord.gg/DMkxetD
  4. Connor.

    Extended Function Viewer

    Update: Added: Sort by viewed function history Added: Select last selected function when re-opening the UI
  5. Connor.

    [MP] Gun Game (Vanilla/Modded)

    Update: Added admin menu (F2 for in-game admin) Override mission parameters Select custom combat zone locations Select custom weapon pools Added damage modifier mission parameter Added Extended Chat support/integration Added User Input Menus support/integration Changed all displays from script-based to config-based Fixed rare issue where units wouldn't correctly load into the game, causing them to be invisible and unable to rank up Fixed missing "onLoadName" property Removed unnecessary script macros
  6. Connor.

    User Input Menus

    Update: Simplified syntax on all functions (info available on github wiki) Thickened padding around text control on guiMessage display Moved text control on guiMessage display inside a control group to allow text scrolling if the text height exceeds the screen resolution
  7. Connor.

    Extended Function Viewer

    Update: Added: Sort by CfgFunctions parent group Added: Collapse/Expand all buttons Added: Changing sort mode auto-selects the previously selected function Added: Font size adjustment buttons Changed: Syntax toggle control from drop box to button Fixed: Code view not refreshing on theme/load method switch if a parent class was selected in the list Minor clean up of some duplicate code
  8. Connor.

    Extended Function Viewer

    This is a limitation. The only good way to have multi-colour text is using a structured text control, which can't be selected. I'll get onto this 👍
  9. I think its about time the function viewer was shown some love and replace that ghastly light theme with one more pleasing to the eyes. Features: Themes Atom One Dark Atom One Light 🤢 VSCode Dark+ VSCode Light+ 🤮 Syntax Highlighting Line numbers Multiple file loading methods loadFile, preprocessFile & preprocessFileLineNumbers Copy to clipboard SP & MP Compatible Search filter Search by function name and file path Sort functions list by CfgFunctions hierarchy CfgFunctions parent group Function tag Viewed function history SteamWS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1678581937 Github: https://github.com/ConnorAU/A3ExtendedFunctionViewer Discord: https://discord.gg/DMkxetD
  10. Connor.

    Extended Chat

    Update: Chat is now enabled by default Add warning log for missions that aren't set up to use ExtendedChat Add toggle for unsupported mission warning logs Add VON logs (when logs extension is in use)
  11. Multi-purpose user input displays for use in your missions and mods. The idea for this came from constantly writing up new UIs to get user input, realizing it would be so much simpler to have a set of displays and functions specifically for user input. This mod allows developers to display information to the player and then execute code with their input as the argument. It is designed to make things a little easier, saving time and effort for any developers who wish to use it. I used this idea in a mission a long time back, can't seem to find anything like it public so figured I'd turn it into a mod. The images and demo video below shows some examples as to the types of things you may ask a player for input on. There are four types of input menus: guiMessage - returns true/false listBox - returns selected index, lbData and lbValue slider - returns slider value text (single and multi-line) - returns text value All menus are designed to run fully unscheduled. I know for most people that isn't important, but I've always found it annoying having to use scheduled environment for BIS_fnc_guiMessage, so with this I don't have to 🙂 A scripted version of this is available on github. You can use it to embed this mod inside your mission file. SteamWS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1673595418 Github: https://github.com/ConnorAU/A3UserInputMenus Discord: https://discord.gg/DMkxetD
  12. I've needed a color picker tool like this in the past, figure other people have too. Sure there are plenty of tools out there but it's kind of nice to have one ingame right on the debug console & tools dropdown in 3den. Allows input and output of the following color formats: RGBA1 (Arma format) RGBA256 Hex SteamWS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1668729705 Github: https://github.com/ConnorAU/A3ColorPicker Discord: https://discord.gg/DMkxetD
  13. I have wanted to make some additions to the chat for a long time now, but always had things to do so it ended up on the back burner. Recently though, my interested in the idea was reignited and now we have this mod 🙂 Features: New chat UI Visual redesign Scrolling animation Fade in/out Emoji support Twemoji pack available on github Very easy to add your own in your mission file or mod Chat commands Add as many commands as you like, to do as many things as you like 😁 History viewer In depth message history with filters and search terms so you can find any message Settings Toggle channels on and off to keep the chat feed tidy Modify the behavior of mod to your liking Server-side logging Log all text communication Log when a player starts/stops speaking in VON SteamWS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1667280668 Github: https://github.com/ConnorAU/A3ExtendedChat Discord: https://discord.gg/DMkxetD
  14. Update: Added support for endTimestamp Updated startTimestamp to allow developer-defined start times Developer information is available here: https://gist.github.com/ConnorAU/b44448714e7ac46715d6959be8dd4240
  15. map controls created with ctrlCreate dont show position properly. there may be some mathematical way to fix it but its easier to just define your display as a config class