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  1. Sorry for necro month-old post but I am quite sure people will try that again. The answer is - you cannot do it if you don't have direct access to the model. It needs to have a specific set of memory points as reference points for AFM. So, it the addon in question hasn't been made for AFM, most likely it doesn't have those mem points included.
  2. NightIntruder

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Pilania

    Probably you already knew this source, but anyway... Free ones, filtered for "rocks" and suitable licenses: Sketchfab - > click
  3. NightIntruder

    Aerodrome ICAO signs Mod

    Oh, no. Just security credentials (or some security issues) have changed when it comes to googledrive recently. You can send me a message there, and I will respond giving you an access to the files. I am not sure if I can change that so you could get access automatically. But, yes, the other link has gone for a good. Gotta look into the issue cause more and more ppl asking for the files...
  4. NightIntruder

    flaps are still useful?

    Agree. It was a pleasure to read this one. Thank you @ROGER_BALL for sharing your knowledge!
  5. Well, maybe there is a middle ground to take and a potential for a good sale volume. Let's hope BI is aware of that and will proceed with remastering their own A2 assets with already contracted license fees, invite right people to cooperation, enhance the whole thing by a few assets and bring it to us. They could then easily create some new mechanics to the game like logistic cranes, walkable moving entities, etc. in support of their own DLC. It would surely bring some bresh breeze to this game. I am actually surprised they haven't done it yet.
  6. Who told you that "2 large static ship for free" means no work or very little? You have also got hundreds of things and stuff for free with GM, SOGPF and CSLA compatibility addons. Yes, you got it for free (with some limitations) but it doesn't mean they made all of that with ease and in months. It took them years to release point. Ehh, no. Well, technically - yes, they are static structures although might be drivable ships, too. But no - they are not easy. Otherwise, we would have much more static cargo ships, aircraft carriers, LPDs and LHDs on Steam. There is a demand for such assets among players. Still - none of British or Russian mini-carriers and LPDs were published, except for some hacking-driven crap or early work of Foxtrop. I usually port a vehicle in a few days. When it comes to CVA-31 carrier addon that was published - we were working with TeTeT for ca. 2 months to port only that carrier and it wouldn't happen without his knowledge and JDog initial work that was developed during their work on Nimitz. Making one from a scratch is a whole different story. Eggbeast from SGD said once - app. 8 months of work would be required to get one quality carrier made by SDG. I fully agree with that statement. True. I am not an expert on terrain. Everything I know in this regard - I would never touch such addon knowing how tedious and long that work is. I would gladly accept their salary throughout the duration of the whole work, tho 😉 No. Everything changes itself dramatically if you want to create AFM based on real data so that no one could say "hey, lame, you put too powerful engines in the helo configuration. IRL it has blablabla...". If you make such a mistake, you won't be granted a privilege to advertise that your work is "as real as it gets" or simply "realistic". Yes, the bigger mass the bigger problems you've got to tackle. This is a very true statement in RL aviation too. Yeah, somehow don't like that. I grew up in the late Cold War era and became imbued with traditionalism, sort of. If I fly sim, I rather fly a plane with press gauges than with MFDs. Once I read and watched footage about DARPA project that showed steerable 12.7 bullet and the sniper was controlling the bullet with the scope of his rifle. Scary stuff. It's not the 2305, it's contemporary weapon, not in mass production yet, thankfully. Perhaps, it was just fake footage, but still scary 😉 My conclusion is - yeah, great idea. I would love to see more quality DLCs but framed in cold-war era. That is because, It would complement what we have now, not only from CDLCs but also from RHS or CUP. I do not believe there is a large enough portion of arma players who play vanilla. I mean, not large enough so the whole hustle would pay off for those who would invest their money and time to create such very needed DLC. PS. Well, maybe it wasn't well-thought statement about "vanilla" players. Maybe there is a lot of them who play SP only and for those making the 2035-themed CDLC would make sense, of course with SP campaign included? Perhaps, I just cannot "see" them coz I am mostly focused on MP environment? But, one must think about AI behavior during said SP campaign. AIs don't act well on a walkable boat (LCU, LCAC) and weird static structures. They don't like each other, which is also true for the DLC placed in any other era, sadly.
  7. The concept is, indeed. I was talking about the amount of work that needs to be done to create eg. two large static ships, presumably with interiors or even armament - for enhanced gameplay. It's like 6-10 months of work for each one to be completed by a single artist. The same is when it comes to maps with large land masses. Four aircraft with armament and some of them with interesting features, like "seeing-through" sensor? Super heavy lifting chopper with realistic AFM? Oh man, I've tried to make every single of those assets, with some limited successes and some horrible failures 😉 This argument kills any further discussion for cold-war or contemporary set of said DLC in this "limited" scope. One can only go for 2035-sh time frame or stick to any of the CDLC dev team to enhance their assets. Most likely SOGPF wouldn't be interested, as not much was going on in Vietnam when it comes to Marines-style OPs. GM could be interested if a new map was made with a shoreline (they were working on one for some time). CSLA - well, it's not gonna happen until they get access to a sea. 😄 And as I said, don't like 2035 theme. This computer-ish style of killing people like squeezing a trigger while glaring at a screen scares me as hell! 😂 But jokes aside, I really would love Global Mobilization team to take the challenge and enhance their DLC by marine style gameplay for bluefor and opfor sides. They have the experience, skills and resources to make it happen. Obviously, the best for me would be to see kinda a new CDLC - LHD/British mini-carrier with their planes and helicopters against Kiev with Ka-27/32 and Yak-38 with all associated soldiers and vehicles, all clashing on a large German or Danish terrain with shoreline. A nice, big one, worth of every penny of mine.
  8. Np, mate! But... don't be less hyped! EA6B Prowler is also expected from Firewill's factory, AFAIK. This time it might be a standalone mod (I don't count FIR AWS obviously), tho.
  9. It is Intruder, dude. I-n-t-r-u-d-e-r ! 😁
  10. To me, this is simply an unrealistic, over-ambitious project with too many time-consuming assets. Unless you're already a rich person and can pay numerous artists a lot of money who would then do the whole (except the coding) work for you. Apart from that, I will not buy a 2035-themed DLC ever again, it's just not my taste. And judging from the number of likes and responses in this thread - I would not hold a breath for great success with this particular DLC. If you are willing to change your focus on the cold-war time frame, then - yes, I would possibly become a buyer. It would nicely complement all CDLCs that are lacking such assets and naval warfare gameplay in general.
  11. NightIntruder


    Nice! I've been trying to get the same hook loading system some time ago but haven't succeeded. It adds a nice touch to realism and immersion. Well done, gents 🙂
  12. NightIntruder

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Quite late in the party, but don't know if you solved the issue, so... Icons are supposed to be regular *_ca.paa in 1x2 or 1x1 format (or any other power of 2), e.g. 512x256 or 256x256 pix. Unless you had preview images in mind, than I would check their paths and names than 🙂 Anyway, great work on the furniture sets, thanks!
  13. NightIntruder

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Having medical stuff like a surgeon operating table with lamps, a hospital bed, foldable gurney, med cabinets, a screen, some x-ray table and screens or posters with medical stuff on them, etc. would be brilliant. Always wanted to have some medical equipment to populate a field or city hospital. With seating/laying cargo proxies together with ACE it could bring better immersion into a mission, I guess.
  14. MasterSafe is just another weapon but "false" (or empty if you wish). It does prevent you from fire your weapons by an accident, like an actual Master Safe switch in a real cockpit. Not sure I understood your issue. Do you fly standard or advanced flight model?
  15. Everything you have mentioned is already in the Advanced Flight Model and available for tweaking. I see no reason (from a commercial or modding point of view) to create alternate AFM mode in the standard flight model if there is one that works for players exactly in the way you need. The obvious problem is AI lack of ability to fly AFM, but do you really expect the AIs to fly like the man does? Have you ever seen them DRIVING or WALKING/RUNNING that way in ARMA3? You have clearly unrealistic expectations towards this game and its engine. Just my two cents.