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  1. If it's bug than it is even more resonable posting it in BugTracker. That bug might possibly be fixed. I do not believe however that fixing this bug will eventually lead to the outcome you are hoping for.
  2. I assume it is intentional. Still you may post it as a bug in BugTracker since there's a lot of ppl who would love to see positive changes in this matter, I guess.
  3. The solution is not invented to fully open the ramp, you missed the point, Chairnborne. It is to adjust the ramp angle to fit with whatever the vessel was supposed to be moored to, with such small incremental steps for better adjustment. The fully opened ramp very often looks dumb as it usually moves the vessel's bow up so the boat is partially in the air. Some skilled SQF guy would easily transfer the solution to smooth way of opening ramp, with animation played only while a key is kept pressed. After all, you can leave the old system regardless the new, incremental opening and let people decide which one they want to use in specific circumstances - whether they need old scroll menu with 100% close/open or the new, incremental one under PgUp/PgDn right? BTW, what do you mean "havoc" on physx regarding LCU + vehicles? Wierd phsyx interactions during MP tests? I am asking, beacuse I had only one case of my Mk10 capsized on the highest sea state due to heavy loadout shift, no ViV, pure phsyx involved. Sure, vehs were moving a bit during transportation, but get no damage. But that was during SP tests a couple of years ago, so no idea how it would end up in MP tests these days.
  4. NightIntruder

    Adjusting Config.cpp values

    I am not sure what you are trying to do is even attainable at the config level in this game. Perhaps, soundCustomController is what you really need? Any changes in the controller has to be script-driven tho. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setCustomSoundController
  5. Still, you may try NOT to binarize the addon, just pack it using AddonBuilder and see what you'll get in-game. Does the AddonBuilder's log tell you something helpful?
  6. Elitness says " circa line 28 expected ]={ " which seems to be BS. Other than that, I couldn't find an error. Bracket plugin of Notepad++ says "all brackets are balanced".
  7. It is, indeed. I'd check if your AV software wasn't updated lately and does not block the file from running. Also, didn't that topic below help you?
  8. Did you change the one from class PG_M97_HE too (scope=0)? If yes - no other clues, tbh. PS. Oh, you do not inherit the class PG_M97_HE from smth within the CfgWeapons and the class is outside of the scope of the CfgWeapons. Is that intentional? I am not the expert of weapons configs but this might fix the issue: class CfgWeapons { class GrenadeLauncher; // External class reference class Throw : GrenadeLauncher {}; //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// class PG_M97_HE: Throw { scope = 2; sounds[] = {"StandardSound"}; class BaseSoundModeType; class StandardSound: BaseSoundModeType { soundSetShot[] = {"PG_M97_Expl_SoundSet","PG_M97_Tails_Trees_SoundSet","PG_M97_Tails_Houses_SoundSet","PG_M97_Tails_Meadows_SoundSet","PG_M97_Tails_Meadows_SoundSet","PG_M97_Tails_Forest_SoundSet","PG_M97_Mid_SoundSet","PG_M97_Dist_SoundSet"}; }; }; };
  9. Didn't you miss class "scope=2" in all of your stuff classes? By default it's defined as "private" (which is not-accessible) and inherited as such, I think. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference#scope
  10. May I suggest some improvement over existing ramp opening mechanizm in the LCU/LCAC vessels? I took it from my own iterration of Burne's Mk.10. More incremental opening allows for adjustments whenever they are needed - steep shoreline, quey, ship ramp, etc. Default shortcuts, ie. gun elevation down/up are usually not needed in driver position, they're quite intuitive and simple in use. Obviously, in this example below you have animationSource instead of several animations you use to open ramp of, for example, LCU1610. So, some adjustments are required. This method is quite old, currently people use CBA bindings but hey, it's just something to start with. class front_ramp_down { displayName = "lower front ramp"; displayNameDefault = "lower front ramp"; position = "driver_action"; //mem point close to driver proxy radius = 2.5; shortcut = "gunElevDown"; //default: PgDn key condition = "this animationSourcePhase ""FrontRamp_source"" < 1"; statement = "this animateSource [""FrontRamp_source"",((this animationSourcePhase ""FrontRamp_source"")+0.05)];"; }; class front_ramp_up { displayName = "raise front ramp"; displayNameDefault = "raise front ramp"; position = "driver_action"; radius = 2.5; shortcut = "gunElevUp"; //default: PgUp key condition = "this animationSourcePhase ""FrontRamp_source"" > 0"; statement = "this animateSource [""FrontRamp_source"",((this animationSourcePhase ""FrontRamp_source"")-0.05)];"; };
  11. Oh, I've missed the part about animated selection, sorry. As far as I know - it's not possible.
  12. I think you must (as a player) drive a vehicle that ropes are created from. So, a scenario where some un-driveable empty object creates ropes and attach them to another object/vehicle is not allowed. However I had some good tries when I've been driving a vehicle from which ropes were created and attached to an empty physx vehicle/object and then when I left the former, the ropes were still bounding the both.
  13. NightIntruder

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    Yeah, there's nothing wrong with a concept. It just depends on whether you need to walk on that ship to put some demo charges to sink it or rather want shelling/bombing that ship for a mission objective. If it's the latter you rather need a new addon made for this specific use. And as you can see it now, this is why I love only those ideas and concepts of mine which I don't have to implement by myself 😉 So, in fact, I fully support you as your concept is such close relative of those I truely love.
  14. To be honest, I couldn't find any syntax or logic error apart from those Elitness found. First it says, "it is expected ]={" at line 499 which is wierd as it is the end of this config and I cannot explain it. Second, do you have those two files in binarization package? Warning: P:\xxxxx circa Line 26: \rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_c_troops\scripts\rhs_nvghandler.sqf Warning: P:\xxxxx 28 circa Line 38: \rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_c_troops\scripts\rhs_nvghandler.sqf Warning: P:\xxxxx 28 circa Line 446: rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_c_troops\scripts\dangerCrew.fsm I would comment those lines and see if the error pops up again without them included in the config. No clue other than that.
  15. Do you have something in config.cpp that alters the rvmat?