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  1. That's a very interesting approach! Thanks Reyhard, will try this one when back onto my PC as I am on holidays atm. NI
  2. For some reason, in-built screenshot function doesn't work in-game. While using custom script, the command: screenshot "any\where\you\want.png"; doesn't create an image. It does create the folders "screenshots\any\where\you\" but no actual picture is taken. Just empty folders are created. Any thoughts why is that? I already know the information from following website and all related links which are included there: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/screenshot Win10Home, GPU RTX2070, UAC lowered just in case. I use "ultra" video settings in-game, full screen, 16x9 aspect, bloom and PPAA disabled, HDR precision at 16, class "maxScreenShotFolderSizeMB = 2000;" added to my arma3.cfg. The outcome crosschecked in editor console using only the screenshot ""; command, with the same result.
  3. What I wanted to achieve is, basically, old school cold war scheme recconaisance during MP session that use of a plane and its recce pod. I need to take screenshots while flying the plane equipped with the pod (doable, I guess) and than need to send the screenies over the network from the pilot's local PC to a server (or website). Than those pictures are to be setObjectTexture'd on frames in a briefing room by different player using a mission script. Could it be achieved using some mods, persistent DB or other method? Alternatively, is it possible to kinda "frozen" a frame from live camera pod so that it would appear still on a projector screen, TV set or smth in the briefing room? NI
  4. NightIntruder

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I suggest to read basically first two sentences from the link below, that's enough to make the decision, I guess 😉 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airborne_early_warning_and_control
  5. NightIntruder

    Weird shadows with custom RVMAT

    I always had this kind of shadowing issue whenever a model Shadow LOD's mesh didn't match the mesh of model in resolution LOD.
  6. RTD mechanics are aplicable on player-driven helo with AFM on only, as you've already noticed. I'm glad you found workaround.
  7. Yeap, that's it. Take a look at your P:\a3\data_f\surface\ folder that contains only .paa files, which are the only valid source of surface sound samples in the roadway LOD.
  8. Workaround, not tested. Both animate commands should instantaneously stop the rotors, tho (in theory at least). AI_chopper setFuel 0; AI_chopper animate ["HRotor",0]; AI_chopper animate ["VRotor",0];
  9. NightIntruder


    I'm quite late to the party and haven't read all posts in this topic, but just wanted to say: amazing job mankyle! Also, AFAIK you may define multiple ViV points and exits. Not sure if they constitute one complex shaped ViV space or several ones, tho. Also, markers cannot be animated so I would use emmisive rvmats on animated objects instead. Anyway, nice progress mate, keep up the good work!
  10. I believe it has something to do with IP infringements that happend on their, BI, site (here). OP said at the beginning that BI blocked his topic due to IP owner's complaint. Other than that, I'd like to thank you guys for your replies. IP things have always been quite a mystery to me and your pov clarified that a bit, especially the part regarding copyrighted 3d design. Qinetix - fantastic job you've done on the vehicle, mate. Congratulations!
  11. NightIntruder

    Unable to load file. Load error. 3ds to O2

    Thanks Dedman for the reply. I already tried those old versions as well - no luck either. I use valid student max license but did reinstall it lately on my new computer (after previous one crash) and my problems started from that moment. Also, I had to reinstall Steam and Arma 3 Tools as well, both updated recently. That's why it's quite hard to pinpoint the root of my problems. Virtually, all complex models I exported from Max fail on import into OB regardless the file formats I use for exporting. However, OB is able to import the same models in FBX exported by sameone else. When I import those models using FBX into Max and than export them from Max using the same format - OB can't import them. Strange, especially since I've never had such isuess with all posible import formats simultaneously.
  12. NightIntruder

    Unable to load file. Load error. 3ds to O2

    OB shows this one: Import error: code 0, message 'Corrupted or invalid file' OBJ error: Unable to load file. Load error. 3ds: Unable to open 3ds file. I am quite surprised. Max's never let me down on this being the most professional tool I worked with. You might be right regarding bad topology as the root of my problem - I checked the model (exported in OBJ format) using small "depend" tool, which is small freeware soft that fixes ngon's through triangulating faces in a model. After that I was able to import the OBJ file into OB. This however doesn't explain the mystery fbx-wise metioned above. Also, won't help with bad 3ds/fbx files... As far as FBX export settings are concerned, I tried different ones, the last one were this: https://imgur.com/a/i3e1tul
  13. NightIntruder

    Unable to load file. Load error. 3ds to O2

    Yeah, thanks for the hints Pufu. I tried fxb, along with obj and 3ds. Single mesh, editable poly, all verts connected - no luck. What's more, I do have car model in different formats. Importing its original FBX file into OB works like a charm. When I try to open its max version in 3ds max 2016 and export it using FBX, that throws an error on import in OB. That's why I say - faulty 3ds max exporter. I've been doing it for years and have never had such issues until now, after reinstallation of the system and all tools.
  14. NightIntruder

    Unable to load file. Load error. 3ds to O2

    Have the same outcome. None of the models exported from 3ds max work for me. I would rather blaim 3ds max tho, as recently had to reinstall the software (and the system as well). Importing models that were not converted on my copy of 3ds max works in OB which points at fulty max's exporters. Perhaps, I will have to reinstall max to have the exporters working.
  15. I think that everyone will agree that discussing issues by players/modders here is better than discussing them elsewhere - on FB, reddit, discord, twitter, name it. This way a message may have chance to hit their target and any questions/doubts being addressed by BI staff as well. But, removing messages doesn't help people in understanding both current and future situation, tho. Especially those involved in addon making, who have to plan in advance their next steps in time frame of several months, if not a year (especially truth reg large mods). We need to know whether A4 is upcoming and when as this means that players may start loosing their interest in A3 and its addons very soon. It may render work of many people useless within the nearest future, waste all their commitment to addon making, their work and time and eventually discourage them from working for all of us again when A4 hits the shelves. So, exercising pressure upon BI staff to share their plans/schedule is in the interests of all parties, to include the BI itself.