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  1. NightIntruder

    DCS in Arma 3

    The problem, which underminds the biggest advantage of this game, is that such huge terrains have problems mentioned by HorribleGoat - lack of precision of coordinates. It causes lags and stutters, even during SP sessions. If you will spawn some object eg. a carrier in the right-hand up corner on such large terrain, it's stuttering (moving eradically) by a few meters frequently during your attempts to land,. For ground troop players such stuttering is unplayable,that was tested.
  2. NightIntruder

    Need help adding my mod to my mission

    What you need is: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createSimpleObject Note the 2nd comment, down on the site, dated 28 April 2016. Alternatively, you may read this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Simple_Objects
  3. It's the first thing that comes to my mind - check the path to the texture and if the texture is already there. You can use ImageToPaa for the conversion of the texture from TGA into PAA format.
  4. NightIntruder

    replace default rope model

    This is exactly what I need, thanks for the heads-up, Arend.
  5. NightIntruder

    Creating Custom Key bindings

    That's briliant! Thanks for that, Dedman 🙂
  6. NightIntruder

    Gearbox always be stuck at the first gear

    Yeah, obviously you're right. I must have had been dizzy afterward a party.
  7. NightIntruder

    Gearbox always be stuck at the first gear

    Not sure whether you've already resolved the issue so just in case, I would get your attention to the apparently too high idleRPM = 1000; in your PhysX config. If the engine cannot go lower than that, it cannot reach the lower RPMs calculated for the higher gears as shown on your first screenshot.
  8. Snoops, I would suggest looking into the F4's envelope and adjusting its curve in config.cpp. Telling from the description, it seems to me that there's too much lifting caused by incorrect values in the envelope. Also, I would look into flaps if they don't create too much lift/drag too (a default value of 0.3-0.4 is just fine). You could also look into drag created by landing gear and speedbrakes and make them higher a little to compensate for unrecognizable lift. The last thing to look at might be inertia factors. However, since AI fliers can land the plane with no issues, I would recommend cautious changes. It's relatively easy to create semi-realistic FM eg. with aplane correctly reacting on crosswind on approach, but it doesn't mean AI pilots would be able to fly the plane ever again 😉 Oh, it's also worth noting that inheritance may bring some values from the inherited config you are not aware of.
  9. NightIntruder

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Perhaps,some of my dev packs survived on my external HDDs, but most of those worth of publishing were released by Unsung and CUP anyway, so I didn't need them anymore. Sorry mate, I havn't thought that something like this could ever happen.
  10. NightIntruder

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    If Foxhound is truly concerned about preserving all the data for the community, it shouldn't bother him what jerryhopper was doing, as the goal is exactly the same. Since he blocked the data scraping, his words contradict his deeds. There is a perfect solution for that every mature man knows - communicating with the community straight, honest, open and in public. Here. If he had done it right from the very beginning, he wouldn't have found hundreds of emails of "spam" in his e-mail box. I've been in love with my wife for almost 30 years and been treated in a hospital a couple of times. I haven't stopped breathing, thinking, using the internet or talking with people in the meantime. I am skeptical. Whatever is going on in this case, the "channel of communication" through his friend, the whole mystery, and the signs of unclear intentions (did he declare that he waits for offers??), all of this is convincing me to not trust this guy anymore. Later I am gonna maile him asking for the removal of my addons from "his" database as their source materials were ported under the "non-commercial" caveat. I'm gonna do it just in case he really wants to sell something. He can fail his contributors if he so wishes, I am not going to. This is the only thing I can do for my contributors in this matter, sadly.
  11. NightIntruder

    Prarie Fire discussion

    I don't get why people are so pissed off with AIs! On a dark Vietnamese night, you cannot safely walk a few steps, but these AIs fly and drop napalm like Rambo! 😁
  12. NightIntruder

    Prarie Fire discussion

    This is in fact quite a reasonable way of measuring the value of money within the entertainment sector. What's more, you didn't even take into account the replayability of this title in its different forms, and if you would do, it would turn out the game is almost for free. You, however, deprive people of their "rights to critique" and "expectations" towards this DLC using this sort of reasoning, do you realize that? 😉 Soon, you might be accused of alleged affiliation with the DLC devs! 😂 Anyway, I bought the DLC on Friday, and not even a twinge of regret. I'm gonna learn all the aircraft and then look for cool milsim community to have great NAM fun. BTW, is there any list of aircraft hardpoints and weapons so that I could modify some addons for direct use with the DLC's weapon systems?
  13. NightIntruder

    Prarie Fire discussion

    LOL, Krzychu.... I always assess the interlocutor's motivations, regardless of his arguments. Your arguments made some sense, but your motivation? What was the point of discussing the "historical correctness" issue regarding a few minor details in public right before the DLC's release? What was it supposed to change or what to show? Don't even bother answering, I already know the answer as you gave your motivations to me on a silver platter in your replies. And no - I wasn't aggressive, you just stood yourself up and that triggered my funny comment, that's all. EOT.
  14. NightIntruder

    US Embassy Building and compound - WIP

    Indeed, you're right, monk. However, my understanding is the compound's invented to be a standalone object for 3DEN use. For terrain builders, the ability to choose the wall material is useless as they exactly know what kind of environment they're gonna use the compound for (and then what material would fit best). In such an application, the prefered method would be to ask Katie for source material, anyway. But, hey mate, I know so little about terrain making that perhaps there are more cons against the approach I suggested.
  15. NightIntruder

    US Embassy Building and compound - WIP

    I'd go for different materials using hidden selections tech. It just depends on how did you UV map the whole thing, I guess.