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  1. Prei Khmaoch Luong

    Then, I would recommend creating a small plane texture with correct dimensions as an additional "addon" included in the map package that has "hiddenSelection" allowed. This way, MM could put that "object" in front of such notice board and assign to it his/her own texture for mission-wise purposes. I noticed at least two such object in A3 that you can learn from - with dimensions 1x1m and 10x10m, no clue whether they are from vanilla or some of mods I was using tho. Another solution is to remove them completely and let people place in 3DEN whatever they see fit instead for their missions. Not big deal tho, as lightspeed_aust already said - the map is on such level no one can compete with you atm.
  2. Prei Khmaoch Luong

    Yeah, the FOBs are gorgeous! One thing tho... there are several empty notice boards spread over the FOBs. Are there any method available at this moment to set textures to them, like indices?
  3. Vidda

    Possibly, he places two combined textures with two different rvmats, one for an edge and another one for a water (reflective), just over the top of an asphalt to create puddles. They seems to me like placed by hand. Below them are holes in the road mesh, if any. It might utilize "blending" shader, sort of. It's just nice, immersive feature, made in creative way, I believe.
  4. Prei Khmaoch Luong

    Beautiful map, indeed. Congrats on the release and holiday's update, bludski! I was struck by puddles, actually, that people and vehicle go over them, not through them. They look gorgeous, but this "feature" hamper immersions a little, in fact. Not so much, so please disregard my comment if it requires a lot of work to place puddle textures over a holes along the road network (probably it does). Also, I would love to see central part of the dirt airstrip a little flattened so that a bigger plane could land or takeoff. But, again, not big deal as well as it's already land-able with C123 for instance, although one risks of some damage of a plane. Anyway, still it is the best terrain addon so far, that's for sure. Simply brilliant work, mate.
  5. I think about reconnaissance pod and mechanics to use it in a coop mission. Is there any way for delivering a screenshot taken from the game (recce pod) to the same coop game session using setObjectTextureGlobal or similar method? EDIT: Allright, it seems to me that Arma3Net might be a solution with external SQL database connected to the said coop mission. Could someone confirm/deny the assumption that SQL DB can receive a screenshot taken by one of mission player and then serve as a source for Control Dialog or setObjectTextureGlobal command?
  6. Egg, you may tinker with those values below to overcome the physx that's banking the plane in wrong driection, I guess. Not tested tho. antiRollbarForceCoef = 0; antiRollbarForceLimit = 5; antiRollbarSpeedMin = 20; antiRollbarSpeedMax = 60;
  7. Roadway Problem

    I suggest to look into A2 public samples, where LHD is. It should give you the answer you are looking for, don't think you'll get the one you wanted, tho.
  8. Roadway Problem

    Yes, there is indeed. Dividing the LODs into smaller parts is the only solution I know, and I've been doing arma modding for almost 5 years. As far as I know, there is app.40-50m size limit either way from a center of the model for Geo/View/Fire LODs (and allegedly it doesn't include the height of the model), and app. 20-25m either way from center of a model for Roadway LOD. I would suggest sticking with the lower numbers, to be on safe side.
  9. Problem scenario: a vehicle with interior and windows. For ViewCargo, single-sided window texture /w alpha (and its rvmat) is faced towards the interior. The question is: - how to illuminate the face with external light source like road lamp to have rvmat working for passenger INSIDE the vehicle? What settings one have use on rvmat to make it happen? I checked "NoZWrite" and "NoAlphaWrite" and didn't found much difference, if any at all. I hope some material/texture guru will be able to help me with this. NightIntruder
  10. WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    I'd be happy helping you with those tests, sir :)
  11. WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    isKindOf returns true for ship and any its derivatives. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isKindOf Have the same issue with my ship addon that has GeoLOD divided due to ship's size and most of the parts inherit from "house" class. Would be better if PhysX GeoLOD was taken into account in the WMO mod since there is no size limit in this particular LOD. It'd be handy in case of large object like big ships.
  12. CH-46 Knight

    Thanks for your comments, gents. Sharing the Seaknight's source files is "no-go" due to different reasons thus getting help from any mod's DevTeam that way would be difficult. Actively seeking other ways to fix bugs. Thank you for the support some of you have been providing for so long. Your interest also motivates me in fact, so thanks for that too!
  13. Jets - Hitpoints

    The DLC is supposed to bring a new standard of damage system among planes in the whole game, which is sandbox that contains other DLCs, vast range of external addons and so on. What I would love to see (apart from what already was implemented) within the new damage system is: lost of one or both elevators lost of rudder lost of either wing with related unstability of the plane (tailspin?) OR lost of convex component of the wing with its mass (and its CoG) should be taken into account at least (currently, you can lost a wing and its convex component as well, but it doesn't change overall mass and its distribution in the plane) either control surface jammed in random position due to damage taken/failure structural damage (break) of the fuselage that doesn't result in instant pilot death BUT instead causes fire and as a result - pilot death after brief time possible break (or shooting off) of either landing gear and belly landing an engine overheating resulting in engine fire bigger range of default destructionEffects that simulate fuel / oil leakage, thin smoke of small fire etc. additional class in HitPoint classes that allows for automatic respawn proxied copy of the part that was just destroyed (ie. a tail shoot off of the aircraft) It's a fair set of HitPoints and damage features that can cover whole aviation history without sacrificing realism of contemporary air war, I hope ;)
  14. Jets - Hitpoints

    At the moment, plane has "ejection" threshold, usually something around 85 % of "global" health of an aircraft. It would be cool if they make it so AI eject after losing both engines or all control surfaces. And speaking about probability of severe wing damage, one should take into consideration other war eras existed in our beloved sandbox game, like WW2 (movies above). By the way, I did several tests with dogfights and AAA in the game (WW2). The results were like wings were getting 70-90% of overall hits, which doesn't surprise me as they are biggest planes of an aircraft, easier to hit with non-precision weapon than a fuselage. Perhaps, the layout of hits may change in case of modern planes using missiles but I wouldn't turn a blind eye to the fact that wings and engines are most vulnerable to enemy fire, and the wings are structurally the weakest part of an aircraft. If they can model such complex damage system, I am all to it but honestly speaking I would love to see better plane FM above all.
  15. Jets - Hitpoints

    To be precise - 34 Eagles have been lost due to midair collisions and 2 were lost during Desert Storm from enemy fire: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_F-15_losses I do not have reliable data to say that it was the only case when F-15 lost a wing. Every accident is different. What I wanted to say is that such scenario is extremely rare in real life. In the game, it would happen very often. We can debate here for a long time, but in fact there is no flight model supporting complex plane aerodynamics in the game. I am not gonna give an AI a chance to fly a damaged plane for a long time with its one wing torn off. It looks silly, believe me, I have already tested it.