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  1. Leviat

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Can i upload you´r mod for steam work shop? for use with my clan?
  2. I have a problem, when I start the mission on my dedicated server, I play, but if the mission starts, the mission is left without anyone and someone tries to enter later, he gets stuck on the "Reciving data" screen and can not join the mission, Do you know what it can be?
  3. Leviat

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    @duda123 any news about issues solution? I wanna say i love your mod, its 1 of 20 best mods ever made for arma 3
  4. any one here can use TPW with a dedicated server in mp missions?
  5. Leviat

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    Anyone with problems ??? Every time I go down a building and shifting grip it automatically cuts the rope and falls to the ground.
  6. Leviat

    Civil Aviation

    will be release in withsix?
  7. Leviat

    Military Aviation

    will be in withsix?
  8. running both at the same time cause issues, NAM use things from AiA old mod who has been replaced for CUP
  9. Leviat

    Nam Map

    hey i see your map is in conflict with CUP because you use things from AsiA, can you solve that? i love your mod!
  10. TKS for all help, the conflict mod was NAM
  11. I just ask but no one wanser me, this mod is working in dedicated servers? TKS for the help.
  12. i dont use AiA any more, i think is Lythium ho need JBAD
  13. you know what is in conflict? I try here and works fine just Cup
  14. sure, but still not work, but i think the problem is with cup not with xcam.