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  1. Ok after some time and many experiments i probably discover area of problem: in model 3d try to put in geometry lod properities add autocenter=0, this should avoid moving elements in memory lod and axis, after this should be much better
  2. Nobody read this beacouse this model on screen is strange?
  3. I try to report on discord and i was banned so this place only left. When i have eunogh tome i will try to generate report.
  4. Unfortunatelly BI guys ban me from discord before we start meritorical discuss - why? Beacouse i use models from arma to make addons for arma ?! This way it will not be better.
  5. Maybe miss something but during configure vehicle with back wheels steerable vehicle turning in oposite way and main wheels for moving set to front are overrided to back, AI can't drive this kind of vehicle beacouse it turn in oposite way. It seems to be bug of carx simulation - after i change transmision wheels in config to back they start to work on front, just like arma always take steering wheels as front of vehicle, anyway oposite driving direction is imposibile to solve beacouse is no config value for that. Some solution is to define front wheels as stareeble ( in config layer and in visual layer stay animation on back wheels) but vehicle turning not in this axis point where it should (whole physx is unusless in this case) maybe guys from BI will solve this in this millenium or ignore me due to last eula case - maybe if other will told the same they react 😞. As i see on the forum this problem is from arma 1 still the same nothing was done to solve it from this time.
  6. h4wek

    Force tank tracks to spin

    something to use in this case I think for enybody with similar problems https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2801594216
  7. Maybe try to spot object connected to shell like I do it in AA system :) - even shell change to submunition - connected object should fly further by inertia (but should have mass parameters like this shell) :)
  8. It could be possibile (as it topic) with more bones for model or new type of animation type - like "path" animation (mixing translations and rotation anims to guide element thru path builded from those and possibile to loop this round. If any one have some good solution for that please write me or here. for this animation from video below is used about 100 bones (11 track fragments guided by 9 bones every of it). I have seted also loop anims but connected together havent eunogh sinchronisation (even with calculated values to feet them - after few loops even little diff of values make after some time of r"turning" shifting between them).
  9. h4wek

    Modelling Tracked Vehicles

    Is anybody try to make tracks in 3d not this texture animation, for other not fast vehicles like shovel this texture anim is too bad looking, so if more bones will be possibile or animation "by path" this could be possibile to do i already make few samples but loop animation not work well with synchronise of chain elements. Other method like combine animations GIVE SPECTACULAR EFFECT BUT need more bones than 254 when elements of track is for example 33 and every of them take about 9 bones for make whole cycle to move - other problem is looping of this huge animation it work only on clamp now. https://youtu.be/1qNUQ_Hb0rc
  10. I make update of this script - with defined in wheels class fake wheels for simulate dampers for front wheel script controling animation of turning and spinig of wheel: //if (!isServer) exitWith {}; params ["_heli"]; _time_delay = 0.1; _lastpoint = (_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound")); //last memebered position of wheel damper _turnanim = "noseWheelTurn"; //anim name of wheel turning (left/right) _lastanimstate = _heli animationsourcephase _turnanim; //last state of turning anim _wheelanim = "noseWheel"; //name of animation for wheel turning around _wheellenght = 1.88; //lenght of wheel around = (2*pi*wheel diameter) _minimalmove = 0.02; //in meters - minmal distance when script decide to anim wheel _minspeed = (_minimalmove/_wheellenght)/_time_delay; //minimal speed for turning wheel _newwheel = _heli animationsourcephase _wheelanim; //new target wheel round anim state _actualwheel = _heli animationsourcephase _wheelanim; //actual wheel turn anim state _speedwheel = 0; //speed of turning wheel in anim value/time _lastspeed = 0; //last measured speed of wheel turning _dir = 0; _agle = 0; _speed = 0.5; _lastagle = 0; while {alive _heli} do { waituntil {sleep _time_delay; ((local _heli) && (alive (currentPilot _heli))) || !(alive _heli)}; _time_delay = 0.1; if ((_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound"))#2 <= 0.55) then { if ((_lastpoint isNotEqualTo (_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound"))) && (_lastpoint distance2d (_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound")) > _minimalmove)) then { //speed of front wheel _speedwheel = ((_lastpoint distance2d (_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound")))/_wheellenght)/_time_delay; hint format ["speed %1",_speedwheel]; //turning front wheel _agle = (_heli worldToModelVisual _lastpoint) getDir (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound"); if ((abs((_lastagle mod 360) - _agle)) > 180) then { _agle = _agle-360; }; _heli animatesource [_turnanim,_agle/360,_speed];_lastagle = _agle; //rounding front wheel if ((_lastspeed != _speedwheel) && (_speedwheel > _minspeed)) then { _actualwheel = (_heli animationsourcephase _wheelanim); _newwheel = _actualwheel + 1; if ((_heli animationsourcephase _wheelanim) != _newwheel) then {_heli animatesource [_wheelanim,_newwheel,_speedwheel];_lastspeed = _speedwheel}; }; if ((_speedwheel < _minspeed) && ((_heli animationsourcephase _wheelanim) != _newwheel)) then { _newwheel = (_heli animationsourcephase _wheelanim); _heli animatesource [_wheelanim,_newwheel,_speedwheel];_lastspeed = 0; }; }else { if ((_heli animationsourcephase _wheelanim) != _newwheel) then { _newwheel = (_heli animationsourcephase _wheelanim); _heli animatesource [_wheelanim,_newwheel,_speedwheel]; _lastspeed = 0; }; }; _lastpoint = (_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound")); _lastanimstate = _heli animationsourcephase _turnanim; }else { if ((_agle/360) isnotequalto (_heli animationsourcephase _turnanim)) then {_heli animatesource [_turnanim,(_heli animationsourcephase _turnanim),_speed];_lastagle = (_heli animationsourcephase _turnanim)*360;}; }; if (!(local _heli) || !(alive (currentPilot _heli)) || ((abs speed _heli < 0.02) && !(isengineon _heli)) || ((_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound"))#2 > 10)) then {_time_delay = 1;}; };
  11. But You can make it with this script (add it to init of chopper). [heli] spawn script.sqf and in script.sqf: params ["_heli"]; _frontwheel = (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_axis_view"); _lastpoint = (_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound")); _turnanim = "noseWheelTurn"; _lastpos = _heli animationsourcephase _turnanim; _dir = 0; _speed = 0.5; _lastagle = 0; while {alive _heli} do { waituntil {sleep 0.1; ((local _heli) && (alive (currentPilot _heli))) || !(alive _heli)}; if ((_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound"))#2 <= 0.55) then { if ((_lastpoint isNotEqualTo (_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound"))) && (_lastpoint distance2d (_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound")) > 0.05)) then { _agle = (_heli worldToModelVisual _lastpoint) getDir (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound"); if ((abs((_lastagle mod 360) - _agle)) > 180) then { _agle = _agle-360; }; _heli animatesource [_turnanim,_agle/360,_speed];_lastagle = _agle; _lastpoint = (_heli modelToWorldVisual (_heli selectionPosition "wheel_F_bound")); _lastpos = _heli animationsourcephase _turnanim; }; }else { //if (_heli animationsourcephase _turnanim != 0) then {_heli animatesource [_turnanim,0,0.1];}; }; };
  12. I have problem with animations on 3d object (thingX class), in 3d editor (in buldozer preview) all anims working perfect, but after compile model with config.cpp to game part of animations (not all) are moving crazy - looks like axis of movement are changed, I check selections and model.cfg all seems to be ok. this effect seems to be like the same issue when is more than 254 bones in model - but I have only about 30. Problem solved - reason was strange but it is: Parameter in config.cpp Autocenter = 0; must be 1 and animations works ok, anyway using parameter like: Animated = 1; is not good too - model disapear on first lod (why? Good question) Anyway thanks for nothing bi - EULA FIGHTERS.
  13. Again is the problem when You have crane arm point and connecting to this point start rope point - arma crash to desktop
  14. Why this command not work instantly for vehicles - for example when vehicle is not on flat terrain it should be fall down, now it start to move after punch it by other vehicle, but it starts to act even in oposite way (it start to move itself even if ground isn't flat - it movin upstairs and even can tug connected by rope other vehicle - BTW it has destroyed engine by water and no fuel - pertemum mobile). For wheeled and floating vehicles like gorgon it act similar but after punh transport in water - it start to swim so by rope is possibile to get it to coast - but after first stop is not possibie to move it again. Of course for that solution working _cargto setTowParent _tug command but even this not act so smooth like it should - towed vehicle moving in jumps when rope is stretch to maximum. In this situation when terrain is in that shape after relase brakes vehicle should move to water if it's wheels/tracks are ok (now it is't like that) - and tow command will not be needed. I supose that actual situation is due to limit cpu usge for simulation of physx - but maybe is possibile to make some instant working command for that.
  15. Plese update description of animation sources on wiki: for land vehicles like tanks: animations: gear - for land vehicles mean level of gear box not like for air state of gear wheels, I something wrong with calculation values of this source: in tracked (tank) vehicle with 3 gears front and 3 gears back it can display when vehicle is brakeing value of gear at level 5!!?