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  1. They not fixed this until today 😞, but i try other issue to solve this one - try use command this disableAI "All" after engineon command or before, with this disableAI 'move ' normally ai not turning off engine itself. so maybe this help to prevent turnn off by MP. or this one [this,true] remoteexeccall ["engineon",2]; for me this one works fine in MP. but i discover other issue with sound controllers on this object (not work globally sound controlled by this custom controllers) funy thing of course for off you need to use [this,false] remoteexeccall ["engineon",2]
  2. h4wek

    Vehicle Sound

    Anyway it is shame that sound controllers not work on building and thingx objects, for ship type simulated object it works but on MP is problem with turn on/off engine (server overwrite state of engine set by engineon command). https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2957393571
  3. The same question about engineon overwrite (in my situation it is problem on dedicated when object is set to engine on (ship simulation object - generator to power supply radar) anyway when I set engine on on client by useraction after few seconds dedicated serwer set it back to 0 - object haven't crew so WTF??
  4. This could be work like this (but need addon side):
  5. You should check by ( _projectile iskindof "Cluster_155mm_AMOS") anyway i make lot of experiments on this : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2957393571
  6. I have scripts using transport vehicles cargo space for store/unstore cargo objects on them, and during MP game we observe crashes of client machines when we use unload option on vehicle controlled by other player from outside, the crash is happen on activator of action and on the owner vehicle too. The scripts using standard command for unload like: objNull setVehicleCargo _object; During the crash we receiving acces violation errors. On SP and when owner of vehicle is the same person who using unload command on MP all works fine. here is addon for vanilla parts vehicles: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2957421426
  7. Thanks for watching here (old date people like me prefer forum like this one - discord is too much and too fast data in one time - and hard to search on it, maybe it is only my own experience but I prefer this forum as place for share).
  8. Explain me why this command do too much? Enable/disable option to transport other vehicles (if configured) or be transported. WTF??!!! Just make separate command for this second feature beacouse ......... if I make cargo container (other problem is that it can't be thingX for make work transport vehicles), but if finaly is done I want to disable load/unload options on it until doors are open so i use enableVehicleCargo to lock it- but after this loading this cargo container for truck for example is impossibile due to this shitty added feature, of course i can manage this by other way but why it must be always so complicated?
  9. To Bi dev - > Question: is much work with add to addaction config parameters instead of memory point from object, possibility toy use local coordinates of object like {0,3-,2} for example? Or add it as new variable to this list like localpos for example? Something like this: selection: String - (Optional, default "") object's geometry LOD's named selection memoryPoint: String - (Optional, default "") object's memory point. If selection is supplied, memoryPoint is not used localpos: Array - (Optional, default []) object's local coordinates point.
  10. Did you try to paste ["B_Truck_01_cargo_F", "Land_metalBarrel_F"] call boxcount in console view? and left console open (with paused game) for 5minutes? During this this time function will repeat to calculate result many more times than 50000; like this: Best to do this and watch effects open arma in window and (alt+ctr+del) task manager for look on system resourcesm graph of memory rise and rise up during opened console and paused game I get even 24GB of used memory on this (1 AI on empty VR map with 1 transport vehicle and barrels in loop of create/delete) - but bad effect starts even after few GB of rise up.
  11. I need to calculate cargo area for specified objects, so I make simple script for get real true info about that, but if you put this to console and wait few minutes (console run continuus this comand in loop and repeating this procedure many times by spawn/despawn all those objects) - the game is stack freezeeng or crash after close console - to repeat effect just put this to function file on empty VR map and you see effect. //["B_Truck_01_cargo_F","Land_metalBarrel_F"] call boxcount - command to put in console boxcount = { params ["_transportertype","_cargotype"]; private _boxcount = 0; private _cargos = []; private _full = false; if (isClass (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _transportertype >> "VehicleTransport" >> "Carrier")) then { _transporter = _transportertype createvehiclelocal [0,0,-1000]; _cargo = _cargotype createvehiclelocal [0,0,-1100]; while {!_full} do { if ((_transporter canVehicleCargo _cargo)#0) then { _transporter setVehicleCargo _cargo; _cargo = _cargotype createvehiclelocal [0,0,-1100]; }else {_full = true}; }; _cargos = (getVehicleCargo _transporter); _boxcount = count _cargos; {deletevehicle _x}foreach _cargos; deletevehicle _transporter; deletevehicle _cargo; }; _boxcount }; after that nothing get game back to normal even FLUSH or SUPERFLUSH, only restart of mission clen memory area. Is any solution for that in engine? (this cause after longer perioid of time stack of dedicated server if game running very long on the same mission even optimalised scripts not help beacouse of this effect - it looks like every spawned object make space in memory and not relase it after delete completly - BI guys W..T...F?
  12. What is the problem in RTD to manage more than 2 engines?, In XML is possibile to add even 4 engines but working and produce power /torque only 2. <Engines> <Engine type="ConstantRPMEngine"> <DebugInfo printDebugInfo="false" /> <General inertia="0.3" /> <Performance emergencyPowerHP="4380" maxTorque="3820" rotationResistance="0.000009"/> <ControllerParams P="0.5" I="1.5" D="0.0" offset="150" targetRPM="14280" /> </Engine> <Engine type="ConstantRPMEngine"> <DebugInfo printDebugInfo="false" /> <General inertia="0.3" /> <Performance emergencyPowerHP="4380" maxTorque="3820" rotationResistance="0.000009"/> <ControllerParams P="0.5" I="1.5" D="0.0" offset="150" targetRPM="14280" /> </Engine> <Engine type="ConstantRPMEngine"> <DebugInfo printDebugInfo="false" /> <General inertia="0.3" /> <Performance emergencyPowerHP="4380" maxTorque="3820" rotationResistance="0.000009"/> <ControllerParams P="0.5" I="1.5" D="0.0" offset="150" targetRPM="14280" /> </Engine> </Engines> <DriveTrains> <DriveTrain type="GenericDriveTrain"> <TorqueLimits emergency="12000" /> <GearBox gearRatios="1" reverseGearRatio="1" /> <Clutch maxClutchTorque="15000" isFreewheeling="true" /> <Engine index="0" /> <Engine index="1" /> <Engine index="2" /> <Load name="MainRotor" gearRatio="79.7765" /> <Load name="TailRotor" gearRatio="20.4292" /> </DriveTrain> </DriveTrains>
  13. Is any way to block turret view when for example turet's optic is off (broken camera in pip view turret for example or removed external part of turret damaged or hidden) is any way to make it by config? like for example : enabledByAnimationSource = "FLIR_hide"; but this is for turrret at all it should be like enableOpticAnimationSource = "animation"; of course is some semi block script method like: if ((_heli animationsourcephase "FLIR_ON" < 1) && (cameraView == "GUNNER") && ((_heli turretUnit [0]) in allplayers)) then {(_heli turretUnit [0]) switchCamera "INTERNAL"}; but it is not perfect and need to control IDs and refreshing it.
  14. what is soundAttenuationCargo[] value from where you get this ?
  15. Did you saw AMS addon? There is all of this solved and more :) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2957393571 Anyway whole this idea to mark missiles, bombs, shells, was my idea from 3 years ago. But nobody care for this feature until UA war not start and destroying incoming missiles is new needed ability. anyway when you spot target for cruise missiile on enemy airport (for example SAM luncher) and you see how your incoming cruise was shot down by enemy defense is feel of real - only saturation help like in real :)