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  1. When I use command to create free rope on memory point like _shipRope = ropeCreate [_ship, "hook1", 0.5]; Arma crash to desktop, the point "hook1" is part of named selectrion "crane" and moves in animation with crane construction onboard liberty fregate to deploy boats from board, when I attach simple object like player for example to this memory point it works - object moves with crane, but when I want to create or connect rope to this moving point/part -> arma crashing - is it normal is this engine allow this conjunction of elements?
  2. Already solved by bis by adding new feature to attachto command
  3. I have heli model using proxy blades on rotor - in blurr mode proxies of blade are with wrong display of alpha sort levels - change it in proxy to bottom or top not casuse any change in final model - strange thing is that on tail rotor I use the same method and blades wok correctly - is it is the similar reason what cause not working shadows with using alpha textures on objects with too big shape of transparent colors? No any error reported on rpt files and no BIS explanation for that, anyone have the same situation?. - solved - probably problem is in named property of lods in proxy - I remove all named properties in all lods and now transparency is correct on main rotor, still I observe other problem with shadows from proxy - when proxy model is not included on model.cfg shadows works, but when it is shadows not works correct - reason found (if you have included definition of proxy in model.cfg don't leave in lod sahdow of this proxy any named selections - remove it and it start to work. transparency of blur blade proxy on main rotortransparency of proxy on tail rotor
  4. Is any chance to add config value for helicopter (non RTD mode) climb speed limit or calculating this speed depend on power of engine and mass and speed? Actual simulation in non RTD mode cause the whole helis to climb with speed 10m/s what is so unrealistic (a specially that AI use only non RTD mode and for bigger helis). Of course we can add velocity or add force scripts to model (but it not work well on MP, with core implemented functionality it would be more optimalised. In this feature should be included actual mass of heli (with cargo for example - or should be divided vehicle mass and cargo mass beacouse adding mass to vehicle not cause that it can't start from ground for exmaple - if we load to cargo for exmaple 30 soldiers or vehicle it should act on speed of climbing or even on possibility of take off) beacouse AI not using RTD mode it should be implemented in standard mode to make better effect - when you observe how start and act AI on different vehicles you will see the difference. The way of turning heli around center of main rotor (when is in hoover state) is also wrong (I try to change mass center but it not help) the big helis act in wrong way it twisting on sides too much when turning left or right. When both of those abilities correctly included for wheel geared helis will be also possibile to take off like planes, with runway take of speed on begining (AI should decide if they can use runway like planes for it if cargo is too havy for normal vertical start). This even with scripts is not possibile to do now beacouse not exist any command to override manually by script for example AI driving on vehicle (setdriveonpath not work with Air units - even if they stay on ground and even on ground vehicles it not work correctly).
  5. Bis members/programmers - Check method of calculation area for transporting vehicles - if model is not in axis parallel to those points this calculation is not right (2 points are not eunoght in this case - calculation of area for cargo compartment is not correct - too small) - please correct it to 4 points - this will include orientation of size box in 3d space). cargoBayDimensions[] = {"VTV_limit_1", "VTV_limit_2","VTV_limit_3","VTV_limit_4"}; and of course should be corrected script/function for attach cargo to transporter with using agle correction in V and H axis (efect should be similar to BIS_fnc_attachToRelative) I can fix it in my addon by make my own scripting for loading vehicles but itshould be implemented like it is already with this improovment. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Vehicle_in_Vehicle_Transport
  6. Hello everyone, who tell me what is the limit (or rulez to change limit) of maximum bones in model beacouse i probably reach it and i think it is about 233 or 256?? , (exactly is hard to say beacouse config have in skeletonBones[] about 233 lines and some of them are with depedencies ), if i add any new bones after that number buldozer crashing, other limit is on animations per lod when i have too many of them in one lod some of selections start to twisting in strange shapes (no error is displayed so i spent lot of hours to discover why this happen and result was when i add animated selections to lod and on last over limit this happen (number or rule for that is not described in model description on wiki so it is unknown data) https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Model_Config#Animations: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2462593883 BTW if any BIS memeber read it - wil be possibile to define non linar animations? (selected and animated the same like it is in "LINEAR DEFORM" on O2? it would be perfect for deforming blades of rotor in helicopter or wings in planes during G-forces and many more (now I must spent 4-7 animations and many selections for one blade to make similar thing - and with those limits (described previous) nothing left for other animations in model.
  7. So only solution for this topic is simple........ people just don't exceed 255 bones per model - (goat - you are partially right - I try to done too complicated model for arma - but anyway on actual stage I done about 80% of my target so is not bad even with those 255 bones).
  8. Probably you don't understand the core of the problem (read about proxies models above again if You are able to animate shapes inside proxies connected to model tell me how to do this beacouse in actual version of arma it is no possibile - I am not telling about attached objects, only proxy), So if i do it wrong, tell me master what is the way for example to animate proxies connected to parent model (beacouse this will trully solve any type of this problems)?? Just simple example I have blade on main rotor and this blade is done by proxy (how you can manage twisting this blade inside this connected proxy model if it is connected to your main model in P3D file only not by attachto command? - anyway attachto command not working the same like proxy in p3d for engine - it cost lot of fps an is not smooth like proxy, especially when rotor rotate with 5 blades in 120rpm). I know method to retexture proxies - by retex definition in cfgnonAIvehicles clasess but how to animate it if you dont know target id or name and this target is outside any animated class definition? I found the reason of twisting animation selections - exceeded 255 bones in model.cfg (in DEV version of arma buldozer not react by exit with hang error) - my fault, anyway I had 260 bones and model work under DEV until i not use too many of them on single LOD - but it not work correctly any way bones defined as bigger than 255 not work at all.
  9. Why on Wiki is no description about range of values (hidevalue/unhidevalue) - it can be only from range 0-1, when I want to config non/linear scale controls in cockpit I cant use for example "altradar" beacouse it reach values bigger than 1 so config like that class altitude_1 { type="rotation"; source="altRadar"; selection="ndl_radalt1"; axis="os_radalt1"; sourceAddress="clamp"; minValue=0; maxValue=25; angle0=0; angle1="(rad 97)"; }; class altitude_1v { type="hide"; source="altRadar"; selection="ndl_radalt1v"; hideValue=25; }; not work. Of course is other way but more complicated (using other source animation based on alt value) - it could be simple with without this strange limitation (and of course range of use it will be greater than now. ok I was wrong partially is more simple way to do it, than new animsource: class altitude_1 { type="rotation"; source="altRadar"; selection="ndl_radalt1"; axis="os_radalt1"; sourceAddress="clamp"; minValue=0; maxValue=25; angle0=0; angle1="(rad 97)"; }; class altitude_1v { type="hide"; source="altRadar"; selection="ndl_radalt1v"; minValue=0; maxValue=25; hideValue=1; };
  10. (look for shadows under wing of heli model on screens) Hi everyne form BIS - tell me this thing beacuse I spent hours on trying optimize model and config to make shadows work. Problem is not in shadow volume LOD beacouse I have shadow when I cut rotor from my heli model in visual lod or if I make every blade of rotot on PROXIES, Reason of this problem is probably in number of selections connected to one bone or sub/bone - nobody describe limits of bone system (after many trys I know now about one value 255 bones for one model is a limit but this problem with shadows is frustrating, for example I have the same model with partially not textured blur rotor - and shadowswrk perfectly, but when I texture those missing shapes again shadows disapears. both screens are from the same model - only difference is not texture on one blade - tell me why this react in this way ? What mechanizm make this problem? Small update - the broblem is with texture used for blur blades - when I remove texture from one (only one is eunogh, rest of blades using still the same alpha texture as you see on picture) of those 5 blades or when I replace texture on this one blade to non Alpha type or use only color on it, the shadows come back to live. I try to remove whole blade and it not help so I remove another one (with no change of old alpha textures) and it work finally - so problem is somewhere in complexity of alpha selections. When I change texture to non alpha or full color or non texture state the shadows works but first i must reduce complexity of blades. This issue si not described anywhere on wiki manuals (model/bones/animations etc) so is hard to discover where is reason or border parameter to avoid this situation or solve it when it occure. Main question is - if I remove or change other selections with alpha textures in this lod (to save main rotor structure) it will help or not? What is maximum number of possibile selections with alpaha textures (or maybe animated selections with alpha?) what not affect this shadow problem? next update: I chek it - reason was seems to be number of elements with alpha textures in animated selection (not in whole LOD - only in selection) I chek it now and it seems to be about 40 faces per selection - but fu.......k, it is not like that, beacouse when I cut before (on screen 4) 2 blades number of alpha faces was 48 and shadows working, now I have 5 blades with 40 faces in alpha textures and it still not work - so question to BIS what is f.... wrong with it, what is the rule for make it work normally - what I shoud avoid or do additionally to make thos shadows work at last? update: after several test I discover that border value of alpha faces when shadows works is about 50, but........not every time. I dont know if engine count other alpha faces in LOD/model or soem other value affect with this shadow work, but still something is problem (rotor blur made on 40 faces - but still not work - so what the f.... if with 50 worked). next update : I check ecery fase of object and when I have 44 faces on main rotor and 24 faces on tail rotor shadows works (one more and shadows gone) so maybe it will be helpfull to someone who want to make advanced animated rotors. (still I waiting for any ansver or explanation of this issue form BIS experts). solved (count on yourself :😞 broblem is on area shape of alpha faces used on rotary selection - sum of whole area shapes of faces must be ???? (still i don't know how much or what rule is for that calculation) but most important - when I downsize area of rotor by thinner blades or resaize whole rotor - shadows start to work (without cuting number of faces in rotor - so now it works with 80 FACES without problems - i change width of blades only by 1 degree. So will be very helpful info from BIS how to calculate this area - but anyway reason is discovered.
  11. This method already I am using now but this cause (as you wrote) too many unnesesary animations - at fact they are necessary beacouse istead of using one bone with non linera animation I must use many more to take similar effect (as I explain it in begining) so this limit makes some thing impossibile to do at last. nuber of bones is a hard limit (buldozer hang if it is exceeded), but number of animated selection is not known for me, if I add to one LOD too many of them buldozer still works but effect from picture occurs. This problem cause also to shadow lod view in buldozer and in game, model is visible but shadow is not working (when visible LOD have too many named selections used in animations) - problem is that is not show any error due to this. I use oxygene 2 only on this stage so no problems with import are caused - but anyway sometimes selections what I made before in other LOD after move to next LOD are mishmashed with other elements of model and i must chaeck this carefully - this picture was not from this kind of situation all selections was clear only their number was huge and number of animations is quite big. If I made simple model of animation main rotor you have right but my rotor model make something similar to real blades so every blade have his own animations to make it and this cost lof of it to reach this effect - so main rotor and rear rotor takes at last about 130 bones and many more animations for them. At last if I want to use other animations in model I will must cut this feature off....... or use poxies models - but this is not so nice method beacouse smoothnes of anims with sources in model like rotor_rpms or cyclic taken to another model not work so nice and need special scripts - so without direct take of sources for animations by proxies from parent object it is impossibile to do in that way. Anyway poxies connected to model is not possoibile to use like ProxyRetex but beside textures it could merge animations from parent object - it would be great solution for extend this limit- this is my wish for BIS.
  12. Maybe someone want to exchange objects to clasees massive here is the tool: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2439692082
  13. During making fix for problem with AI starts to move on taxi ways by planes i discovered that command forcespeed working only when i/player look for that ai plane (from 1st person or by camera) from about 50m, when it is out of this range object stops to move with this command forced speed and stucking again (just like this commad willbe some kind of dynamic simulation part - but I have dynamic simulation turned off wherever i can), when I go closer it starts moves again. It is intentional or bug?
  14. Why is imposssibile to start turning RPM and main rotor blades when vehicle is "attachedto" other object : ? { if ((alive _x) && (canmove _x) && (isengineon _x) && (alive driver _x) && (((velocityModelSpace _x)#2) > 0) && (_x animationSourcePhase "rpm" > 3)) then { detach _x; _connected deleteat (_connected find _x); _ship setvariable ["aircraft",_connected,true]; }; }foreach _connected; I trying to make working helipad on moving ship and when I want to discover parameters to start of vehicle (to detach it during the start) all is going to crap doue to this issue, is it intentionally done in engine or bug?
  15. Ok turrets attached to ship have problems with targeting - or thew had - bacouse I attach it to my version of liberty and they works perfectly with AI on it, but this behaviour of attached heli with runing engine or in oposite way/unpossibile to start it is little strange behaviour as child object - i have runing ship as parent - so heli is like in move - when i have droping heli from 1000m and I turn on engine it works so why it not works if it takeing properities from parent??
  16. After hours of multiple tests I give up, even commands like simplecommands forward/fet/right not works with boats - worst: with land vehicles not working good, this too so this part of manage moving of vehicles in arma is so limited that I am thinking about break works on ships addons , until they not change something with this "setDriveOnPath" for ships too - my other method with "addforce" is of course working but is scripting vectoring overriding engine forces on object - it is not perfect for me.
  17. He corectly named vehicle - on my editor it not working too, I try it on cars but only engine started and than nothing happen - I tried all other commands like left/right/fast etc. and nothing, but is solution for that case of course only for land vehicles beacouse BIS limiting some features for ARMA to prevent do it like in VBS. try this: vehicle setDriveOnPath [getpos vehicle,[0,0,0,3]];
  18. h4wek

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    To BIS developer - This whole topic is about AI driving and calculate paths for land vehicles - what with sea vehicles - command setDriveOnPath not working with them - I have my own engine for calculate paths for big ships and depth dynamic control for submarines with using shipx simulation (beacouse submarineX is cuted to manage only small subs with geometry < 50m from center of model like those used inn vanilla arma) with using A* algorythm and sonar scaning of depth, and cant use it on normal water vehicles due to this limited command - why it is cuted like that - for land vehicles it works perfectly why I can't use it on water?? - can you prepare dev version with this feature unlocked for water units or is is reserved for VBS only and arma players/modders can work only with this cuted arma posibilities?
  19. I wanna to report this problem on bug trucker too due test on big ships - I try to eliminate AI - path calculations and even using agents and setdestination command with go direct options etc is impossibile to tell to AI go directly to this point, this command will be perfect for that but as you observe it not work, (rememeber to put more than one weaypoints to list - i try with one and nothing happen until i put secont in pplace far than sensivity of vehicle) , so this is next limitation to preven make in arma things ppossibile in VBS as many other. But maybe is some solution for that - but very much complicated - using script of automation this proces with commands like _ship sendSimpleCommand "FORWARD" more of them is on wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/sendSimpleCommand i try it and report how it work. (one tested method is pushing object by force vesctor but it need very complicated script too for put them in correct places with correct values in correct time to have correct effect - i made it for submarine but it take lot of code and CPU so using implemented functions in core of arma is the fastest way to not take too much CPU but those limitations casues so many problems for modders that it is sometimes very hard.
  20. I am sure that it help - example : if heli come to this landing point and land on it - script will attach it to object and it stay with turned on engine (and trying to start after some time but is attached so it can't until detach), so when I detach it manually it starting in air back, but after turn engine off it happen the same like from stop state, so in this situation only reason to not start from stop state is this bug/issue I think - but you maybe have right to post it in bug trucker (i would like to move this topic but i havent permissions or options for that).
  21. It looks like bug beacouse engine start but only for few seconds and blades are staying in place and engine is reported as runing - strange behaviour, similar problem is when it land and i cach it to deck by attachto command engine is reported stoped but sound and blads still runing.
  22. I am making ships and would like to use horn on them but most easy way to do that not working on ship clases even other clases too, this work only on cars - is any way to configure it for ships? class CfgWeapons { class TruckHorn3; class HWK_libertyHorn: TruckHorn3 { drySound[] = {"\HWK_LIBERTY\sounds\destroyer_horn.ogg", 1, 1,500}; displayName = "Ship Horn"; //muzzlePos = "horn"; }; }; when I use it on quad workk perfect but when i am driver of ship or boat nothing happen - weapon is visibile on list but not making any sound - so now i must use scripts for that like event handler - but why i must do that in that way what problem is with this limitation?.
  23. Unfortunatelly it is not a reason beacouse this rope works if I create it with memory point what is not part of animated selection (ship is not static - building model - i made moving liberty ship so even is possibile to get in but it not help). Problem is only with animated memory point, I done this whole thing with static parts of ship but it is not the same what I want to reach. Main question is if is possibile to connect rope to animated memory point - or if this is just impossibile in arma3 engine.
  24. I have proposal for BIS to share MLOD samples of static ships like submarine, destroyer, carrier, and fishing ship - or make in vanilla models definitions to named selections for propellers, wings, steering parts - I do the rest for make them move. Anyway I make them mobile already but without animations of propellers and steering parts something missing for them.
  25. I would like to spawn in my mission planes on runway controlled by specific side or chosen by position near sector taken by one of sides, I can check of course number of airports/runways by "allAirports" command but if I want to check their positions by for example: position allAirports#0 is impossibile, the same with search for takeoff start poasition (in definition of dynamic ruways it is specified probably by this way is not possibile to check this variables), the same situation is with names of airports (0,1,2,3......) if I want to use foreach command it returns error beacouse type of _x is unknown for this command. i supose that is some way to get data from dynamic runways but how?