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  1. Hey guys, I saw a post about the larger mods taking ages to download and steamcmd timing out, and having to press the update all for the mods to continue to download, but did anyone find a fix for this? Or do i just keep mashing the button? lol
  2. HumaineNZ

    Switch sides on Trigger

    (Quote after watching the video I made, of testing the script - Watch the video at your peril LOL) Yes, it is weird. and no the AI are just regular Bluefor. No changes made to them. Yes the change over from Civ to Opfor is working well, and when we tried it again the other day it was working, but we noticed that a new value came up after I had respawned from being killed by the AI at the outpost. The other player had driven off to a different trigger further out at another outpost. The hint came up 'ENEMY' for me at the respawn. We will be testing it again tonight and see if there is a condition when these issues come up. Anyone is welcome to join and figure this out... hehehe
  3. HumaineNZ

    Switch sides on Trigger

    Doh... spoke too soon... once i had more then one player, we started having problems.... the respawn point would become disabled after a few attempts for some players, and then all players.. hmmm. I'll post you a video in a bit of whats happening, and you can see.
  4. HumaineNZ

    Switch sides on Trigger

    Thanks gokitty1199, this works really well. Thanks you soo much... you are a legend!
  5. HumaineNZ

    Switch sides on Trigger

    Hey gokitty1199, Sorry mate, not sure how to add this to the activation of the trigger, as its coming up with an expression error. Is this script added in to the activation section or somewhere else? Thanks for any Help.
  6. HumaineNZ

    Switch sides on Trigger

    Thanks gokitty1199, I'll give this a try when I get back home tonight... 🙂
  7. Hi, I'm looking at creating a mission where the players start as civilians but if they cross into an area, bluefor forces will shoot them. This is the first time I've tried scripting so forgive my lack of knowledge on this. I found the simple way to do this is to change the player to Opfor on a trigger when that happens, with something that does this: player joinAsSilent [createGroup east, 5]; but, once one player switches, then every other player switches as well, no matter where they are. ( which isn't ideal) Also when the player dies, he can't respawn using the civi point, as he remains Opfor. A messy way around this was to created an opfor respawn at the start point, and another trigger to switch them back to Civi player joinAsSilent [createGroup civilian, 5]; This works, but again every player changes as well... and i'm sure I read somewhere that every time you do something like this, it creates a new group, and that there is a limit to how many new groups can be created. Is there another way i could do this? how about on death the player switches back to civi? Not sure how to script that. Thanks for any help, if you can.