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  1. dave_beastttt

    CBA - Community Base Addons - ARMA 3

    This error still happening in
  2. dave_beastttt

    Yellow chains, high CPU utilization

    Try this basic.cfg language="English"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=1.000000; Resolution_W=800; Resolution_H=600; Resolution_Bpp=32; MaxMsgSend=384; MaxSizeGuaranteed=512; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=256; MinErrorToSend=0.01; MinErrorToSendNear=0.1; MaxCustomFileSize=1310720; Windowed=0; No need for that launch parameter as that is the default memory allocator -bandwidthAlg=2, i've done extensive testing with the alternate bandwidth algorithm and it's better now without that launch parameter
  3. dave_beastttt

    Server FPS limit testing

    There's been no released perf builds for 1.96, there was a Steam perfV0 which is identical to release version (afaik)
  4. dave_beastttt

    All spawned cars super fast

    Nothing in those report files to suggest what is going on, the way to be sure would be to remove the mod and then see what happens
  5. If you have existing bases or additional map items such as Skalisty bridge, due to the height changes in the surface, everything looks like a staircase. Also, using the world name is case sensitive.
  6. dave_beastttt

    Exile trader Issues

    Try asking here https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/282-problems-bugs/
  7. Ours is on Chernarus 2020, plenty of grey hairs getting it running and porting everything across, if anyone needs any help, drop me a pm
  8. Great work on updating a well loved map I think someone mentioned it on Discord, the castle tower at Zub is a little too high
  9. Found a pretty serious dupe method in Exile, it's done by accessing storage via a lootholder, in some instances, the storage isn't forced to update because it sees the container as the lootholder and doesn't force a save Pull ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryClosed from the client files and place in your mission file, change the code as per below:- if !(_container isKindOf "Man") then { if !((typeOf _container) in ["GroundWeaponHolder", "WeaponHolderSimulated", "LootWeaponHolder"]) then { ["vehicleSaveRequest", [netId _container]] call ExileClient_system_network_send; }; }; Change the above code to:- if !(_container isKindOf "Man") then { if !((typeOf _container) in ["GroundWeaponHolder", "WeaponHolderSimulated", "LootWeaponHolder"]) then { ["vehicleSaveRequest", [netId _container]] call ExileClient_system_network_send; } else { _acontainer = nearestObject [getPosATL player, "Exile_Container_Abstract"]; if!(isNull _acontainer)then { ["vehicleSaveRequest", [netId _acontainer]] call ExileClient_system_network_send; }; }; }; What the change does is if the container is a loot holder, it checks for closest Exile container storage, if there is one it forces a save on it Link in your mission config file CfgExileCustomCode
  10. dave_beastttt

    How to Lock/secured PBO File?

  11. With fibre internet, you would have a lower latency than using a 4g mobile network
  12. Without moving physically closer to the server you are playing, you cannot lower your latency
  13. dave_beastttt

    Server FPS limit testing

    I will once/if there's a perf build released
  14. dave_beastttt

    ACE + Exile integration

    @tobiassolem got it working once in Exile