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  1. Thanks Thomas! I got it now. I also had a small issue with the mission file config upper and lower sections but I got it figured out. I'm not a programmer at all or anything close to that, and I've been away from running arma servers for about 5 years so I'm a bit rusty! It is coming back though... Thank you again! ****Spoke too soon. Still not working. I'll continue to work on it. ~ my bad, I was testing it outside safe zone. Once trader was setup and inside zone, all works.
  2. chisel

    CH View Distance Addon

    Where can I get the mission files for this? Thanks!
  3. Could someone add some clarity around this step in the instructions? **Code** No overrides needed, simply pbo the server folder and place inside your servermod folder (such as @ExileServer) PBO "Server" folder or the "safex_server" inside the "Server" folder? Also, then where to put the PBO? I've tried both and lots of places and still can't get this to work... Everything else is pretty straight forward so I'm guessing my problem is with this pbo... Thanks