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  1. A single unit can be a group on it's own so that should be fine, after they're group ed they should fall under original group variable and their own variable ignored (I think). Just see if any of it works and build on that.
  2. Your on the right track with naming the groups. It shouldn't be that difficult your just looking for a variable set against the groups name to see if it's true or false. Example below //_shout1 = [_unit, _target] execVM "scripts\ShoutSound.sqf"; // // init.sqf ; // set up your group variables // mygroup1 setVariable ["endscript",true]; // mygroup2 setVariable ["endscript",true];//ect // mygroup will be the original group name whatever your using change to match // _unit = _this select 0; _target = _this select 1; _unit_group = group _unit; if (!_unit_group getvariable "endscript") exitwith {};// it looks at the group name and if variable is false it should exit _unit_group setVariable ["endscript",false];// set to false to prevent it starting again; // main code // endof script sets it back to true so can run again _unit_group setVariable ["endscript",true]; make sure you set up the groups names and set the default variable at mission start.
  3. Sorry don't have much time right now but you could use setvariable, that can be used to store the group name and other info in an array, so basically you look to see if that units group has been used and then exit the script for that group only https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVariable you will also need to look at https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getVariable so you can retrieve the info I'm not saying your Idea won't work it just looks a little confusing and I'm not really clear what your trying to do.
  4. You could try stetting up a variable in init.sqf endscript=true; then at the beginning of your code add if (!endscript) exitwith {}; endscript = false; rest of your code goes here then right at the end where it finishes flip it back to true so it can run again. endscript = true; you could also add a delay before the endcript =true; so it can't be called immediately
  5. I haven't tried in boats but in land vehicles if I have the driver in one group on his own and give him waypoints he's fine but if I move another unit in as say gunner the vehicle just stops. It used to work in A2/OA.
  6. Don't use the ; between the command and it should be fine. [thistrigger, aP1] call BIS_fnc_inTrigger or [thistrigger, aP2] call BIS_fnc_inTrigger [thistrigger, aP1] call BIS_fnc_inTrigger and [thistrigger, aP2] call BIS_fnc_inTrigger
  7. I've not touched A2 in a few years and I know things have changed over that time but I do remember (grouping or syncing) an an object to the trigger, I think you then get a different choice of options in one of the menus. There is also the intrigger function https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_inTrigger I think you can use this in the condition something like [thistrigger, aP1] call BIS_fnc_inTrigger but don't blame me if it doesn't work.
  8. f2k sel

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    this forceFollowRoad true; for me this causes AI to get stuck on most tight corners they just rock back and fourth. Also Doesn't setting the driver to "safe" change the other units to "safe" as well? If you take them out of the group then the driver just stops.
  9. I often just attach a wp to the target and set condition to false and they will follow. Works for as well vehicles sort of.
  10. There a a few options, set health bar to 0 or use setdamage 1 on caps and other objects sometimes works but not on intel for that you could force them to become a simple object by placing this in the init box of the object [this] call BIS_fnc_replaceWithSimpleObject;
  11. Always useful to know, originally A3 had loads of invisible targets, you could also use the invisible pilot but most were removed at some point.
  12. Just going back to the older post aren't we missing ; between the player actions _returnTrig setTriggerStatements ["this", "player action ['engineOff', triggerAttachedVehicle thisTrigger] < here player action ['eject', triggerAttachedVehicle thisTrigger]", "" ]; Even if it does work won't it just eject you from the vehicle as soon as the trigger is created.
  13. f2k sel


    They must have added those new functions to the list, I couldn't find wpLand last month. It also explains an issue I had. Place a Landwp away from a parked chopper and it will take off but not land it does work if chopper is already in the air. Looking at the code if !(istouchingground _veh) is the issue, simply placing a moveWP between the chopper and the landWP fixes it.
  14. f2k sel

    Trigger Question

    I've read the 10k thing many times but I just ran a test doing a count and it went well above 10k before I terminated the script. In all my years of scripting I've never had an issue with a while loop terminating unexpectedly.