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  1. It's the strange case of spot the difference, I can't see it but one works the other doesn't this animateSource ['lights_em_hide',1]; // william516 doesn't work this animateSource ['lights_em_hide',1]; // stburr91 does work
  2. I found it simpler to just force a group out when needed by placing this in the WP on Act null= this SPAWN { sleep 2;GrpA leaveVehicle vehicle _this};// change GrpA to the group you want to leave all waypoints can be move you place two WP's close together for the vehicle and sync it to a move waypoint for the group getting out so the truck waits until they are out.
  3. f2k sel

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I issue a domove between waypoints foreach unit and set speed to full (script) so they can run in careless, better if all the AI stuff is disabled as well however there is still a bug where every now and again the AI just stop for a second or two for no obvious reason. They will continue after the freeze. It would be interesting to know why they stop it's as if there is a timing issue.
  4. I find with vehicles you usually have to have a back up plan as you can't rely an AI doing what they should. What I tried to do with FindBody.sqf was run it once just for one member of the crew, that works. It needs a delay to allow it to hit the ground, that bit's not so simple they get stuck on things. Then as I think you said it spawns crows (only once now) but they don't end. That's because units are in the vehicle and can't be deleted (not strictly true) you can setpos them out then delete but not always. That's the sketchy bit. Even if the game removes them such as in some heli crashes they don't seem to be deleted and you can't force them to become deleted that's why crows keeps running. What I found was after a set period of time they stop being objects and become something else. I struggled to find an answer but eventually I found a work around, if you use hint str (name _deadguy);// to get the default name of the unit that still works as it should but after 20-30 seconds it changes to error:no unit (at least in the Grad with 2 crew) I found I could trap the error and use that to end crows and the main while loop, name _deadguy == "error:no unit";// add that to while loop check line and crows waituntil it seemes to work and they get deleted After all that a Finder is rarely sent to the chopper the Grad is a little better, which makes sense they are harder to see and may not even exist although you can see them still there in the case of the Grad (one of them) So like I said probably not worth the trouble.
  5. Well if you can live with that's great, I did mess about for a while but results were sketchy.
  6. BIS use vehicle in a odd way it returns what vehicle the unit is in or the unit if it's on foot. so _deadguy in a chopper named heli would look like this hint str (vehicle _deadguy ) ;// would return heli name you can also use if (vehicle _deadguy == _deadguy) then {hint "deadguy not in vehicle}; or if (vehicle _deadguy != _deadguy) then {hint "deadguy is in a vehicle} or if (Vehicle _deadguy isKindOf "Air" or Vehicle _deadguy isKindOf "LandVehicle" ) exitWith {};  I did miss read you post a little, _deadguy isKindOf "Air" ect are not needed .
  7. OK I don't have a perfect fix yet but I think I see the issue, the bodies are still in the vehicle and due to the game engine you can't delete units while they are inside a vehicle. You could add a check at start of findbody.sqf, this will just exit the whole script. if (Vehicle _deadguy isKindOf "Air") exitWith {}; However I suspect this will happen with all vehicle types so a better solution is needed.
  8. I found the issue with LOS _return = [_x,_deadguy ] call i_see;// returns true if finder _x can see deadguy change above to this in findbody _return = [_deadguy,_x] call i_see;// returns true if finder _x can see deadguy and in los function change _a back to _b make it like this _eyeDV = eyeDirection _b;// WAS SET TO _b It seems to fix the blind spot and unit will go into buildings easier.
  9. Try his later version of the los function It seems to work better for me now, I also had to change eyedirection from _b to _a _a = unit looking _b = target according to wiki Returns the direction object is watching (eyes, or a vehicle primary observer). I can't see why you need to know the direction the targets eyes are pointing so I swapped them
  10. I think I see an issue, it seems that if a body falls in a certain direct relative to _finder it can't be seen even though it's only a few meters away. It's as if there's a blind spot. Well it looks like we may be able to adjust the sensitivity of the function I just need to go back to school and study maths.
  11. Something really odd at my end, all the units close to deadguy suddenly can't see the body only those far away can. Both my old and new code, I even replaced the function with a fresh copy and still fails. Oddly though just before script died the odd finder was moving in to a house to body without any code change.
  12. No problem, sometimes I just get interested in a script and like the problem solving side of the game. As it happens I just found a code that seems to show when a unit is in a building the problem is deciding when to send a unit to investigate as LOS won't cut it. Basically is skips the LOS and moves the unit directly to body even if it can't see it. I could make it a random thing where it may or may not look for the body. I notice your still using this line if (!isnull(_finder) && {!alive _finder} ) then {_finder setunitpos "UP";_finder enableAI "MOVE";}; How can it stand up if it's not alive?
  13. Buildings a re a whole new problem,. The AI don't know they're in a building unless they happen to be using buildingpos for their location. LOS won't work even if both units are in the building.
  14. I suspect the trigger is not adding the EVH to units in vehicles, you may need to add the EVH to the crew Also need to see if nearestobjects can find units in the vehicle or again we need to find the vehicles and find their crew. I can't test anything right now I may have some time later.
  15. Excellent I'll take a look later.