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  1. Hey people. So I have been playing Arma for years but never used planes/UAVs/Drones. So excuse my basic questions. I want to know what shoots targets when you laser designate them? I understand when you laser designate a target a jet can see it via his hud. But I was playing the default tutorial and once you laser designate the slammer that is moving the slammer gets hit with a missile from the sky. I just want to know whats shooting it? I tried making a mission to figure it out and no luck. The jet I put in the map shoots it at will or wont shoot at all. I know I can lock the target via Greyhawk and shoot it with Greyhawk but this is not what I want. Thanks in advance if you can help me out.
  2. jamez_5

    Sound when hit

    Thank you; however, I found this page before and still didnt understand what my code line should look like? Mind showing me?
  3. jamez_5

    Sound when hit

    I know we have an Eisenstein in this community who can figure this out.
  4. jamez_5

    Sound when hit

    Hey guys. I am trying to do two things. I am making a shooting range and when somebody shoots the target(s) I a noise go off and a hint message to appear. And instead of making two post I would also like for that AI to respawn. Is it possible to make AI respawn without extra sqt files? I know you can make vehicles respawn with just a module placed down and synced.
  5. Ahhhh makes sense. Duh! How do I adjust the image then? Just <img image='mrajp.jpeg'/> <img size='20'/> and yes, I am semi new to editing and I suck at it! haha
  6. faces do nothing for me.
  7. I have now updated my sqf file to read: "Title" HintC ["Put novel here"]; hint parseText "<img image='mrajp.jpeg' <img size='20' /> "; I do see the image; however, two problems. 1.) The image is not in the middle of the screen. 2.) It flashes soooo quick you cant tell what it is. Only that something flashes.
  8. Hey fellas. I am attempting to have an addaction. This way people can scroll wheel and select from a list. Once they select the list this will use a sqf and pop up a window that gives them help. In this help screen I want to add a picture. Here is what I have so far. Players init: _act = player addAction ["Kestrel4000", "k4.sqf"] Inside the k4 sqf file I have: "Kestrel4000" HintC ["info"]; <img image='mrajp.jpeg' /> The addaction works and fines the file. The hint screen is in teh middle of the screen with a continue button (so far so good). However there is no image to be found. The error that it gives me is error invalid number in expression. Thanks in advance!
  9. I did check and it was there and in sqm format
  10. I thought I downgraded correctly? i mean it seems like a simple process. Maybe I should triple check? I tried this however when i opened the editor the mission was no longer in the list. Any ideas?
  11. Hey guys. Every time I load an ACE3 Mod mission I get this error: Game Logic: (@combat_rhs_usf3) at version (3,8,3,1,4) (or higher). You have none." Game Logic "warning: ace requires ace_combat_rhs_arfr3 (@combat_rhs_afrf3) at version (3,8,3,14)(or higher). You have none." I am using the rhs mods. I downloaded them from their site. I understand something like ACE requires rhs to be a higher version but not sure how it is possible if my rhs is the most recent version. Hopefully somebody can straighten be out. **************************FIXED So what the problem was fellas is within the ACE folder under optional folder was two files I needed to copy and paste into the addon folders. I did this however I added those files in the backup ace folder. Not the ace folder that was running via workshop. Simple mistake.
  12. I tried this. I actually downgraded twice to see if that worked, no luck.
  13. Thanks. I can't even open the mission therefore can not save it as a Binarize Scenario file Gunter Severloh.
  14. I am clueless on how to unbinarizing a mission file is even done. Any help and I would appreciate it.