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  1. UPDATE. So I moved the mod from the workshop folder to a custom mods folder and launched via a config file and it worked. It's odd it didn't work in the !workshop folder but -its arma
  2. That's unfortunate, I'm going to try anyway. Before I begin tackling it on the DS though, I am trying to get it to run locally. However, the import/export process doesn't appear to be initiating. I have tried running single player and multiplayer (self hosted LAN) and neither appear to prompt anything in terms of import/export. I've looked at the relay log and i see a couple lines that seem to be errors. Any thoughts on what might be causing the process to not start? 8/9/2018 09:33:48 :: Listener.Listen :: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted 8/9/2018 09:34:46 :: SendPipeMessage :: Error: Pipe is broken. 8/9/2018 09:34:46 :: Listener.AcceptCallback :: Connection failed during connection acceptance. More info: Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'System.Net.Sockets.Socket'. PS. I'm using no other mods and I"m running in Admin mode.
  3. I'm going to give this a shot on our Linux DS and report back on whether or not I can get it working but in the meantime, do you know if it should work on a Linux server @skruis?
  4. stingray_

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    No, i miss the old history channel documentaries. This one is for sure over produced but it's what I found with the quick google search.
  5. stingray_

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Agreed, i'm not looking for target tracking, more position tracking. To clarify, in Arma, if a tank is driving North (bearing 0) with the turret facing North East (bearing 45) tracking a stationary target at a certain range. As the tank drives, if no input is provided into the gun, the turret will continue to face a relative compass bearing of 45 degrees. However, if the gunner wants to maintain current target, the gunner must continue to slew the gun at a increased rate based dependent on speed and distance to the target. IRL, this constant aim maintenance is handled by the FCS and as long as the vehicle doesn't go up or down extreme hills making the gun move outside of it's elevation limits, the gunner can maintain aim on a static target with no input necessary. This is what I want. This was a major contributing factor to why The Battle of 73 Easting was so one sided...
  6. stingray_

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    we really need a realistic gyroscopic stabilization in Arma 3 tanks so shooting on the move is actually possible.
  7. stingray_

    Tank FCS Help

    confirmed, it is something with the .p3d. I changed my model to `model = "\A3\armor_f_gamma\MBT_01\MBT_01_cannon_F";` and it was firing right on. I wish the sample models were updated. :-/
  8. stingray_

    Tank FCS Help

    I think it is probably an issue with the .p3d file but I have no other reference other than Arma Samples.
  9. I am still new to Arma modeling. I am trying to create a tank model (self guided tutorial) and I am running into an issue with the tanks FCS. When using the samples_f Test_Tank_01, the turret appears to fire below the targeted position. I am using [T] to lase the target and changing the range manually using [page up] and [page down] but it still isn't hitting the spot at which I am aiming. Changing the range does change the aim point, just not correctly. Any thoughts on what I'm missing? No other mods active.
  10. I am building my first tank model in Arma and struggling with an issue with the weapon firing clouds. I am going through the BIS samples_f to learn (specifically Test_Tank_01) and am having an issue with the firing clouds. In the sample tank, when firing the commander's weapon, there is a puff of smoke from the relative location of the coaxial machine gun of the main turret. I'm assuming there is a memory point conflict that is causing this but can't seem to figure out which one. By default, COAX: `memoryPointGun = usti hlavne2` || CMDR: `usti hlavne3` COAX: `selectionFireAnim = zasleh2` || CMDR: `zasleh3` If you have a solution or any advice on where I should look to resolve this it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I am trying to develop an addon that adds event handlers and other features to all missions without needing to build this functionality into each mission I build. I have been digging through community addons like ACE trying to determine how this is done but nothing stands out. Basically, I want the features I write to always be active similar to how many of the ACE modules activate. For instance, the ACE advanced throwing doesn't need to be enabled, it just is. I realize aspects can be disabled by dropping the module in Eden and changing the settings in said module. However, this module doesn't need to be placed to get something like advanced throwing to work. In digging through the config viewer I have seen things like ``configfile >> "CfgAddons" >> "PreloadAddons"`` but I don't see mention to many ACE features that are automatically activated. Can someone advise where in the config.cpp this behavior is defined?
  12. stingray_

    Removable M320 Launcher - RHS

    Looking to do this on the fly in a mission. By which i mean, i start the mission with a M4 w/ M320 attached. While engaged, player is told by TL to pass the M320 off to another member of the team so the player detaches the M320 and passes it off but maintains his M4, now without an M320. Like I said, I am sure I could script this easy enough, just wondered if it has been done.
  13. Is there a way to remove the m320 Launcher from the M4 rifle without scripting it myself? I'm sure I could script a command to switch weapon and decouple them but didn't want to re-invent the wheel if this has been done.
  14. stingray_

    UGV/UAV Multiple Player Contol

    unfortunate. i'll have to see if someone wrote a mod to do this. it would be nice to have a driver and gunner rather than rely on the ai.
  15. Is there a way to have 2 players control a single drone? 1 control DRIVER the other control GUNNER position.