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  1. Crocus is a strike Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with First-Person View (FPV) video transmission. Available in two modifications: AT (Anti-Tank) and AP (Anti-Personnel). Download Technical Specifications: - Maximum Flight Speed: Up to 140 km/h - Maximum Range: 2 km (or up to 4 km with a repeater) - Flight Time: Around 10 minutes due to the heavy weight of the ammunition. Additional Features: - Repeater enhances signal quality and range. - To use a Repeater, you can set it in the editor by searching for "Signal Booster" in the items section. The “Signal Booster” must be located at a distance of no more than 2 km from the player or drone. For Developers: - The mod operates on the client-side. - The mod is signed. Drone Video Signal Varies Depending On: - Distance from the drone to the operator. - Terrain features (obstacles like elevations can block the signal). - Low flight altitude outside of direct line of sight. - Other objects on the map that may interfere with signal quality. Thanks for the consultation: Lukin It is recommended to control the drone using the mouse.
  2. Kamikaze drone, stable version - 1.0. Tactical barrage ammunition. It carries a warhead and is designed to attack manpower, unprotected and protected equipment. The UAV is launched using the Mk6 82mm mortar. Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2795911738 Technical specifications: - Maximum flight range - 12 Km, - Minimum speed - 101 km/h, - Maximum speed - 200 km/h. Controls: - Mouse rotation - change the direction of flight, - Shift - increase the speed, - Z - decrease the speed, - N - Switch between the image - Standard, NVG and thermal imager, - Scroll the mouse wheel up - camera zoom, - Scroll the mouse wheel down - zoom out. How to launch? To launch the UAV, you need to load a special projectile with it into the Mk6 mortar. There are two ways you can do this: 1) Using the script: mortar addMagazine "SwitchBlade_Shell_AT"; mortar addMagazine "SwitchBlade_Shell_HE"; mortar loadMagazine [[0], "mortar_82mm", "SwitchBlade_Shell_AT"]; 2) You can put a special mortar from our mod, which already has the necessary shells. P.S - During control, when you press Escape, you lose control of the drone! Have a nice game, you can write about bugs in the comments under the mod.
  3. Download Campaign (STEAM) Download Campaign (Google Drive) ADDONS - - RHSAFRF - RHSUSAF - RHSGREF - CUP TERRAINS CORE - CUP MAPS - EDEN OBJECTS Civil war broke out in Chernarus. The country was plunged into chaos and divided into two parts. Take part in this conflict playing for the US Special Forces. The campaign is cooperative, and can be played either alone or with friends (1-4 players). Features: Dynamic cutscenes with animations from ARMA 2 Saving equipment during missions The ability to run a campaign in a co-op Ace Compatibility Lobby from APEX The Author Of The Campaign: DarkBall Voice Acting: DarkBall Hornet Ray PIONEER Vadim Pilyutik Rodion Campaign Tested By: DarkBall Hornet Ray Chignin Special Thank: Urun - USS FREEDOM Customization Vergessenen - Underground Base How to launch campaign? Just select it from the list of campaigns and click open. WARNING: Campaign is not supported for dedicated server, host only. At the start of the first mission, players may not be shown in the lobby. Have a good pass!
  4. Hello everyone, there is a problem with the animation - after the unit sits on the knee in the animation, he's disappears. But if you hover the cursor over the ground he appears back. I will be grateful for any answer!
  5. Download Campaign (STEAM) Download Campaign (Google Drive) ADDONS - - RHSAFRF - RHSUSAF - CUP TERRAINS CORE - CUP MAPS - CBA Sahrani is on the verge of war. The island is divided into two parts, the Northern part of the control of the Russian Federation, South USA. You play as a regular US Army UAV operator-Dave Smith. The military units of both sides are put on alert. Drone control training is present. The Author Of The Campaign - DarkBall Voice Acting - DarkBall - HORNET - RAY Campaign Tested By: - DarkBall - HORNET - RAY Have a good pass!
  6. DarkBall123

    Campaign "Nam 65-75"

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/17Z8tbzt_9Vm2pA1BBLGK9f33UAtMWbul/view?usp=sharing required addons - UNSUNG
  7. DarkBall123

    Campaign "Nam 65-75"

    Download Campaign (STEAM) Campaign "NAM 65-75" is a description of historical events during the Vietnam conflict. The main characters are fictional, and some are taken from the history of events. You will have to play as a helicopter pilot of the 173rd brigade, a soldier of the US Marine Corps, a soldier of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, a soldier of the "Study and Observation Group" ... The campaign is under construction and the final number of missions is unknown. So far, 6 missions are ready. About 30-40 scenarios are expected. But it is not exactly. The campaign was created in Russian, but there is an English-language description of tasks, a briefing and captions of conversations. The translation was made through Google translator online. AUTHOR: - RAY VOICE ACTING: - RAY - DarkBall - Hornet
  8. DarkBall123

    Problem with the array

    Thank you guys!
  9. Hello everyone, can someone please explain why this happens: There is a trigger: Condition - call {{!canMove _x}forEach [ZU_1, zu_2, ZU_3,BMP_ISIS]}; On Activation - vertgo=true ZU_1, zu_2, ZU_3,BMP_ISIS - this is a technique that we need to destroy But here's the problem - After I destroy only the BMP the condition is triggered and canMove _x returns : FALSE {canMove _x}forEach [ZU_1, zu_2, ZU_3,BMP_ISIS] // FALSE I will be grateful for any help
  10. Thanks, I'll check it out
  11. Hello, I need to randomly select any unit from the EAST side and give this unit a bomb (object). There is a code (running from initServer) _units = allUnits select {side _x == EAST}; _unit = selectRandom _units; _unit addItem "UMI_Weed_Bale"; _unit setVariable['bombUnit', true, true]; But here is the problem, as I did not try, the bomb is always added to the player-server (no matter what side he is). We tested the mission on the host server. I will be grateful for any hint.
  12. DarkBall123

    Change cutscene in main menu

    I tried to create a new scenario with the camera, nothing worked
  13. DarkBall123

    Change cutscene in main menu

    Thanks for the hint, but it doesn't work .intro - name of the island in CUP The island appears for half a second and then disappears
  14. DarkBall123

    Change cutscene in main menu

    Yes it is, Like in the video