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  1. ABOUT Disclaimer: There are some minor issues with handling in the current version such as speed going over water and AI having trouble driving. These have been fixed in the dev branch with the new tank Physx, will update after the patch comes out. The Mephisto is a state of the art fighting vehicle developed by the United States in tandem with some members of the EU. It prioritizes speed, flexibility, and firepower over traditional protection. With a cruising speed of 60kph and a top speed of 110kph it can easily pass over terrain inaccessible to traditional armored vehicles. It is armed with a high velocity 75mm auto-loading cannon situated in an unmanned turret. It can fire both AP and deadly neutron shells effective against most targets. Instead of a traditional co-axial machine gun, Mephisto comes equipped with a lethal microwave emitter. Its armor protection is not nearly as good as a traditional MBT, more akin to an IFV. However it makes up for this with a powerful active protection system that can be manually activated to intercept ATGMs and AT rockets for a short time. It can be found under Nato / Tanks Camo can be changed in the virtual garage (Arid, Forest, Snow, Experimental) DOWNLOAD
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    Type 22 Manta UGV

    Next update will address these issues
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    Type 22 Manta UGV

    ABOUT A UGV for CSAT designed to fit into the Arma 3 time line The Type 22 Manta is a homegrown Chinese UGV designed to engage heavy armor. It features an adjustable suspension system allowing it to fire over cover, maintaining a low profile when not in use. It is well armored and can resist Kinetic energy penetrators used by most MBTs because of its wedge shaped construction and composite armor. It being composed of lightweight ceramics means it is vulnerable to sustained fire from Autocannons and ATGMS. It is armed with an auto-loading Mini-spike AT launcher and .50 cal machine gun. Its ability to quickly fire its missile payload and then retreat makes it an effective ambush vehicle. Its high gun elevation means it may be effective against aircraft in some minor capacity. DOWNLOAD