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  1. Question! will it be possible for a "FURY" type Sherman? With a Commander 30.cal, and a 50.cal behind it with someone on the back? Now I'm not focussing on the tank itself but the Machine guns on the roof of the turret.
  2. Digger James

    Pook ARTY Pack: v4

    Next step is CBRN suits from contact fully protects, yea?
  3. Nah, I'm just reacting to the photos on page 2!
  4. MATE!!! @eaglke I love your A7Vs! I live down the road from Brisbane city Where the museum holds the last original captured by Us Anzacs.https://www.qm.qld.gov.au/Find+out+about/Histories+of+Queensland/Conflict/Mephisto
  5. looks like doors straight outta metro!!! I love it!
  6. So when's the weekly due again? Also, I wanted to ask when this is done and stable, will it be possible and what loops must be jumped to have this map converted for DayZ: SA? Licking my chops just waiting to dive into this map! hope it goes all well!
  7. @warflak Yea, like Operation Unthinkable, SS Espionage post-surrender... berlin airlift of '48
  8. On the Surface, above the underground complex, idk about the facility itself. you'll have to ask the Devs
  9. Oh YEA! dev already ahead of me on ideas! besides that those Mountains and Valleys would be pretty sick to have guns only dogfights in fixed aircraft! that Wasteland look with maybe WW1 Biplanes by Sabre or another era would be fun!
  10. I can almost guarantee this map will be part of FRANKIEonPC's Arma 3 DayZ series! Oh, the Stories this map can create!!! Also, here's an Idea @Dan Tronic. could some of the very low-levels have some of the tunnels be flooded? I mean with the facility in such disrepair as seen in your teasers, it's logical to think that pumps on the max sub-levels have failed and thus certain tunnels to certain rooms can only be accessed by swimming in the dark! The dark, ominous tunnel now even more dangerous with water!
  11. that list is only missing the Po-2 "mule" for the Soviets! gotta have them "Night Witches" of the 588th! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polikarpov_Po-2
  12. Yes with the brits coming another tick has been crossed on my "wants" (except for planes of the RAF 😅😥) just need to add something like an M10 Wolverine, static 40mm Bofors, and M2 105mm artillery for the US and I'm happy! I don't mind even if it comes in as the M7 Preist like the Wespe did! can't wait for what surprises you Devs throw in our direction! I mean; Actual Bayonets that Actually STAB PEOPLE!!! WOOAAH~! didn't see that bus coming but I like what I see!
  13. yea mate! take a load off! you've done some much and more!
  14. @autigergrad I'll one up you!
  15. Hey is there any interest in making the AGM-158C LRASM for something like the Black Wasp II? an Air Anti-ship missile would really shake things up! don't know what Russian equivalent would be best, though...