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    Lights on off autonomous

    Tried this now. It works on the Darter, but it caused insane blinking on an enemy ifrit, and on a player-controlled Grayhawk. It does not seem to matter whether it's put in the AI or player init field or the init field of the vehicle.
  2. For one, I want a scripting solution because the manual solution requires #1: Scroll Menu > #2 Open UAV Terminal > #3 Select AV > #4 Control Gunner > #5 press N. The first option takes up to five or more actions. The scripting would bring it down to zero actions (and thus zero cursing). So I want to set the UAV to thermals on mission startup without fiddling in menus, thus saving a ton of time. Second, it would be great for setting up HUD-streams without mucking about in menus, though preferably without having to hack a completely new camera entity, when there's already a stream coming directly from the UAV that the player is already controlling. The reason for that is that when you do need to control the UAV gunner directly, you'll still have to manually hit N to get the needed TI effect. Being able to set TI directly on the UAV through scripting would save that action. (And in turn that would save the environment!11 of cursing...) Save the environment! Make it possible to switch on UAV thermals through scripting! So we can make Altis great again!!!11
  3. Yes I have. It's tied to creating a completely new camera entity, outside the UAV. I really want to control the actual UAV, and simply toggle its NVG or TI directly. Thus: true setCamUseTI 1; // does nothing uav1 setPiPEffect [2]; // error uav1 setCamUseTI 7; // does nothing true setCamUseTI 7; // does nothing Here's my wish for the future: That Bohemia makes simple API's for all in-game equipment, vehicles and entities. Take MineCraft mods, for instance; most of them are ten times simpler to program and control due to easily understood entity API's. In comparison, it's really hard to search through BI documentation, and you really need a pretty deep understanding of how they structure their scripting language and mods. I hope they fix that in Arma 4. A big step forward would be to implement something like Lua scripting as default, which is bog simple, together with clearer API's. I think such a thing would expand the community a lot. Anyway, sorry for the rant lol!
  4. I've tried multiple things in the init field of the drone, but none seems to work. Here are the things I've tried: uav1 fireAtTarget [target1, weaponMuzzleName] // does nothing uav1 doTarget target1 // does not fire laser marker uav1 commandFire target1; // does nothing uav1 fire "Laserdesignator"; // does nothing uav1 selectWeapon "Laserdesignator"; // does nothing uav1 forceWeaponFire ["Laserdesignator","Laserdesignator"]; // does not fire laser marker either, with or without the previous line uav1 fireAtTarget [target1, "Laserdesignator"]; // this one gives an error... 😛 Ready to give up lol! Nevermind, I found it! 🙂 ANSWER Here is what turns on the laser on the Darter: bool = uav1 fireAtTarget [target1, "Laserdesignator_mounted"]; Also how do you change the UAV feed to FLIR by script?
  5. kebman

    Arma3 Videos

    Detailed tutorial with simple mission editing and how to hit your target with GBU's when flying.
  6. Didn't work. I get the following error: Init: Type Script, expected Nothing
  7. Just wondering if there are any good tutorials on how to do bomb runs with the fighter jets available in Arma 3? I kinda got the hang of it, but I still sometimes miss and I don't really understand the nuances of doing a good bomb run from a jet. Anyone have a few pointers?
  8. Actually no, it's not a thinly veiled complaint. I just don't have the latest news. Where do I find it? As pertaining to Java: I don't see how Java has a security issue that concerns modding or mission-making in Arma 3. Also afaik most of the holes have been plugged. In any case I seriously doubt SQF is more secure with the rampant hacking going on in most public servers. I'd still love to be able to do the things listed in Java as SQF seems a rather quaint and obscure language to learn. If nothing else, why didn't they just implement Lua when it's so light wheight? Any news on that? Having something more familiar or easier to script Arma 3 with would absolutely ROCK! :)
  9. I'm just curious. Could thow of you who know how please post some simple working examples of Java implementations in Arma 3? How do you... place a player down, give him some equipment and mission objectives? spawn some enemies and give them some activities to do? control the environment, and spawn stuff when the player enters a spesific area? ... with Java? Any API documentation out there yet?
  10. this setUnitPos "DOWN"; doesn't seem to work.