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Found 22 results

  1. Hello guys, I want to create a crater and smoke on the position of a destroyed vehicle. As the vehicle isn't alive anymore when I want to create the crater I have an empty marker that is set every 10 seconds on the map. When I test it in the Debug console this works: "Land_ShellCrater_02_extralarge_F" createVehicle [5701.8,3303.18,0]; But when I try to use the markers position the crater doesn't appear. mPos2 = getMarkerPos "truckmarker"; "Land_ShellCrater_02_extralarge_F" createVehicle mPos2; I think it has something to do with the ground level but I am not sure how to solve this. Thankful for any further idea. Cheers, Jan
  2. Hi I have been trying to create a Attack and Defend so far I things have been moving along nicely but I have been having issues with spawning Ifirts for the Attackers. When I am just testing the script by myself it will only spawn one ifirt because there is only one Opfor player. But if someone else is playing with me it will spawn two Ifirts. Even though there will still only be one Opfor Player. TL;DR Trying to use allPlayers select {side _x == east}; to count the number of players on OPFOR to then spawn Ifirts for them. For some reason it always spawns one extra then what it actually needs? TeleportArea.Sqf This at the moment is mostly pointless but in the future will hold all the different areas for spawning. TeleportArea = "TeleportArea\TestArea.sqf"; NatoUnits = allPlayers select {side _x == west}; OpforUnits = allPlayers select {side _x == east}; execVM "RoundStartTimer.sqf"; TestArea.Sqf player removeAction weaponSafety; NatoUnits = allPlayers select {side _x == west}; OpforUnits = allPlayers select {side _x == east}; _Pos = [11362,11442]; { _x setpos [11682 + random [-5,0,5],11917 + random [-5,0,5],1] } forEach NatoUnits; { _x setpos [11362 + 10,11442 + 10,1]; GetinVechicle = VechicleSpawn createVehicle [11362 + 10, 11442 +10]; _x MoveInDriver GetinVechicle; } forEach OpforUnits; [300] execVM "GameTimer.sqf"; The highlighted areas in TestArea is what I belive is causing the issue. But I don't know why. I am fairly new to Arma 3 mission File scripting... Infact this is my first Mission file. So I do apologize if this may seem trival. Thanks, JarrodsC
  3. I'm stuck trying to spawn IEDs into pre-designated locations. I can get them to spawn just fine using createVehicle, but they aren't armed and can't be armed (even with a defusal kit and by an engineer). I'd like to be able to do both ACE IEDs and vanilla IEDs. Here's what I'm trying: "IEDurbanSmall_f" createVehicle IED1pos; //IED1pos is a position, not an object "ACE_IEDUrbanSmall_Range" createVehicle IED2pos; //IED2pos is a position, not an object The spawning works, but the objects spawned are ID'd as things like ied_land_small.p3d, and they don't set off a mine detector. Any suggestions how I can create both of these types?
  4. Hello, I am looking for a solution for spawning a flashbang effect, possibly on a marker, invisible helipad or possibly using any other way that works best and can be customized for future use. So far I was trying to spawn the grenade using the createVehicle command and getting a position of a marker. Two problems I have are: - Flash/stun grenades do not explode on spawn, they appear for a few seconds and then disappear entirely (I've checked smoke as well as frag grenades and those two do work fine) - The command spawns a literal grenade which can be seen physically, whereas I am looking for it to either explode on spawn (for the grenade itself not to be seen) or for it to trigger only the effect instead. The command is supposed to be a supplement to door breaching on action and is supposed to affect AI as well. I believe that the effects of the ACE M84 grenades do, so that would be the ideal solution. Thanks for any suggestions! Adam
  5. I'm trying to put down an asset that isn't available in the editor. I can do it by createsimpleobject like this: _obj = createsimpleobject ["a3\vegetation_f_argo\Trees\t_Cupressus_stricta_2S_F.p3d",[0,0,0]]; _obj setposatl (getposatl player) Since I want it to receive damage how can i do it with createvehicle since it doesn't seem to have a classname?
  6. i have this two probs i want to spawn on a table when a trigger fire. i have made a SQF file that i run on ACT. _handle = execVM "SPAWN\ShowRadioPapir.sqf"; i have 2 invisible helipath placed on a table called Radiotable and inteltable when the script is done i get the hint and the Briefing i my map but not the radio and intel. What i do wrong i don't know. i have looked at this but can not see my mistake.. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createVehicle this is the complet script: leader1 SwitchMove "AinvPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_Putdown_A­movPercMstpSrasWrflDnon"; sleep 3; createVehicle ["ItemRadio", getMarkerPos "radiotable", [] ,0 , "NONE"]; createVehicle ["EvMoscow", getMarkerPos "inteltable", [] ,0 , "NONE"]; _null = execVM "briefing\diary.sqf"; hint"script done"; The classnames is found by log-logclasses to clipboard can someone guide me to what is wrong..
  7. My idea is to have an ambient flyby of a plane which will be replaced by a wrecked model... I currently use an edited version of tpw_air that spawns a specific aircraft, but rather than adding a classname to the tpw_air_aircraft array, I would like to add a new vehicle created by attaching a wrecked A6M to a Caesar BTT using the attachTo command, then detaching said Caesar BTT. Any of you clever fellows have an idea how to set this in motion?
  8. Hi all, been lurking on the forums for a while now but this is my first request for help with triggers. I am trying to make a line that spawns a live grenade (preferably a 40mm he grenade) and drops it from a drone flying above. Basically replicating what groups are doing in the middle east with rec. drones, any help will be appreciated. I have tried "G_40mm_HE" createVehicle (getPos drone) (drone being the name of the object it's spawned to) I've used this in the past for other classnames used for explosions on the ground, but I think I'm having trouble with the grenade being 'live'. Thanks in advance all. Cheers
  9. I have a mission, made in the 3den editor, with multiple helicopters all synced to a RespawnVehicle module (ModuleRespawnVehicle_F ) with the name chopperRespawn. While playing the mission (MP) I want to create helicopters. I do that using createVehicle. The question I have is, how can I sync the created helicopters to the chopperRespawn? I'm quite new to sqf-scripting, so an example will be greatly appreciated. :-) Thanks!!
  10. Hello everyone i'm trying to create a unit that spawns in a vehicle and goes to a random location. But when i spawn the unit with createvehicle it won't move... *I tried waypoints and domove* I've done a lot of trial and error and can't figure it out. It's probably something very stupid since i'm not that familiar with scripTing in general. this is my code that is being called with an addaction: _Location = [] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _Road = [_Location, 1000, []] call BIS_fnc_nearestRoad; _Destination = getPos _Road; _group = createGroup civilian; _AI = nil; _AI2 = nil; _AI3 = nil; _Pass = selectrandom [1,2,3]; _AIChoose = selectRandom ["C_man_1","C_man_polo_1_F_euro","C_man_polo_6_F_euro","C_Nikos_aged","C_Nikos_aged","C_man_sport_1_F_afro"]; _VEHChoose = selectRandom ["C_Offroad_01_F","C_Offroad_01_repair_F","C_Truck_02_covered_F","C_Truck_02_transport_F","C_Hatchback_01_F","C_Hatchback_01_sport_F","C_SUV_01_F","C_Van_01_transport_F","C_Van_01_box_F","C_Van_01_fuel_F","C_Offroad_02_unarmed_F"]; _veh = createVehicle [_VEHChoose, position Pris1, [], 0,""]; //Add passengers _AI = createVehicle [_AIChoose, position Pris1, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _AI setBehaviour "Aware"; _AI doMove (_Destination); _AI enableSimulation true; if (_Pass > 1) then { _AIChoose = selectRandom ["C_man_1","C_man_polo_1_F_euro","C_man_polo_6_F_euro","C_Nikos_aged","C_Nikos_aged","C_man_sport_1_F_afro"]; _AI2 = createVehicle [_AIChoose, position Pris1, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _AI2 setBehaviour "Aware"; _AI2 enableSimulation true; }; if (_Pass > 2) then { _AIChoose = selectRandom ["C_man_1","C_man_polo_1_F_euro","C_man_polo_6_F_euro","C_Nikos_aged","C_Nikos_aged","C_man_sport_1_F_afro"]; _AI3 = createVehicle [_AIChoose, position Pris1, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _AI3 setBehaviour "Aware"; _AI3 enableSimulation true; }; //Add Movein _AI moveInAny _veh; if (_Pass > 1) then { _AI2 moveInAny _veh; }; if (_Pass > 2) then { _AI3 moveInAny _veh; }; I hope someone can help me with this rookie problem. Draoth
  11. I am trying to create a cutscene where a crate is dropped from the air. I use this crate as an 'actor' for the cutscene and delete it after it has served its purpose, after which I just simply have a second crate setup for the actual objective So far everything has been setup right, exepct for the parachute. Which doesnt seem to work properly on a dedicated server The way I have currently set it up is via a series of triggers. First I enable the simulation, unhide it and set its position using the SetPos command Then I proceed to add the parachute using this code: para1 = "B_parachute_02_F" createVehicle [0,0,0]; para1 setPosASL (getPosASL crate1); crate1 attachTo [para1, [0, 0, 0]]; para1 enablesimulation false; Now this seems to work fine in singleplayer, but on a dedicated server it either creates 2 parachutes or it puts the crate in the corner of the map, its really wierd and unreliable Any suggestions?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm trying to write a small script that gets an truck to place mines along a premade path if waypoints. But my problem right now is, it only spawns one mine. Right now im on my cellphone on my way to work, so i can't copy/paste the code, but it's somewhat like this: _mines = 100 while{_mines != 0 } do { "classname of the mine" createVehicle (getpos truck); _mines =_mines - 1; hint format["Remaining Mines: %1",_mines]; sleep 2; } ; Since the hint tells me, there are less and less mines remaining, the loop seems to work, but there are no more mines appearing. I've also tried _mine = "classname" createVehicle (getpos truck) ; sleep 2; deleteVehicle _mine; to check if the Script manipulates the first mine all the time, but the mine gets spawned, exists for 2 seconds and then ceases exsitance. To make things real strange - in my eyes- spawning a dozens of infantry units works fine. I hope someone here can spot and explain my mistake to me. Please excuse misspellings, my phones autocorrect does it's best to find similar german words and change them :) Best regards, wuestenkamm ps. i'll add the classname i'm using asap
  13. hi guys! i was searching a way to spawn units in a very simple way, but most important to have better performance! // file is named : VEHresBplane1.sqf if (isServer) then { uiSleep 3; _Dveh = "B_plane_CAS_01_dynamicLoadout_F" createVehicle [getPos Bres1 select 0, (getPos Bres1 select 1) +5, 990]; uiSleep 1; _Dveh setpos [getPos _Dveh select 0, (getPos _Dveh select 1) +5, 990]; createVehicleCrew _Dveh; uiSleep 1; [group _Dveh, getPos Darea, 5000] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol; uiSleep 1; waitUntil {sleep5;{alive _x} count crew _Dveh == 0}; uiSleep 30; waitUntil {sleep5;(_Dveh distance player) > 2000}; {_Dveh deleteVehicleCrew _x} forEach crew _Dveh; uiSleep 1; deletevehicle _Dveh; uiSleep 6; null = execVM "VEHresBplane1.sqf"; }; thats the code i writed, i fear its not very efficient, and i noticed that if i use it for a ground vehicle, often happens that gets damaged, crew exit and start walk on foot, vehicle gets deleted (because in fact there's no more crew alive in), but former crew is still walking around map, and will never be deleted! i wish to delete also the "former crew" (or on long times map will become overpopulated by them !! thanks for any help !
  14. hi guys ! i've found an awesome script to enable dual primary weapons, that works really good, but has a little problem i noticed only after hours of play. here the script: ...at start it works perfectly, i can die & respawn, go on vehicles or on foot, do everything and it works perfectly. BUT.....after maybe 20 minutes i noticed my "weapon on back" was gone, and script bugged (doesnt asked me to put my weapon on back, as usually. from that day, it happened many other times, in fact i never noticed when the weapon disappear exactly, i just notice it only when i try to switch to my back weapon after many play time. i've tracked down the problem standing still with a "weapon on back" for a long time, and seems it disappear at some point, removing the weapon model and the actions to "take weapon back" or "put weapon on back". i'm pretty sure the problem is the loop that stop working, or maybe something to do with game auto-cleaner removing unused objects. any idea? thanks !
  15. Hey guys, For some reason, CreateVehicle below isn't throwing any errors, but isn't creating anything. I changed everything to public variables and inspected it, it is being passed the correct string. If I change to the alternate syntax, I get an error as if I passed nil for a string on the original syntax. Any suggestions would be awesome! player setVariable ["NadeIsActive","wait"]; _currentNade = ((currentThrowable player) select 0); _special = ["I_IR_Grenade","O_IR_Grenade","B_IR_Grenade","MiniGrenade","HandGrenade","HandGrenade_Stone"]; if (_currentNade in _special) then { _specialtypes = [["I_IR_Grenade","I_IRStrobe"],["O_IR_Grenade","O_IRStrobe"],["B_IR_Grenade","B_IRStrobe"],["MiniGrenade","mini_Grenade"],["HandGrenade","GrenadeHand"],["HandGrenade_Stone","GrenadeHand_stone"]]; { if (_currentNade isequalto (_x select 0)) then { _spawnthisnade = _x select 1; }; } foreach _specialtypes; } else { _spawnthisnade = _currentNade; }; _nade = _spawnthisnade createVehicle position player;
  16. Hello everyone. I'm creating a spawner that spawns around 300 different items in the 400 m2 range. How can i make my script detect if two objects spawn in each other? This is my script: _Locationx = floor random [-85,0,85]; _Locationy = floor random [-85,0,85]; _AllStr = Selectrandom ["Land_Wreck_Hunter_F","Land_Cncbarriermedium_F","Land_HBarrierBower_F","Land_toiletbox_F","land_bagbunker_small_f","land_ancientpillar_damaged_f","land_ancientpillar_fallen_f","land_ancientpillar_f","land_cinderblocks_f","land_pallet_vertical_f","land_bricks_v2_f","land_bricks_v1_f","land_bricks_v3_f","land_timbers_f","land_bagwall_long_f"]; _randomD = floor(random 360); _Str = createVehicle [_AllStr, getMarkerPos "area1", [], 0, ""]; _Str enablesimulation false; _Str allowdamage false; _locationstrX = (getPos _Str select 0); _locationstrY = (getPos _Str select 1); _Str setPos [_locationstrx + _Locationx ,_locationstry + _Locationy,9.293]; _Str setDir _randomD; [_Str] execVM "Hitcheck.sqf"; I hope someone has a solution to my problem. Draoth
  17. Hi everyone! I've faced a problem, when spawning a structure, consisting of 500+ objects, on demand. When it happens, one or another random object from this structure doesn't show itself physically (for every player, so it seems to be not a client-side problem). I'm wondering if there's a way to prespawn an objects in any virtual way and when they needed - just to enable them or clone into a real ones. The hideObject way isn't appropriate for this, because the hidden objects are still participating in server-side calculations. That's why i've decided to use deleteVehicle after this massive structure done it's job in scenario (it really saves a server FPS). I've tried to set for every such object "_obj enableSimulation false; _obj allowDamage false;" but it seems not to be helpful when this kind of complex structure (consisting of 500+ objects) are on the map in amount of 3 or more. I really appreciate any help, guys. Thanks!
  18. Hi Folks, Need a little help with something. In order to add a little bit of realism I wanted to make a graveyard, so after our mission we could see just how many we lost. So I was going to use onPLayerRespawn.sqf to run a createVehicle command to dump a bodybag or grave within a certain area of the base. I'm brutal at scripting anything from scratch, i've really only looked at other peoples work and editing it. Is this correct? (Needs to be MP/JIP dedi compatible) createVehicle ["GraveCross1", getMarkerPos "Graveyard", 0, "none"]; //where graveyard in the marker name. How do i randomise the placement of the graves withing the graveyard? Also how would i orientate the graves all to be at the same angle? I've looked over the random function on the wiki but not sure how to integrate it with the above, And one final thing, Will running a random number generator in onPlayerRespawn.sqf take into account another players random number on a different client? Assume this might need to be run on the servers side to make sure of no overlapping graves. Gav
  19. Hello.. I'm working on CTI with atomic bomb but I need to create vehicles with name I mean how to spawn for example car with some name, im using this: _Autonomous = "I_UAV_02_F" createVehicle [24068.07,18587.05,3.19]; I will be appreciated if someone got any idea THX.
  20. Hey guys, i m spawning a hunter with this code: { // for each vehicle _vec = createVehicle [(_x select 0), [0, 0, 0], [], 0, "NONE"]; _vec setPosASL ((_x select 1) vectorAdd [0,0,1]); } forEach _all_vec_info; the problem is that neither me as player nor any AI can turn the engine on and drive it. I dont understand it. If I test it then I see the hunter spawning, geting in it and try to move forward with "W" but nothing happens. I can change the front wheel direction but the engine is not turning on. I tried to choose "Engine On" from action menu. The engine sign in the hud is switching to white shortly and instantly switchs to grey. Idk what is causing that strange behavior. any help woul be appreciated. EDIT: I tested it with a Quad with the same result. I tested if there is fuel in it and the fuel value is nearly 1 I tested to add the vec to my group with debug console with following command: (group player) addVehicle (vehicle player); same strange result.... Testing environment is preview in 2D editor stable branch (not dev). After Fiddis post I testet do disable and enable Simulation via debug console ... doesnt help. tryteyker requested structure of _all_vec_info. it looks like this if 3 vehicles r stored in it: [[type, pos, vectorDir , ... ], [type, pos, vectorDir , ... ], [type, pos, vectorDir , ...]]
  21. I am trying to spawn a EAST type of vehicle but have it on the side WEST. Whenever I do this the crew of the vehicle change side back to east! I have tried spawning the vehicle using createVehicle and also BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle. I have tried spawning the WEST crew directly in with moveInDriver, and also tried spawning them outside the empty spawned vehicle, with a getIn waypoint; but as soon as they get in they change to EAST! This only applies to spawned vehicles not empty ones placed in editor. The group change side back to the faction of the vehicle, even though the vehicle was spawned empty. Is this a known bug? Anyone know of a workaround? Thanks EDIT! OK I have done more testing, it seems the problem is nothing to do with the vehicle, but it is the side of the Drivers unit type. Execute this code in the editor and notice how the vehicle changes side to EAST, even though the driver is WEST, it is just because i used an EAST unit type "O_Pilot_F" as the driver, if you change it to "B_Pilot_F" the bug doesn't happen! _grp = createGroup west; _heli = "B_Heli_Transport_01_F" createVehicle getPos player; systemChat ("grp side starts as "+ str side _grp); systemChat ("heli side starts "+ str side _heli); _pilot = _grp createUnit ["O_Pilot_F",getPos player,[],0,"NONE"]; _pilot moveInDriver _heli; systemChat ("grp side is now "+ str side _grp); systemChat ("heli side is now "+ str side _heli); Please let me know if you get the same results with changing the pilot unit type from "O_Pilot_F" to "B_Pilot_F" It seems the helicopter inherits the side from the pilots unit type, not the side of the actual group the unit is in. I'm sure its a bug now. Cheers
  22. So I'm trying to make survival mission for me and my friends and I want empty vehicles to spawn randomly along the roads, mainly civ vehicles but also a few military ones. I've tried to search around but I suck at searching for arma editing stuff, I don't know why xD I ofcourse want it to be as nice on the fps as possible, aka only spawn vehicles close to the player, maybe 2.5km away? I know that you can use "createVehicle" and how to make it choose a vehicle randomly from an array but I don't know how to make them spawn along the road in a good fashion. Thanks