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  1. Same problem here. I can see some linings on where I added a road or placed an object, but no graphics of the objects, sea, earth, houses, roads etc.
  2. Please let me known if the question is not clear? Briefly I want to know how to sync a Vehicle to a RespawnVehicle module (ModuleRespawnVehicle_F ) using scripts.
  3. I have a mission, made in the 3den editor, with multiple helicopters all synced to a RespawnVehicle module (ModuleRespawnVehicle_F ) with the name chopperRespawn. While playing the mission (MP) I want to create helicopters. I do that using createVehicle. The question I have is, how can I sync the created helicopters to the chopperRespawn? I'm quite new to sqf-scripting, so an example will be greatly appreciated. :-) Thanks!!
  4. Ronald

    AI stuck in rocks

    If that would be a possibility it would solve a lot of frustrating situations. But i'm afraid that the rocks don't have any logic that you can script on.