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  1. greenpeacekiller

    Markers Appear/Dissapear when Zooming

    So I've played the mission with a group of mine which used this script. I noticed that the map markers update for everyone when they use it. We were about 10+ players. However I've noticed that we are using 'SetMarkerAlpha'. Think SetMarkerAlphaLocal could prevent this issue?
  2. greenpeacekiller

    Markers Appear/Dissapear when Zooming

    Tested, worked just perfect. Thanks alot for your time & effort, im sure people will love it .
  3. I think the zombies in some cases ignore the fact that a building has doors and just rush through the walls. I know I had some bad experiences with that
  4. I am not expert but I do not think you need to duplicate it like this. Having it only 1x instead of 2x should still work.
  5. greenpeacekiller

    Markers Appear/Dissapear when Zooming

    Can I move the marker script in its own file and then excute it via initplayerlocal for when new players join the servers? I tested it on the dedicated server and it worked for me so far. Im not sure if it still works for a new player when he enters the server EDIT: Just ran a test with 2 clients When the script is excuted and a new client enters the server, the script will not work on the new client. So I need to excute it each time someone enters the server? or locally for the client that joins EDIT 2: I tried using getClientState but really I have no idea what to do with this command or how to get it to work. I used the example bohiema provided to try and get a hint displayed but no luck there
  6. greenpeacekiller

    Markers Appear/Dissapear when Zooming

    I've encountered an issue when testing this on a dedicated server. It seems that inside the lobby where you have the map screen, this works without problem. (on some clients) However, once you load in-game, the script no longer works. (On the majority of clients) Any idea what to do?
  7. [DataTerminal,3] call BIS_fnc_dataTerminalAnimate; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_DataTerminalAnimate you can also change the color [dataterminal,"red","red","red"] call BIS_fnc_DataTerminalColor; // Changes the colour to red
  8. greenpeacekiller

    Markers Appear/Dissapear when Zooming

    Very beautiful. Thanks once more
  9. greenpeacekiller

    Markers Appear/Dissapear when Zooming

    Any way we could add like a fade between the transitions rather than them being instant. like HazJ did ? I think it would be a nice final touch to make it look smooth
  10. greenpeacekiller

    Markers Appear/Dissapear when Zooming

    Yes, I know thats what I said: The fade looks very nice :3 Kinda wish I could implement it into Larrow's version Ah cool, I am slightly less terrible than I thought. Many thanks for this!
  11. greenpeacekiller

    Markers Appear/Dissapear when Zooming

    I do like the way this one slowly fades the markers Also sorry for my extreme lack of knowledge but how do I properly add _x setMarkerAlpha ( parseNumber !show ); Into the script? I tried { _x setMarkerAlphaLocal ( parseNumber _show ); } forEach ["marker1","marker2"]; { _x setMarkerAlphaLocal ( parseNumber !show ); } forEach ["marker3","marker4"]; But arma is laughing at me :(
  12. greenpeacekiller

    Markers Appear/Dissapear when Zooming

    Very nice Larrow. I am replacing allMapMarkers with an array _x setMarkerAlphaLocal ( parseNumber _show ); }forEach ["marker1","marker2"]; How do I make it so that while this array is hidden by _show = _zoom > ( _markerShowMinMax select 0 ) && _zoom < ( _markerShowMinMax select 1 ); A new array has the opposite effect and is now revealed?
  13. Ah yes I iniatally hoped changing the arrow would have fixed it but I had the value set to 100 so it didnt work. Thanks for fixing that for me, it works now
  14. So I ran another test. Simply having the code like this ("layer_rsc_downloadingData" call BIS_fnc_rscLayer) cutText ["", "PLAIN"]; Hint "Download is finished"; Wont work. It will still be excuted even if its interrupted. I think we will need to have a line code detect when the download is at 100% . Same way you did when it got interrupted. I dont know what commands to use tho, any ideas?
  15. I look forward to it. I think with that thing out of the way I can go crazy with it from here. Thanks alot for making this for us <3